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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
6,291 backers pledged $271,726 to help bring this project to life.

Join Us at the End of the Kickstarter Today!

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

At 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 9 pm GMT (basically in 2 hours and 20 minutes from now), we'll be on our TwitchTV channel, celebrating the Kickstarter with you and answering your questions Live.  See you then at .

See you there!


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    1. Jonathan Leard on

      Already had the DG1 and bonus content (XBLA and Steam), but Defense Grid is such an amazing game that delivered on the promise I felt tower defense always had but never delivered. I am so excited for Hidden Path's success, and if you ever run another Kickstarter, I'll back it. Wouldn't even need to know what it's for. Looking forward to Containment and the future of the franchise.

    2. Patrick Reding on

      You'll make a copy of the stream for viewing afterward, right?

    3. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      should have been something like "it was the same *the first* time I saw this"...

    4. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      @Mark- You're welcome. I completely get how you felt, it was the same time I saw this as well. Not surprisingly the same question pops up on a very large percent of comments/discussions here.

      I haven't personally tried it but the common responses also mention that you can cancel the previous payments (just don't touch the last one) if it helps you to feel safe, it's not necessary but also harmless and won't affect the final payment/charge.

      Probably at some point Kickstarter will figure out they need to make this a lot more obvious and stick it in the manage-pledge page.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Sziklai on

      @Yaron - ok thanks mate, at least i know now.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      @Mark - Yes, Amazon does list modifications to pledges as separate payments. But they only charge the final one. So what you see is normal, and not a problem (Well, not a problem in the sense of what will get paid).

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Sziklai on

      yes i managed my account but it shows up im my amazon acount as 2 payments, but i will leave it a find out that way. if i have any problems i will let your team know, thanks.

    8. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Mark - I am not aware that you can have two amazon payments for a single account, typically you manage your pledge and adjust it that way for one single payment.

    9. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Yes, we'll add new achievements for the new DG1 content.

    10. Kimo Linder-Fattah on

      Awesome! I'll be there, my sleeping pattern is borked anyways :D

    11. Greg Chierchia on

      I wont be able to attend due to work :( but I have a question. Do you plan to add steam achievements for the new DG1 content?

      Will there be steam achieves for DG2?

    12. Nyhelaria on

      last 92 minutes so I guess it won't be the million...
      But at least you / we cracked up the first entry.

      Thanks for all of you and me :)

    13. Keavon on

      Sounds fun! I'm still trying to beat Last Stand on Super Grinder mode... and my mom just offered me some raspberries randomly. I thought that was funny.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Sziklai on

      hi everyone i have added my international shipping charge to my pledge and updated it but i now have 2 active payments in my amazon account, does anyone know if that is how it's ment to be and won't take it as 2 separate payments or do i need to cancel the old 1. thanks for any replies

    15. Kevin McCarthy

      Congratulations and let me say that offering DG1 just for pledging was huge, at least for me. I'd never heard of Defense Grid before this kickstarter and I have spent an inordinate amount of time playing DG over the past month.


    16. TheChosenOne on

      I might pop in for a lil bit before I have to sleep.