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Being Clear with you about the Add-A-Thing Tiers

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Unfortunately because of the way Kickstarter works, we're relying on the folks at Kickstarter to update some text that we can't change to make things clear to you. The ONLY tiers that provide you an AMD Radeon HD 6870 video card are the following:

$105 tier

$205 tier

$220 tier

$325 tier

While we understand that the $150 and $175 tiers says "previous rewards +", that was the text in place before these new special tiers were added and they are not intended to be included in other tiers. Sadly, we don't have enough cards or budget for previously existing tiers to get video cards. If you want a video card, you need to choose a tier that specifically identifies that it comes with a video card.

Ideally (and perhaps the Kickstarter folks will do this), the $100 tier should now say "$75 rewards +..." , The $150 tier should say "$100 tier rewards +...", and the $175 tier should say "$150 rewards +".

We're very sorry for any confusion. Had we known ahead of time that we'd be adding these tiers at the end we would have worded the original tiers differently, but unfortunately as we responded to what our community is asking for, we didn't have the ability to update the original tiers so it would be more clear.

Also, we expect all video cards to ship out in September. December 2012 is when DG: Containment is expected to be released to backers.

On the AMD Radeon HD 6770 front, the only tiers that provide those are:

$70 tier

$95 tier

$106 DoubleCard tier

$195 tier

$250 tier

Let us know if you have any questions by messaging us directly.


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    1. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      We knew going in that we'd be giving Defense Grid copies to people who wouldn't pay for the Kickstarter. We decided that was ok with us because allowing that to happen also got us the ability to make sure every backer had a copy of the current game, it allowed us to then update the current game weekly adding contests and prizes and everyone in the Kickstarter could be guaranteed to be able to participate if they bid over $15. And if folks "tricked us", hopefully they'd enjoy the game and come back and want to help make the next one. It was a situation where we went in eyes wide open and were quite willing to lose out on a few keys for the greater benefit of full inclusion during the Kickstarter before it ended.

    2. Dominik Deobald on

      ... and having worked for a company that sold virtual goods some years ago I have to agree to Hampus.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hampus Josserand on

      ViRUS from MARS, if you're reffering to my comment, i see what you mean. If you guys think my comment might spread the possibility of abuse, then feel free to remove it. I won't really mind, i just wanted to point it out to the devs.

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      It would be great if the pledge tier structure was more flexible.

    5. ViRUS from MARS on

      Nothing like giving people ideas.

    6. DataCZ on

      "Special Add-A-Thing Tier" seems to me pretty clear... BTW There should be a possibility to have more branches of tiers in kickstarter... You choose from one or more, minimum pledge = sum.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hampus Josserand on

      Hey i just wanted to point out, even though its quite late, that by giving the Defence Grid 1 instantly via kickstarter before the person has payed his pledge. You can easily abuse this by using a false credit card with amazon payments, so when you pay the pledge at the end of the fundraiser it will be declined. So the person gets the first Defence Grid + DLC for free, and doesn't pay up when he's supposed to, repeat this and unlimited free copies of the game.

      I obviously won't do this, but i just wanted to point out the possibility.

    8. StranaMente on

      Having already seen other Kickstarter project trying to change the reward description midway, I think that they may won't let that happen.
      It's a retty strict policy but it has a sense.

    9. Jason Wright on

      It generated about 30k in 2 days towards the project.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hampus Josserand on

      Why did you even add the graphics card to begin with? Just seems to add more confusion and problems to me.

    11. Draken Stark on

      I should also mention that you'd also have to select the $105 "Add a thing" pledge while it's still available.

    12. Draken Stark on

      If you pledge exactly $105 you will get just the video card and the $15 pledge reward. Think ALMOST any pledge level +90 dollars gets you a video card.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ravi R Mahajan on

      so if i pledged the $105 that says the Add a thing...i will get a 6870?

    14. Mark T on

      Which of AMD's Radeon HD 6870's is it? Sapphire?1gb 2gb?

    15. Jason Wright on

      I'm not really sure whay you could have done differently to make this kickstarter more successful. I feel your initial campaign properly explained what the four goals were (not sure where the confusion was there... made 100% sense to me). Throughout this campaign, you have listened to your backers and fudged kickstarter as much as you could to make this campaign successful. I've gone from being a $80 pledge at the beginning to a total of $450 between my wife and I because of how you have made me feel like a part of your team and because you've built a trust (oh... and the dirt cheap video cards too.... but thats just a bonus).

    16. Missing avatar

      Howard on

      I would have to agree that the updates you guys are providing is top notching and surprised that I got a response to my question within the hour. Keep up the good work.

    17. ViRUS from MARS on

      I think your Kickstarter campaign has been great. You've interacted with the backers and fans on so many different levels. Communication between you and the community has been fantastic. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'm also backing OUYA and in my opinion there Kickstarter campaign has been very poorly handled compared to yours.

    18. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      It's true, we're much better at making games than we are running a Kickstarter. We have pulled off some big new things (giving people codes as they sign up), but yes, we have been trapped by the tier structure and its cumulative nature as we try to respond to what is happening and how it differs from what we might have expected.

    19. Missing avatar

      Zac on

      I just want to say i am extremely proud to be a backer of this project. Hidden Path, you all are doing an amazing job handling this campaign. Good work getting all kinds of unique incentives for backers. Its too bad that Kickstarter infrastructure is holding back some service issues, but hopefully things will get straightened out.

      Thanks and looking forward to DG:2,

    20. Jed Ibeeftrix on

      Agreed with Andrew.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Paquette on

      I think this is kind of an important Kickstarter, as you guys have made several clarification errors that I think are the main reason you aren't reaching the above and beyond goals, and why the 250,000 is still in question. The fanbase is certainly there, but even the initial proposition is not solid enough, with the KS goal at 1/4 of what you need to actually complete the project.

      It's a real problem. I am rooting for you, and you'll have $125 of my dollars in 6 days, but yeah.
      Take note, future kickstarters.

      PS, you guys do good work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Zac on

      woah. first?! my first first!