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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
6,291 backers pledged $271,726 to help bring this project to life.

Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter Update for Week 5

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)


Big progress with new video card tiers added and an uptick towards our goal.  Getting the word out is the main goal of the days remaining, we have reached over 5200 backers and will need more to reach our goal.  Jeff and Jim talk about the plan going forward with DG: Containment and DG2, and give a preview on information about an event planned for this Saturday where you’ll be able to watch top players take on key Defense Grid levels.  The contest winners from last week are announced, the answers to the hunt for the snowman and locomotive train are revealed, and the new not-so-mini-game Defensylvania is unveiled and becomes just a part of a mega week of contests with ten AMD Radeon HD 6770 prizes for this week alone.  The video wraps up with new concept art showing new locations and possible new tower types.  Enjoy!

0:03 Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter status update

0:45 Getting the word out about the Kickstarter

1:20 The development plan DG:Containment – December

1:50 Physical fulfillment planned in September for video cards and mice

2:45 You will get DG2 as a part of your pledge, our DG2 plan going forward

4:30 Saturday Exhibition of Great Defense Grid top players planned

5:50 Contest Winners from Last week – AMD Radeon HD 6770 Winners

6:27 Oatmeal’s videos showing the hidden snowman and locomotive train

8:00 The new not-so-mini-game: Defensylvania in this week’s Defense Grid update!

9:15 New Contests for this week in Defense Grid – TEN!! AMD Radeon HD 6770 Video card prizes this week

13:00 New trivia questions for the in-game contests this week.

14:20 New Concept art on locations and tower types

15:40 Thank You!


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    1. Jacob on

      Frozen Core on Waste Disposal... easiest silver medal ever! XD Poor aliens need to learn to look around, think on their feet.

    2. Mark Terrano on

      "Jim, you were being scary" - Jeff

    3. Missing avatar

      John Clarke on

      lol was looking at more likly to happen increasing $1 isn't that much don't know that everyone could offord to dubble but nice idea

    4. DataCZ on

      If every backer doubled there backing ( like me right now) we would be close to the second goal : - )

    5. Missing avatar

      John Clarke on

      hey interesting point if every backer uped there backing by $1 then it would pass the lowest goal

    6. Jonathan Leard on

      I'm so excited to see that Hidden Path is going to make the funding goal. DG is such a fantastic game - so much so that I own it on XBLA and through Steam as well. The only downside I can think of is that it's hard to play other TD games because DG is so, so good. There is something that Hidden Path understands and implements into the gameplay that no one else does. I wish I knew what it was.

      Your video updates have been so much fun to watch. You guys are awesome. Congratulations on (probably) making your goal.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Mayne on

      Fantastic to see the goal is being met. For the next round, I will pledge even more if I can get a cool shirt like the one Jeff is wearing with the understated Hidden Path Logo, but perhaps in a short sleeve T.

    8. Jason Clement on

      I was only present for approximately 3/4 of the 24 hour marathon. And, I now find myself very disappointed because the whole time I was there, I did not see Mr. Pobst play a level. Let's see him prove how "pretty good" he is by participating in this tournament on Saturday. WHO'S WITH ME?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hampus Josserand on

      Really fun to watch, keep up the good work(as always ;)). Wish you the best and i hope you can pull this off. You had a video with several big people in gaming saying the want this game, have you asked them for help when it comes to helping realizing this project of yours? I'm sure that some of those guys have deep pockets and are willing to help(not saying that they have to, just that some might be interested). I think the reason why you're getting so few backers isn't actually am fault with the marketing, but the because you're dealing with a genre that isn't very appealing to the majority of core/hardcore gamers online. TD's are usually played by casual players, and by a small minority of core/hardcore gamers. It's also most common on websites like armor games or newgrounds, and the realization of the potential behind this genre hasn't occurred to most gamers, and very few games besides the first defence grid has actually explored and realized this capability into a playable game.

      Most people think that TD's are all just minigames to be played on your phone during the bussride, or custom maps in sc2 to play when they're bored of the standard game. I think Defence Grid, and moreso even Defence Grid 2, might change this view, and show that TD's by themselves can be fully fledged, awesome games.

      Anyway, i wish you luck, and i do hope that you'll end up making a great game for us, your fans.