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Enjoying your Defense Grid: Containment - Q&A

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi all, There have been a few questions asked several times - you might even call them "frequently asked", so we figured we'd send out an update with recent frequently asked questions and answers.

1. How do I play Containment again?

A: Your Containment Steam key was sent to you by email on either on November 21st (early beta backers) or December 6th and was from Jeff Pobst here at Hidden Path Entertainment.  It gave you access to the beta at that time, and then last Wednesday we updated the beta to have final content.  The type of key you received are the exact same type that will go on sale on Steam on January 23rd.  If for some reason you can't find your key any more, send an email to info [at] hiddenpath [dot] com from the same email address you use for your Kickstarter account and we'll resend your key to you.  Each email is different and has your unique Steam key in it, so you need to receive the one meant for you.

2. What about the Community Levels?

A: On December 20th, everyone was sent an email from that same Jeff Pobst guy with a key for the Community levels.  That content has been updated a couple of times, but is almost final.  There may be one more update early next week before the 23rd.  Again, if you can't find that email, email info [at] hiddenpath [dot] com from your Kickstarter account email address and we'll resend the unique key to you.

3. No, I have the keys, I just am not sure what to do with them.

A:  Ah, no problem.  So far we've given you 3 or 4 Steam keys depending on your pledge level.  The first either one or two keys (depending on pledge level) was sent to you on or near the day you pledged on Kickstarter using the Kickstarter messaging system.  The other two keys have come via email to the address Kickstarter gave us from your account in August.  To see the original Kickstarter message again, click on the Envelope icon at the top of the Kickstarter page, and look for the message thread you have with Hidden Path Entertainment.  

Once you have all your keys, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have an active Steam account on your PC.  You can install the free Steam client and set up a free Steam account by going to At the top right is a grey button that says "Install Steam".  Click on that and follow the instructions.  

Once you have the Steam client on your computer and you're logged into your account.  You next go to the Steam client and find the 5th menu item from the left at the very top of the window called "Games".  Under that menu item is a selection called "Activate a Product on Steam..."

Click on that and follow the instructions.  You need to install the main "Defense Grid: The Awakening" key first (or already have Defense Grid: The Awakening installed) and then after that you can install DLC codes using the same approach.  Go to Games-> Activate a Product on Steam, follow the instructions and enter a code for each item of content you have.

On the Library page, you'll see the Defense Grid: The Awakening entry.  All DLC appears inside the game and not in the library, so run Defense Grid, and then when you choose the Play item on the main menu, you'll go the Campaign Select screen and should see all the installed campaigns inside the game.  Click on any campaign (The Awakening, Borderlands, Resurgence (present depending on pledge level), You Monster (present depending on pledge level), and of course now Containment and Community Levels).

4. I pledged for extra digital content, when will I get more Containment keys?

A: That's next up on our list - we'll get to that very soon, before the game launches on Wednesday.  We'll send those Containment keys out to you by email.  

Community Levels keys are free to any player with an email registration starting on Wednesday as well, so we won't send you extra keys of those, anyone you give a Containment key to can simply register and receive their own Community Levels key.

5. When will you ship the rest of the physical goods?

We just got the updated lists of who is getting what to the warehouse last night in the format they needed and last we heard, the warehouse had received all the different physical goods.  So starting Monday, they'll be assembling boxes and tubes with an array of posters, signed posters, T-shirts, USB gun towers, and Fletcher audio buttons depending on what your reward entails.  It will take some time for all the assembly and shipping to take place, and then the packages will be sent on their way to you using USPS or international mail. 

We're still working on the art book and as soon as that is complete, we'll send out the pdf version electronically and the bound version by mail once it is printed.

6. What is happening with DG2?  Will you make it?  Will I get a copy?  When will it be done?

DG2 is a game that we have about half the money to make right now and are we are still short the amount needed to ensure completion.  We are working hard to raise the remaining amount of money and we believe shipping Containment has helped demonstrate that we can deliver on our promises, so that's helping in the discussions.  We've had some very good discussions and hopefully we'll have some good news to announce to you one of these days.  Once we have locked down all the needed financing for the development, we'll move forward with a team of folks on a schedule that will likely last us a year of development.  So once the money is set, it will take just about a year to complete the project and then get ready to ship it.  As we have promised to you earlier, when we are able to make DG2, yes, you'll get a copy of that too.  We greatly appreciate your backing and we're happy to include you on our road to making DG2 and in shipping that game as well.  For now, though, we are excited to be able to send you Defense Grid: Containment as that is what the Kickstarter was able to directly fund.

7. What's next?

Technically once we have shipped to you all the physical goods, we'll be "done" with the official part of the Kickstarter campaign.  We have worked together, raised the money, delivered our new Containment product to you, sent out your rewards, and accomplished this mission together.  Congratulations!!

We're also hoping though to keep this relationship going with you.  We have another game in development right now, and we're hoping that maybe when its ready for sharing, maybe you'll be interested in trying out a beta of it and giving us some feedback.  That likely won't happen for a few months, but if you're up for it, we'd love to engage with you around that game too.  We of course think you'll love it, but we'll have to see if you feel the same way.  It is a new type of game for us, so we'll see what you think.

Should DG2 get going here, we'll also engage with you on that.  Already we have a ton of input on the private forums about features you'd like to see, and once development gets underway, we'll be able to be more active on the DG2 feature side of things there, closing out features that are either going to make it or perhaps not, and returning votes back to people for them to use on new ideas or other ideas that inspire them.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We have really enjoyed this ride so far with you, and if you're up for it, we'll keep talking, collaborating, and enjoying fun game experiences together!

The Hidden Path Team


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    1. Muskie on

      The only thing I'm truly confused about is why the heck you guys haven't poked Valve and just asked them nicely for some funding support for DG2.. You KNOW Gaben would just go "DG2? Sure thing! You made CS:GO for us, what are friends for? There's a room for you on the 4th floor, and 8 workstations. You're not allowed into the snack room until I see playable code, and I want a beta on Steam Before you get to use the ball pit and jumping castle."

      Well, that's what he would say in my head anyway..

    2. Jonathan Leard on

      I wish more people ran crowd-funding projects the way you folks did. The updates, the delivery, the transparency, the engagement - you've done a great job.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anna Kim on

      I don't like your website.

      I do not get clear notification of important items I want to vote on.
      Your web voting is not integrated with your forums.
      I don't understand the voting section's organization and haven't found a good overview page.

    4. Blackstaff on

      To the future and beyond :)