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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
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Working on your Rewards!

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hello again,

As always, we can't thank you enough for your support of the Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter.  Here is the latest on what is going on as we prepare to regroup on the private Hidden Path forums!

- "A friend of mine wants to join the Kickstarter, but it's closed." We hear this one a lot - and you know what - we can let new folks join!  Kickstarter requires that the campaign ends, but we're happy to keep it open ourselves. We don't have any video cards or mice left, but we are happy to let new backers join us using any other available tier. Email, let them know you want to become a new backer, and at what tier.  Give your shipping address too. They'll send you a paypal invoice to collect any tier amounts and/or international shipping.

- "I want to upgrade my Tier." Surprisingly we've heard this more than we expected too. And as long as your upgrade doesn't include a video card or a mouse (those are sold out), we can help you out. Go ahead and email and tell them what you want to do. Include your Kickstarter ID if you would.

- International Shipping:  We're madly sending out paypal invoices to folks who are getting delivery of physical goods and need to add international shipping to their pledge.  If you think this is something you need to do as well and haven't talked with us about it in the last day or two, go ahead and email and tell them how much international shipping you need to add.  Include your Kickstarter ID if you would.

- Surveys!  For all the folks receiving physical goods and who have backer credits, we sent out surveys last night asking for your shipping address and how you want your name in the credits. We'll send out notices before goods go out, so if you address changes between now and then, you'll be able to let us know. If you can fill out the surveys and get them in soon we can lock down our shipping plans and prepare to get the stuff made and sent to you.

- Private Forums: The web team is moving forward on getting the new forums and the Uservoice tool up and running. Current expectations are that we should be up and running in a couple of weeks. We'll get this up and going as soon as possible.

- Additional Codes for Current Game and DLC have been sent out! Last night we sent out Kickstarter messages with extra codes for the main Defense Grid game and the DLC for those folks who had a pledge tier that came with this reward.  Check your Kickstarter message inbox to get your codes.  Going forward, we will likely do all other reward communication through email, but we wanted to get those out and so we used our existing Kickstarter messaging system.

- What will the T-shirts and Posters look like?  As soon as the private forums and uservoice are up, we'll start working with the folks who are getting T-shirts to narrow down the T-shirt designs and pick the ones that we'll manufacture.  We'll do the same for the posters for everyone getting a poster.  After the T-shirt designs are chosen, we'll send those backers a new survey via email (not through Kickstarter) asking which designs and which sizes they will want.

- Credits! Once we have all the credit information from you from the surveys we sent out, we'll mock up what those credits might look like and give you a way to access them in the current game.  Then you can give us feedback and let us know if we get your name in there in a way you want to adjust before we get to including them in Defense Grid: Containment and later in DG2.

- Other Digital Downloads:  We're partnering with the excellent Humble Bundle folks to get near and far future digital downloads ready for you to access.  Things like the ringtones, DG1 soundtrack, wallpaper, level visualizer, and concept art book pdfs when they are done. Expect the DG:Containment concept art book to be done just after Containment ships, and the DG2 concept art book and soundtrack near when DG2 gets closer to completion.

- Shipping:  We're partnering with the fine folks over at Penny-Arcade to help us ship the physical goods to you.  They have this little shindig called PAX going on next week, but after that and once the video cards and mice arrive, we expect those to go out to people in September.  Then later in the Fall, once the T-shirts, posters, USB gun towers and Fletcher Audio buttons have all been manufactured to the quantities we need, they'll ship those to you too.

- Development:  Of course the main reason we're all here is the game!  The team has already begun work on DG:Containment and we are having a lot of great conversations about possibilities of getting DG2 fully funded too.  We'll keep you updated on how it all comes together for DG2.  DG:Containment is moving forward today though because YOU made it happen.  Thank you!

We're cranking along on all the details here at HPE and we'll see you soon in the private forums.

Thanks so much for joining the DG2 team!



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    1. Missing avatar

      ChunkyBitz on

      So, it's now been two weeks with no updates. Surely you must have something new to communicate by now. How are those shipments coming along? How about the private forums? People like to be kept in the loop.

    2. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Greg, I don't actually know, but hope to find out soon.

    3. Greg Wicklund on

      You're partnering with the Humble Bundle folks? So would all the digital content be accessible via a Humble Bundle account then, like they've started doing for all their bundles?

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      JD: I think if you put "Bob McKenzie and Doug McKenzie" as your entry we'd reprint something like that in the credits without problem.

    5. Missing avatar

      J Davis on

      If you have the $75, can you have multiple names in the credits? I split the tier with a friend that also got a lot of enjoyment out of Defense Grid.

    6. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      No booth this year at PAX. We showed off Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there last year. This year we're not far enough along on any of our projects to be showing them. But fun play is ahead.

    7. Keavon on

      Anthony McKimm: I'd recommend you email to see if you can work out a price for just the gun tower flash drive.

    8. Michael Robinson on

      So you are going to be at PAX? Sweet!. I look forward to seeing your booth. I love the game and am happy I got to help out a little bit.

    9. Anthony McKimm on

      I'd just like to buy the USB gun tower!

    10. Beat Darwin on

      Woohoo! Great news. Just another batch of Hidden Path awesomeness! Thanks, guys!

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      Thank you so much for the efforts and allowing us to join the team.