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"The last package just left the door"

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

"The last package just left the door."

That was the message we just received at 6:31 pm Pacific time here on Friday, January 25th, 2013 from the folks over at Penny-Arcade.

What it means is that all posters, signed posters, T-shirts, USB Gun towers, and Fletcher audio buttons have been picked up by the postal service and have begun their journey to all the people we have information for.

If you're keeping score at home that's 1,169 packages that have been sent out over the last few days to backers who are receiving physical goods.

Are we done?  Well, not exactly.  Right now there are 57 packages that await additional information in order to be sent out.  That may be a shipping address, or a T-shirt choice or choices.  There may be unpaid international shipping expenses or something else holding up us sending out the final set of packages. Each of those people behind each of those packages has been contacted recently by email with an attempt to finish up the order so we can send you your goods.  Please respond to us if you're one of those 57 individuals.

We also know that there is the matter of the art book associated with Defense Grid and Defense Grid: Containment and we're still working on that and will send that out in bound and pdf form to the appropriate folks when it is complete.

We hope you are enjoying Defense Grid: Containment and that your rewards arrive soon.  if you have an issue with what you receive or if you don't receive something in the next couple of weeks, go ahead and check in with the customer service email at Penny-Arcade, telling them you are a DG2 Kickstarter backer and you wanted to check on the status of your order.

Thanks again for your support!

The Hidden Path Team


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    1. Monty on

      Fletcher Button, Fletcher Button, Fletcher Button - oh and raspberries...
      Loving the community levels, containment, and the weekly challenge !!!!! Thank you !
      Oh and did I mention the Fletcher Button???

    2. Blackstaff on

      I've just played through containment and that was great. Kudos to the team :)