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Defense Grid set the standard for tower defense games and now we're giving you the power to make Defense Grid 2 real for everyone.
6,291 backers pledged $271,726 to help bring this project to life.

Updated Information

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)


Several quick things to share, so I'll get right to it.

- If we haven't already said it often enough "Thank You Very Much!"  We're hugely appreciative of your support, donations, ideas, interest, and involvement.  We're going to work hard to raise all the money we can to go as far as we can in this project, and then, well, then it isn't going to stop there. We're going to develop, and you're invited to the behind-the-scenes process, and we're going to bounce stuff of of you, see what you think of ideas, help us prioritize efforts, and all around be a real part of the decision making team.  Again Thank you for joining our team!

- Mark Terrano's reddit IAMA has been Rescheduled!  It will now be a week from tomorrow rather than tomorrow.  It will still be on Tuesday at 2pm est, but it will now be on July 24th.  Mark your calendars.

- Tweeting away - thanks to everyone who participated in today's Twitter Online Flash Mob, we definitely saw an uptick in pledges during that time - getting the word out makes a very big difference.

- Video submissions:  More have come in, and the authors all care about you seeing the videos, "like"ing the ones that you like, and linking to them if you want to share them with others.  There are now 10 qualifying folks vieing for 2 prizes of great value from AMD.  You can not only help choose who wins one of the prizes, but you can actually submit your own video link via the game and be a part of this while there is still time.  The contest closes in just 24 1/2 hours from this very post.  Give it a shot, you'll have a fun time talking about more DG too!

Here are the current entries - please take a few minutes to visit each one and Like the ones you like:


Thanks much!  Keep spreading the word about the DG2 Kickstarter!  We can see the impact that you're making!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      Well, now we know, and Harlan fixed it so we can see it, and hopefully we'll see him dancing later (:

      Ignoring dislikes - I like this strategy (:

    2. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      At the moment, we're just counting likes and ignoring dislikes. Am not sure why the owner of one made theirs private.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      You may need to clarify how 'likes' will contribute to any portion of the video submission contest - in that the person who made theirs private may be hurting their chances - but maybe not. We'd need to know - also, you might want to point out whether 'dislikes' contribute (obviously this gets into the 'game' of "asking everyone to vote down other contributions" so discouraging that may be needed. It's bizzarre how some normally civil folks act in competition. Maybe General Fletcher should just come out and discourage such behavior (: )

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      it does now, it didn't earlier...

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      I submitted after that, thanks for the info

    7. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Sean, email me your link at info [at] hiddenpath [dot] com. We received links to videos that are no longer on YouTube or aren't about Defense Grid and we disqualified those, but otherwise, this was the list I was given at 10:33 am this morning. If you submitted after that, you well may be in the system.

    8. Missing avatar

      Generic Jargon on

      Awesome, I really hope we make the goal and then some!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      My video entry is not in the above list, does that mean I am not entered?