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Defense Grid Kickstarter Halloween Update

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Happy Halloween! (update #31 on the 31st!)

Here's a quick note to let you know what is taking place across the grand scheme of the Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter progress as we approach the end of October, and the beginning of a brand new... November.

1. Video cards away! The last of the AMD video cards arrived at the Penny Arcade warehouse yesterday and are being sent out today. After today's shipments, all AMD video cards and Razer mice shipments should be sent out (except for the three of you who have pledged for video cards and mice and STILL haven't given us your address - we're ready to send them to you, are you ready to receive them? Write back to us or fill out the survey!). 

There are still going to be things to take care of to make sure people get their cards and mice and the Penny Arcade folks are answering questions and providing the customer support on the shipments, so please let them know if you are having any issue. This is an area where they know much more about the process than we do.

2. Private forums and T-shirt voting:  It looks like around one-third of you have signed up for your forum account and are participating on the private forums.  That's thousands of people, so that's great, but there is also room for the rest of you.  Feel free to go to, go to the forums, create an account and if you use the same email as you used for Kickstarter, it should automatically give you access to the Private forums.  On the right of the screen once you're in the private backer forums is a "DG2 Input" tab/button that you can click on and it will automatically log you in to the Uservoice idea posting and voting area.  Right now, inside the uservoice area, among other DG2 ideas and user made levels, we're voting on the T-shirts we're going to manufacture.  We did one round with 23 T-shirts, and then took the top 5 and came up with a total of 15 variations on them and are watching the voting now.  In a week or so, we'll narrow it down to the top T-shirts and then go to manufacturing on the T-shirts.  Then we'll do the posters.  Make sure to get into the private forums, on to the UserVoice area, and make your vote known!

3. Oh, right, this whole thing is about a game!  We've been working hard on Defense Grid: Containment, and we're starting to plan for some user beta play-testing too!  We'll start with those folks who pledged for rewards that included Early Beta Access (pledge tiers: $50, $55, $60, $75, $80, $95, $100, $110 and above).  We're thinking about opening up some basic versions of levels (sans final art) for play-testing around mid-November (perhaps even earlier depending on how things go).  Stay tuned for more info on this - there will be new content to play in multiple rounds, and everyone on Kickstarter who pledged $15 or more is going to get Defense Grid: Containment before anyone else.

4. Other physical goods.  The T-shirts & posters will get manufactured once the user voting for them is complete.  We'll ask folks who are getting shirts their desired sizes and styles, and then begin making them.  Meanwhile, the audio buttons and gun towers are being worked on overseas, and we hope to have those in around the same time the shirts and posters are done.  Once we have them all together, those packages will go out to people too.  That may still be as we were planning for being in December, or it may end up being in January as we find that the partners we're relying upon are taking longer than we thought they might (that's kind of the full story of the entire physical goods fulfillment process, eh?).

5. Premium rewards.  We reached out to the folks that bid for things like designing cheat codes and personalized voice-mails and started that ball rolling   If you haven't gotten back to us, now is the time to do so in order for us to have time to try to incorporate it all in time.

I think that's it - we hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween, and we look forward to sharing more with you about Defense Grid: Containment!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Rodec on

      I can hardly Containment myself!

    2. Zambie Kupos on

      Go visit the penny arcade website, they are the ones handling the shipping of the items. They will answer your ticket fast, I was very surprised by the quality of the customer service there. As for your cards, you shouldn't worry, they said I'll be getting mine in 2 weeks, you're have not been forgotten !

      Also, some of us didn't get tracking info, wich might be your case too (Yes, neither did I get it :P) ! You shouldn't really get worried before a few more weeks.

      Ohh and Hidden Path, thanks for the update, I'm really glads things are going well (Besides the shipping that was planned for september :P) and wish you luck !

    3. Missing avatar

      ZEROSVN on

      Hi, I filled out the survey long ago but still haven't received my video cards (two 6770s).

      How can I get tracking information for the video cards?