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Beta, Shirts & Posters

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi folks,

Lots of things are going on around Defense Grid: Containment and the kickstarter fulfillment, so here is the latest:

1. We're about to begin the Defense Grid: Containment beta.  First we'll open it up to backers who pledged for Early Beta Access as part of their rewards, and then after we get feedback from those backers, we'll open it up to other backers as well.  You'll get to play the Containment levels without art, audio, story, or many of the niceities you're used to.  This is because the levels are very much work in progress, and we're balancing the play of them first.  Once we get the balance right, then you'll later see them all put together with final art and audio and story.  Your first real behind the scenes interaction wtih Defense Grid is coming very soon.

2. We just sent out forms to backers who are getting T-shirts to tell us which style, size, and gender cut they want for their shirt or shirts.  Please fill that out and turn it around to us as quickly as possible if you are such a backer as we can get to manufacturing more quickly once everyone responds!

3. Concept art for the posters has been coming together and we'll put that up on the private forum uservoice for folks to vote on here in the next few days.  Be sure to check in to the private forums and vote on your favorite poster design.  We'll decide which one to make over the next couple of weeks based on your input.

Thanks so much for your support.  We're excited to share our new content with you soon!



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    1. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Hi Cyan,

      Your pledge level doesn't include T-shirts. That's why you haven't received a form. BlitzThose was sent one, and then we resent again.


    2. Cyan Mentality on

      I'm with BlitzThose, I haven't received a tshirt form thing either :( Sad face, y u no love us :D haha

    3. Missing avatar

      BlitzThose on

      Ive not received a t-shirt form yet am I missing something???

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      I don't have a link to the designs unfortunately. If you get the form to fill out for your order though, images are included.

      I don't have measurements for the shirts. I'm told that we're likely going with Gilden as the mens/unisex shirt blanks, and Bella for the Ladies blanks. Perhaps that can help then define the sizes from an internet search.

      Richard, we looked into this, but because of all of the costs associated with the Kickstarter and our need to balance the rewards for those who have paid for the rewards, we aren't offering any shirts at this time outside of the reward tiers. Maybe we will have extras and do a short sell off of them, but at this point, we're just trying to fulfill what we promised to people and then focus on making games. The physcial goods business has been a huge amount of work and distraction that we are eager to get past so we can focus on making games.

    5. Keavon on

      Can we have a link to the final T-Shirt designs?

    6. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      Do you have the measurements of the T shirt sizes?

      I've been caught out before and had to give a couple of shirts to my brother a few times.

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Hi Jeff et. al.,

      For saps (such as I), who didn't go for a backer tier that included the T-Shirts, is there a way for us to part with some cash, get hold of one, and chuck some funds in your general direction?

      Obviously, we'd come further down the list for receiving such garments, but you may be able to get a larger discount with your T-Shirt provider, and raise some more wonga towards DG2

      Many Thanks.