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The Defense Grid 2 Journey - One Last Reward Below

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hello DG2 Team,

We come to the end of a long road started right beside you, on a journey began together some 2 1/2 years ago today.  

Defense Grid: Containment was created with your help and support, adding new levels, new puzzles, continuation of the story, and expansion of the world first introduced in the original game. 

And once we had the support and backing of a few others we were then able to take on the adventure that became Defense Grid 2.  All the tower building and alien invasion of the first, but now with new levels, new game modes, new multiplayer modes, user created content, dynamic levels, tower items, multiple levels of difficulty, real time score comparison, a new graphics engine, and more.

Along with the Defense Grid 2 game, you've had the opportunity to watch behind the scenes as we make games at Hidden Path Entertainment, whether it be through the 10 part Polygon series or the deeper version of the electronic Making of Defense Grid 2 book included in your special edition by Russ Pitts.

Author Mary Robinette Kowal not only contributed to the expanded story in DG2, but also wrote the standalone Defense Grid: Matter of Endurance audioplay which also shipped with your special edition and created an additional story experience separate from the game featuring General Fletcher, Simon, Cai, and a new character Governor Teydell.

Electronic or hardcover versions of art books from both games have now been sent your way inside the special edition or via postal service (the hardcover Art of Defense Grid 2 books have all shipped out now including those requiring international shipping which just went out this week).  

There have been thousands of shipments of video cards, mice, posters, t-shirts, audio buttons, and gun tower USB sticks.  We've delivered ringtones and the soundtrack from the first game and wallpaper images in multiple high resolution formats. We created private forums and provided early beta access to different backers.  Cheat codes were designed and included in the first game and personalized voicemail messages from Fletcher were provided. Names were incorporated into the story and the backstory. 

And the credits - so many names have made it into the credits, both of an updated original game and in DG2 (where you could speed up / slow down and go backwards through the credits to find your name if you didn't know that).

Only one last perk remains and today we're delivering it to you right here and right now:

  • Click THIS LINK to download the DG2 soundtrack, audio notes, and ringtone versions of the soundtrack for your mobile phone.  We hope you have a lot of fun with these assets.

And with that, more than anything, we hope that you were able to enjoy the game that you helped get made.  We hope you have enjoyed the entertainment that we've created for you and that you've been able to "protect the cores" in the way that you do so that is so different from how others protect their cores.

Our team will continue to monitor and address issues found in the game where we can.  Our recent conversations with Microsoft appear to have led to Xbox One multiplayer becoming active again as it seemed down and matchmaking wasn't available for a few weeks.  We're still not sure exactly what happened there as we didn't do any updates on the game.

We've recently addressed several Mac bugs, but are waiting as our colleagues at AMD release a new driver through Apple that update a group of their video cards that have some lighting issues that we aren't able to work around.

And on the topic of User Created Content, we're excited to see the map download sites that exist and expect to be able to add several new levels to the In-Game Store once the Steam Workshop for partners fully opens up and becomes operational - which should happen any day now.

If you've played through the game feel free to drop by Metacritic or the Steam Page or let others know how you feel about the game.  Game Informer is running a poll on what players think are the Top Games of the Year (including the Strategy category).  They'd love you to swing by and Vote for what you think. 

Thanks so very much for your support along the entire journey!

The Hidden Path Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pavel Drotar on

      Guys, thanks for the fantastic journey that has been the DG2 kickstarter. HPE rocks!

    2. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! I loved Defense Grid, and was thrilled to help fund even more of it, but these updates throughout the process were even better, and I loved every bit of insight into what you went through to do all of this.

    3. sbock on

      This was a great ride. Thanks for all and anytime again...

    4. Chuck Staples on

      Thank you for being the model of the ideal KickStarter project. I'm sure the game will bring me many hours of enjoyment.

    5. Stein Gunnar Bakkeby on

      I just wanted to say that this Kickstarter did meet what it set out to do, which was to create the Containment expansion for Defense Grid.

      It didn't stop there though; Hidden Path went way above and beyond that in their rewards and bringing the full Defense Grid 2 to their backers.

      It's been an amazing and insightful journey and it has been truly great seeing how they support their supporters. So thank you so much Hidden Path.

      I guess all that's left to say is: Nice job, you have emptied their pockets and kissed their sisters.


    6. David on

      I finished the game about a month ago now and I want to thank you guys for an awesome job. I have 150 hours logged into the first DG and I'm sure I'll be logging many more into DG2(gotta get those achievements after all). I know a lot of work went into the game(I read through the behind the scenes interview with Polygon) and it was certainly a job well done. I'm looking forward to see what Hidden Path puts together down the road.

      The last thing I was waiting for was the soundtrack and here we have it:)