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The last of the Kickstarter Updates

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)


I'm sorry about so many separate Kickstarter updates today, but so many things came together today that we weren't sure would happen.  

In particular, the private forums are open and today we invited every backer in the Kickstarter to join the private forums via direct email from our mailing list.

If you didn't get an email, then after this update, we won't have a way to reach you, as we're going to now solely be communicating to you by direct email and private forum (no longer though Kickstarter).  

So after verifying your spam filter, make sure to let us know if you didn't get the email from info@hiddenpath about signing up for your access to the private forums and UserVoice.

Thanks and see you on the private forums.



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    1. Seumas Froemke on

      @Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer :
      You can keep sending updates via Kickstarter. If people are tired of getting those updates, then THEY can just go to My Accounts => Edit Settings => Notifications and disable them on a per-project basis. If people are tired of the email updates, they can spend five seconds and change it for themselves without impacting the rest of us who DO like getting our updates via Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Samantha Ashcraft on

      I am thinking some were just annoyed that the updates used to be this may happen and this may happen and then next time it was still the same may happens. Personally now your updates are showing large amounts of progress and I find them much more interesting.

    3. Missing avatar

      Samantha Ashcraft on

      I think the "stop updates" emails will stop soon. The updates you will have from this point will probably be a month or so apart (I don't like too often but every few weeks is good) and likely be the ones they are wanting. If not, that is their problem. I have backed several other projects with other accounts and updates are very common. They can also turn off Kickstarter update notifications in their Kickstarter account settings screen.

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Ok, we hear you. We also get lots of direct messages basically saying "stop all the updates please" so I will say it is confusing for us. I was thinking that if we went to direct mail, you could create a rule in your email so emails from went to a folder and you could look at it when you wanted. When you get emails from kickstarter, they're all mixed together. We won't reduce how much we're talking, and we are trying to get people involved on the private forums. For example, the big "next decision" is which T-shirts to make - and we're voting on that now on Uservoice. Please come and be a part of that.



    5. Missing avatar

      Samantha Ashcraft on

      You've posted about your companies desire for transparency. So far there have been several miscommunications, some may call it the theme of this kickstarter, I find them forgivable and understandable. I'm even impressed how they have been worked through and where things are now.

      Please do keep doing updates here on the Kickstarter. That is where we like to come for updates and others will be looking at your updates here if you ever want crowd-sourced funding for other products. Before backing a project I always check at how well they followed through (including consistent updates) on their previous projects. Posting updates to a secret forum for members only would make it too easy to back out of Defense Grid 2 or turn Defense Grid 2 into a Duke Nukem Forver style project.

    6. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Well, we will try to balance - not trying to make any backers unhappy.

    7. TheChosenOne on

      But Kickstarter is for that sort of thing. As long as you don't do an update every day for weeks in a row nobody except dumb people shall complain.
      Would have been nice to have known this upfront. It may seen insignificant and they are to important to delete but I see the e-mails as unwanted spam first.

    8. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Stefan - anyone with a email address doesn't seem to be receiving our emails - if you can send us an alternate email I think that would be best.

      The Chosen One - miscommunication it would appear - not the end of updates, the end of doing updates using the Kickstarter system - we're going to move over to direct emails. We can put up links on the Kickstarter system - we just get a ton of complaints about the Kickstarter updates from people. Now we're getting a ton of complaints for not using it - not sure there is a win scenario here.

      Tom - I just sent a couple of emails manually. Do you have an alternate email address we could use instead?

      Never said we were only going to update on the forums guys we said "direct email & private forum) - huge overreaction I believe. We can post links here too if needed, but seriously - while this thread is getting a lot of complaits, you'd be surprised at how many complaints we get for doing KS updates so often.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shoaib Khan on

      I really don't mind "so many kickstarter updates". I love it. I want to know what's happening with all the projects that I backed in one place. I hope they still do weekly summary here of what's been discussed in the forum.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Webster on

      I have to admit, I do hope you decide against only updating via the Forums. I back too many projects to keep up with them via forums and sites and otherwise, and really prefer being able to follow them in one place.

      Maybe do your more frequent updates on the forum, and then more of a recap or 'big' updates on Kickstarter? Like once-a-week recaps, or just big milestones, etc? That would greatly be preferred, at least in my opinion.

    11. Tom Minton on

      I didn't receive an email from you.

    12. TheChosenOne on

      How you see the light aswell. Sidequestion, I asume it is way to late to try to withdraw the CC pledge? Never wanted to do it before.

    13. TheChosenOne on

      And how more dev's respond;
      "Sorry, bad phrasing, meant to write this would be the last update before the deadline. There will be further updates after the Kickstarter ends and of course we will also keep checking the Discussion page and the comments here (though we will be less active there than on the forums)."
      "Hey everyone!
      Having read through all of your comments and concerns, I have decided to move the project updates back to Kickstarter! I tried to move the updates off-site because I felt like, with amount of updates I would be issuing out, your emails would be getting flooded with notifications. I based this decision off of previous backer feedback, and thought it was the right way to let you all know what is happening on a regular basis, I was mistaken."

