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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
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DG2 Kickstarter - Update for the start of Week 2

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

We show some new folks who want more DG2, cover progress, announce the contest winners, desribe this upcoming week's new contests, talk about some of the updates that went into the original game this week, and share with you brand new concept art from a speed-concepting session our artists recently had.  What insights can you gain about DG2 from this art?

If you're a winner, please check your email spam filter since it's hard to separate real honest winning notifications from spam.

Also, to be very clear: as mentioned in the FAQ and in the video - if you're a backer, you're going to get DG2 someday.  If we raise all the needed money now, we know that will be sometime next year.  If we raise a portion of the money now, you'll still get DG2 when we make it, we just don't know exactly when that will be.

You can download the concept art shown in the video at:

video index:

0:00 I want more DG testimonals (Sam Ernst, Haven, Chris Pirillo, Tech Blogger, David Edery, Spryfox, Vicky Tamaru, PlexiPixel, James Portnow, Extra Credits, Alex Neuse (as Mike Roush), Gaijin Games)
1:04 Jeff & Michael talk progress so far
2:00 Contest winner announcements for in game levels
3:10 Contest winner announcements for video submissions
4:45 New contests announced for in the game for the upcoming week
6:30 Additional info on getting into the contests in Defense Grid
7:00 Video contest of the week and in-game cheats and controls
10:15 There's a ticker in Defense Grid showing off Kickstarter backers
11:25 New Concept Art for DG2 to share with you
12:30 T-shirt concept art coming next week
13:00 FAQ - Yes, you'll get DG2 even if the KS doesn't fully fund it
15:00 Thank you!


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    1. matthias sweertvaegher on

      you know what's funny: with the steamsales I'm buying all kind of games. but what do I play all day? defense grid, of course :) I'm glad I got introduced to this great game through the kickstarter!

    2. Missing avatar

      HicRic on

      Just backed it as a result of this update - I honestly thought backing was only getting me more DG1 content, and DG2 would only happen if you got to $1 million which I felt wasn't happening. Thanks for making it clear backers will get DG2 someday!

    3. Sam Mayo on

      You guys are really pumping out the updates, great work!

    4. JC on

      Thank you for making the point about definitely receiving Defense Grid 2 ~sometime~ very clear in this! I've wanted to say the same thing to people who are on the fence about backing, but from the wording in the prize levels (even the revised $15 one), I was never completely certain if that was truly the case and didn't want to promise something I wasn't 100% sure about. This is really good to hear, and it makes me feel so much better about the whole DG2 Kickstarter! Thank you for all the DG1 (35 more "You Monster" golds and I'll have 100% gold for the game ;)), so hopefully I can get those done before Containment and DG2!

    5. Missing avatar

      dgschrei on

      Just sent off a news tip to Destructoid. Might help get you guys some more exposure. I feel like you are currently in the unlucky position to be drowned out by all the attention Ouya and Penny Arcade currently get on Kickstarter.

    6. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      thanks for the suggestion

    7. Elizabeth Davidson

      I can't watch the video till tomorrow (Only one over 10 minutes a day, bleh) But I'd make sure on the front page jsut below the video ideally you can put "You'll get Defense Grid 2 no matter what happens with this Kickstarter, it just might take longer!" so no passers by miss it :) Might finally help punt that issue for you.