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A Few Dicounted Mice Tiers Available for a Short Time

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Several of you have asked, and we have been able to put a handful of Razer Green and Wraith Red Hex Naga gaming mice at lower priced tiers combined with the rewards of the $30 digital pledge tier.  If that is something you were looking for, check them out while they last.



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    1. Ben Wu on

      James: The point i'm making here is that this new "discounted mouse tier" is a poorly thought-out reward tier. If you live in the US, its is CHEAPER to just pledge $30 bucks and then buy the Naga Hex elsewhere (newegg/amazon) if you wanted the mouse. Also, I just find it strange that the tier is "limited" but the mouse is practically being sold at its Suggested Retail Price.

    2. James C on

      Ben Wu: From what I understand they only have so many mice to give out on hand. The original tier mice tier was $225 which included everything in the $175 tier - the 3 DG t-shirts, 2 DG poster (1 signed), USB Gun Stick, Fletcher button, 3 copies of DG1 + all its expansions, PDFs of DG:Containment & DG2 Concept Art Books, ringtone, DG1&DG2 Soundtrack, DG Wallpaper & the Level Visualizer. If you looked at it that way, you were pitching in an extra $50 for the mouse. An actual graphic or chart of what all the tiers provided probably would've helped make it clear to everyone what you actually got for pledging.

    3. Ben Wu on

      Alex: I guess you can read the title two ways: "A Few DISCOUNTED MICE Tiers" or "A Few Discounted MICE TIERS". This could very well be a case of misleading titles, but why would a limited reward be a full priced mouse?

    4. Alex Collins on

      Ben Wu: no one said the mice were discounted. The mouse *tiers*, however, are discounted, by over half. Instead of paying 225 to get a mouse, you can now pay 107/108 to get a mouse.
      From what I've gathered from comments made by HPE, AMD said "here, have some graphic cards for nothing", whereas I've not seen anything like that about Razer, so the implication is that HPE is paying (as an example) $45 for the mice, and they need to get at least that back from us before they have any profit to put to DG2.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Bondietti on

      Thanks! I just upped my pledge to $107 for the cool mouse!! Love Defense Grid!!

      Shutting down in 3...2....You......Monster........

    6. Ben Wu on

      I'm sorry, but I fail to see how these mice are "discounted". The mice retails at 80 USD + a 30 USD game pledge. Unless I'm missing something, we save a whopping $3 on the red mouse and $2 on the green.
      Oh wait, newegg sells the green hex at 73USD with free shipping, and amazon 74USD for green and 71USD for red (with free shipping)... so its actually more expensive here.

    7. Gilles Gaumont on

      |Il add what ever is needed for shipping to my pledge! ^-^

    8. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Hi Dave, I expect we will support different Razer mice, but I know we'll support this one specifically.
      Hi Alexspeed - I agree, if we could do this with just a few tiers we definitely would We have found that adding tiers had dramatically aided the kickstarter and we do it reluctantly, but each time the results are positive. If we could do this whole thing with 4 tiers, we would.
      Brain, Razer mice are available at $107 and $108. I am kicking myself so much for not putting that in the update and instead mentioning the inclusion - it never occured to me that this would cause confusion, but by the number of questions and comments, it is clear that it is my mistake.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Bondietti on

      So how much do I need to pledge to receive the Razer mouse??

    11. Alexspeed on

      I think its 32 different Tiers now if i didnt miscount.
      Thats quite a number when you recon the fact that the average human brain cant hold more than 7 things at once in memory. Overall your games are more simple than this KS-Project.
      Well if it helps reaching the goal...

    12. Axel

      James, yes, if you read Hidden Path's comments above, you'll see the new tiers are $107 and $108. The mention of the $30 price tier is only because those rewards are included in the $107 and $108 tier rewards, in addition to the mouse.

      To the creators: in the future, you'll probably want to tell people *where* new rewards are (ie at what level) to reduce confusion... it's a long list to search visually, even without the confusing wording.

    13. Missing avatar

      MagusSartori on

      This is awesome. And I'm glad that gamers, and Hidden Path, are happy with the giveaways.... But I'm here for more Defense Grid, not PC hardware.

      Love of the game folks, love of the game.

    14. JrnJamJam on

      So what level are they at? The lowest I see it at is $107.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dave Van Schaik on

      I already have two Razer Nagas, just not the Hex. Will there be any specific support for the non-Hex naga?

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian Convey on

      @DataCZ. Thanks. I didn't realize they were two distinct things.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kennedy on

      We're... so... close! :)

    18. DataCZ on

      @Christian Convey You must change your pledge amount to $30+ to be able to select $30 tier

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian Convey on

      I tried updating my pledge from $15 to $30, but I get this message: "Sorry, you must pledge at least $30.00 to select that reward."

    20. ViRUS from MARS on

      Yes the lack of being able to delete or edit a comment is a bit poor.

    21. DataCZ on

      Why can't I delete my obviously redundant comment? Another limitation of kickstarter... : - )

    22. DataCZ on

      Just hit ctrl+f and type "hex laser gaming mouse" and you will see the mentioned tiers ( not the soldout old ones...)

    23. ViRUS from MARS on

      These will include the rewards from the $30 tier as well as the mice but nothing from the tiers inbetween.

    24. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Well, no existing tiers get mice that didn't already get mice (such as the $225 tiers)

    25. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      No existing pledges get mice - I'm sorry that this is confusing.

      We have two new tiers - $107 and $108 that come with mice and the rewards that are in the $30 tier.

    26. ViRUS from MARS on

      Scroll down and you will see 2 new tiers for the mice at $107 and $108.

    27. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Sorry to confuse. There are 2 new tiers - $107 & $108 for red or green mice. If you bid on that tier, you get a mouse and the rewards of the $30 tier.

      If you're earlybird machinaeclipse I can't do anything to take $10 off of the $107 or $108 price, but should you want to bid more than that, I can give you a $10 credit towards additional rewards.

    28. Timothy Litostansky on

      I am confused as well. I have a $55 dollar pledge (that I upped from 15 dollar recently), do I get a mouse?

    29. Dylan on

      I am confused by this update. Are you saying that the $30 pledge teir now gets mice? Or are their new teirs that I'm not noticing? Or can we add $30 to our pledge for the mice we want? Not sure if this is understandable to anyone else, but I am very confused by this update.

    30. M


    31. M

      Where are Razer mice listed? And does the earlybird $20 for $30 pledge get the chance at this?