    14. TheChosenOne on

      And responces from even more people;
      "Grégory Bernal about 6 hours ago
      I'll honestly say I'm not too happy about that. The reason is I've backed hundreds of projects and through Kickstarter I could be notified about updates for each of them. I have literally over 30 sites like this one to watch, which I unfortunately don't because I don't have the time to check all of them every week to see if there's something new about them.
      Unless you allow people registered on your blog to receive email notifications when there's a new update, which would be appreciated and way easier for people like me to keep track of the game's development."
      "Sam Garamy about 5 hours ago
      I agree with Gregory. Having a blog is cool and all, but I think you should keep updating here. It's really easy to see when something's been updated, as well as comment. Even if if it just an update to say there's something new on the blog and you should go check it out."

    15. TheChosenOne on

      I'll quote KICKSTARTER aswell;'
      Once your project is successfully funded, don’t forget about all the people that helped make it possible. Let backers and spectators watch your project come to life by sharing the decisions you make with them, explaining how it feels as your goal becomes a reality, and even asking them for feedback. Keeping backers informed and engaged is an essential part of Kickstarter."
      "People come to Kickstarter to build community around their projects."

    16. TheChosenOne on

      And in return to above there was a responce aswell ofcourse;
      Hello Backers!
      You guys did request that we update the Kickstarter page so you can keep track of the project a bit better. We'll be doing our best to make that happen. We've posted two blog posts recently, so follow the l

    17. TheChosenOne on

      TheChosenOne on September 11
      And I'll add a few more quotes from different people from different Kickstarter(s) to show how people feel about it.
      Tobias Becker
      Yeah - I think its the wrong way to try to divert all backers to your project page...
      You got the money from here - you should post updates here.
      Most backers have supported 10 or more other projects and no one wants to visit all this pages to look if theres maybe a little update.
      Tom Neudorf
      Kickstarter updates are much appreciated :D
      I'm with TheChosenOne on his comment. I got 71 backed projects as of this writing on kickstarter, asking me to visit a forum to get info about specific projects I supported is silly. Supporting and getting info about projects I backed shouldn't end up being a second job for me, and I'd rather not support projects than having to visit forums for each of them to get the info I should have gotten through kickstarter updates.
      If you don't want to do kickstarter updates you should have stated so before the project got funded so I would have known not to support it. Asking me to visit a site for each project I support (which is what you are doing in extension by stating that a project shouldn't update on kickstarter) is basicly asking me to do your job for you. Kickstarter updates is part of the community service you accept when asking for the communitys support through kickstarter.
      I sincerly hope your comments and stance was merely out of lack of thinking things through, and not something that you actually thought proper about and decided should be like this. I can respect human errors, as we all do them. I can't respect a lack of respect towards people that helped support the project in the first place.
      Game is looking good, though.

    18. TheChosenOne on

      Pretty much all Kickstarters do a beefy X-weekly/monthly update on KS and just place a lot of small updates on their own site.
      When 6k people put their hard earned money toward your game in good faith I don't think its strange to reward that instead of saying hey just come to our site and we'll use e-mail cause it is easier.

    19. TheChosenOne on

      No Kickstarter updates? Not another one who TRIES to do that. I can show you several KS who tried to do that and then quickly retracted their idea cause they found out it was a completely dumb thing to do.
      Also nice to say this AFTER the KS has ended cause I wouldn't have pledged that much or even at all if I knew this from before.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      I also didn't receive a direct mail, only 3 from kickstarter, also checked my spamfilter.

    21. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Yes, more wallpaper is being built - and yes if you already had an account and we recognized your email address as the same one from Kickstarter, you automatically got the private backer forum access.

    22. Rick Roubos on

      I'd like to mention (and maybe someone at hidden path can confirm) that if you previously had an account it may work.

      My old hidden path account is still there and I see the private backer forum. Not sure if that's because my username is obvious and they did a one-off or if this was something they tried to did.

      regardless. I'm in and ready to start trollin'!

    23. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Hi there, again I did not receive the e-mail with the invite to the private forums. Spamfilter is still off.

      I suppose that's a pretty good reason to take a different approach away from kickstarter, if they're not even able to forward e-mails correctly. I always get the e-mails with the project updates ( 3 today ), but I didn't receive the digital rewards e-mail (already solved) and this invite e-mail.

    24. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Sorry, not trying to force you to move, but rather trying to make sure that the email address we have on file is always correct. Likely with critical info, we'll mirror it here on Kickstarter (which also should send updates to the same email address), but going forward we'll just send directly to that email address outside of Kickstarter.

    25. Even Skjervold on

      Agreed with the others - we come to kickstarter both to find and follow projects we like. While I understand your point of view, we don't just have to check one other site (yours) - if every project did this, every pledge would essentially become an obligation to go check ANOTHER site every day. As Derek said, please continue posting here, even if it's only for major milestones or to post a link to the updates wherever else. At the very least please offer an RSS feed, as I would like to follow the project but would prefer not having to add another icon to my toolbar

    26. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Damn double negative.
      'less infrequent' should have been 'less frequent'

    27. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      I have to agree, I prefer Kickstarter updates, even if they are somewhat less infrequent (key milestones) than private forums. I have backed a couple dozen projects, and I am not about to hop forum to forum to get updates.

    28. Xenophon on

      Please DO NOT discontinue Kickstarter updates. I pledged here and I would like updates here. Like Daniel said it's unreasonable to expect backers to go to a different website for each project just to get updates...

    29. Missing avatar

      George N. on

      They did say that they would also be communicating via direct email. As long as you have only one email inbox, I think you'll be ok.

    30. Daniel

      Looking at my profile, I can see that I have of this writing backed 105 different projects.

      Are you honestly telling me you think it is a good idea for these projects to tell me to go to a different website for each project to keep track of how things are progressing with them?