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Early Beta Week #2 Begins plus T-shirt & Poster updates

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hello again.

We're thankful that you're a backer and here is the latest goings on about and around Defense Grid: Containment.

Early Beta

First off - congratulations on providing truly useful and amazing feedback on the first four levels.  To those who have been giving us feedback -- awesome job! We greatly appreciate it.  You won't see any changes based on your feedback yet, but it will come soon.  We've received almost 100 emails from many community members and we just want to take a moment to call out a couple of folks who really went above and beyond: Miendiem provided extensive wave by wave reporting of his experiences as they happened for each level in email and then godprobe took the time to send us playthrough video captures giving us his impressions vocally while he was playing the levels for the first time.  Many community members are making a big impact on the early beta and we wanted to say thank you!

Today we're updating the early beta including four more levels in addition to the previous levels - the early beta folks now have first draft levels for the full Containment story levels.  We've also fixed a bug that involved the disappearance of the Orbital Laser when returning to a previous checkpoint.  And, there was a geometry update to Level 3 as well, this latest version fixes some areas where the alien pathing route was ambiguous.  You'll see wave and alien strength updates coming soon. For now, let us know your level thoughts on levels 5-8 if you're in the early beta and we'll start working on responding to the feedback from both the earlier levels and the new ones.

Soon, we'll open up the early beta and bring in more kickstarter backers!  Set some time aside next week and perhaps you'll be added to the beta as well.  By then we'll have incorporated some feedback into the levels and be ready for a new round of feedback.

T-shirt decisions

For backers choosing T-shirts, we've collected 78% of the shirt choices from the 1-Tshirt folks, and we've collected 86% of the shirt choices from the 3-Tshirt folks.  If you have a shirt reward and haven't yet responded to our query for your shirt style and size please do so as soon as possible so we can go to manufacturing quickly and get these made and ready to send to you.  Once all the votes are in, we'll report back to you how the selection went and which shirt style was most popular.  It's been interesting to watch.

Poster voting

Since two of the posters are standing out amongst the others, we're going to reduce the remaining poster choices to the top 2. If you voted for another poster, now is the time to take the votes you got back and put them towards the poster you want to win. If you haven't yet voted on posters please do. Next week, we'll take the top poster and send it to manufacturing. Based on comments, we've seen that folks are suggesting some adjustments to the poster designs. After a winner is chosen, we can put some variations in front of you and you can pick the one you like most, and then go to manufacturing.

Again, thanks so much for your support!

The Hidden Path Team


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