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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
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The "Stuff" Update

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)


This week we reveal the contest winners of the last week, show the new prizes for next week’s contests and also show some of the physical goods samples that have arrived from our manufacturers – one of them is brand new and a surprise, you didn’t even know you were getting it, but if you choose a pledge tier that is $110 or more, then you are!  We also put the first 22 concepts of possible T-shirts in front of you – which ones do you like, which ones do you not like, what’s missing so far – let us know!  At the end of the Kickstarter, those who are getting shirts will get to vote to narrow the field, but for now, we can keep iterating on possible ideas.

0:03 Alternate "More Defense Grid" takes from our friends
0:35 Jeff & Jim give DG2 Kickstarter status
1:10 Interview with Inside Gaming Daily
1:55 Mark Terrano on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything
2:45 In game contest winners (3 new AMD video cards given out!)
4:00 Video submission contest winners (3 new AMD video cards given out!)
5:00 New contests this week - 4 in-game missions and modes, New prizes this week too!!
7:00 USB Gun Tower sample arrives!
7:54 Close up of the USB Gun Tower 8GB stick / model
8:25 Surprise New Item for all backers at $110 and above
9:50 Close up of the surprise item
10:30 T-shirt concept art (22 shirt examples so far!)
12:00 Thank You!

This weeks’ video contest winners



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    1. Missing avatar

      Pavel Drotar on

      So, submitted 3x Gold result and 1x Bronze (I suck without bullets!) to the contest, that should give me 10x higher chance of winning :-)

    2. Greg Wicklund on

      Oh, and because I want more Defense Grid! :D

    3. Greg Wicklund on

      I may have to up my pledge now, for the stick and the Magic Fletcher Button.

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Alexspeed: completely agree - we're working with the press and a PR firm to try to get the word out. Then the updates are mainly to communicate with the existing backers.

      Andrew: Thanks for the suggestions - yes, there is a raspberry line in the button. :)

      Congrats Ekrem.

      TCO: Many have backed! Agree on the sample, we're working with the manufacturer to "pop" better.

      Pavel: Thanks! Concept artists often don't have an editor. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      /me likes the "Team Defense Grid" bit - but I'd like to see those shirt designs in a bit ... well, I'd like to study them and make comments on each. (Because I actually think I want about 10 of them, so it's going to be tough.) I may be blind, but I'm not seeing a link for them.

      (I'd change the "Don't touch my raspberries" to just "RASPBERRIES!" or "Raspberries! Such a delightful burst of flavo(u)r" (Since Fletcher's accent indicates he's use a U in the spelling (: ) )

      That said, I hope the General Fletcher Official Request for Immediate Response Button includes SOME reference to rasperries somewhere. I also am concerned that it may wear out after repeated uses, because I am going to be using that a HECK of a lot.

    6. Alexspeed on

      Guys, i appreciate your updates, thanks.
      Thank you for showing the USB Stick, really excited now to get mine and to vote on those shirts, there where some cool designs. Also the suprise item is really funny =)

      But if i add one thought - It seems to me, with the current focus on how you handle the Kickstarter, you do a great job of exciting everyone that knows about Defense Grid and has played it. But you probably dont excite alot of pepole that havent heared or seen about the game before. If you want to reach those higher tiers you must appeal to a really wide audience and pepole that havent played DG before and get them in. Good luck!

    7. Ekrem Fazlic on

      i won ;) ty hidden path team love u all <3
      how can i claim won video card?

    8. Missing avatar

      Pavel Drotar on

      There's a TYPO on the t-shirt design -- RASBERRIES instead of RASPBERRIES.

      Please make absolutely sure you correct this :-)

    9. TheChosenOne on

      Stupid no edit... !@#$%^*
      A button... oehhhhh. Only the blue of Defense Grid needs to be brighter/more popping, then its perfect in my eyes.
      And with the T-shirts just a general comment. I don't really like the phrase "Team Defense Grid" Just saying. :P

    10. TheChosenOne on

      Tssssk. All these "famous" people claiming they want Defense Grid 2 need to back up their word and take those high pledge rewards.