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Contest Winners and Another Thank You!

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

The Kickstarter is complete, and we've started the process of building the new private backer forums, integrating the Uservoice tool so we can let you guys pitch and evaluate each others' ideas, and going over the process needed to start getting you the physical goods and digital content that we can send sooner while the team starts working on Containment so it can ship later this year.

Meanwhile, we had a lot of contests this last week, and now that the DG Hero contests closed earlier today, we thought we'd announce all TWELVE winners from this last week.  Ten folks will be receiving an AMD Radeon HD 6770 video card, and two of the DG Hero winners will be receiving a Razer Taipan precision gaming mouse!

Since the DG Hero scores had some entries that made it in there higher than expected due to a bug on our part, we opened up the Top 100 to the Top 300 for the drawing to give everyone that we felt would have made it into the top 100 without the bug a fair shot.

Here are the winners of the contests this last week:

Contest                                                    Steam Name            Prize

Defensylvania Top 100 drawing                   Therion                    AMD Radeon HD 6770

Defensylvania Top 100 drawing                   Luling Man               AMD Radeon HD 6770

Defensylvania Beat the game drawing                   AMD Radeon HD 6770

Defensylvania Played the game drawing      NGPriest                 AMD Radeon HD 6770

Guardian's Fall Story Reversed drawing       Wootkiki                 AMD Radeon HD 6770

Waste Disposal Frozen Core drawing          Vankysher              AMD Radeon HD 6770

Lockdown Story Challenge drawing             Saibin                     AMD Radeon HD 6770

Last Stand Supergrinder                             Aussiedroid            AMD Radeon HD 6770

Trivia buildable squares: 156 Veil of Ice        Zeroroot                  AMD Radeon HD 6770

Trivia # of non-natural levels: 4                    KeyNoir                  AMD Radeon HD 6770

DG Hero Top 100/300                                Striker                 Razer Taipan Prec. Mouse

DG Hero Over 100,000 pts                         SuperNewb          Razer Taipan Prec. Mouse

Congratulations to all of the winners and all of the folks who played the weekly contests and updated maps, modes and mini-games.  We'll leave all the content in the game going forward and we'll look into keeping the weekly challenges going.  Perhaps we'll let backers choose what they'll be each week. 

Meanwhile, we'll be working on getting all the data ready, getting web sites up, and giving you a place to give us shipping and other details we'll need to fulfill what we're going to get to you.

Thanks so very much for your support!!

The Hidden Path Team


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    1. Shaun Ault on

      you spelled my steam name wrong for the 6770... its cyraxeon.

    2. Draken Stark on

      Glad to hear about what to look forward to!