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LACES OUT, HICKIES IN! Never tie or untie your shoes again. Turn your kicks into slip-ons. Ditch the bows and customize your kicks.
Turn your shoe into a slip-on. Make your shoes look, fit, and feel better. No tying, custom fit, slip on and off. #LifeWithoutLaces
Turn your shoe into a slip-on. Make your shoes look, fit, and feel better. No tying, custom fit, slip on and off. #LifeWithoutLaces
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Have you heard?!

HICKIES 2.0 is 100% FUNDED! 

Get ready for the new era of a #LifeWithoutLaces and a super special SURPRISE if we double our goal and get to 50K!

Are you ready for the new era?
Are you ready for the new era?

Please help us to bring the #LifeWithoutLaces movement to the feet of the world by sharing the link on social media, email, etc.!! 


The next generation of HICKIES have arrived!


Hi All! 

We just wanted to let our very first backers know that we have just launched our newest and best product iteration to date on Indiegogo! 

If you like what you saw in HICKIES the first time around, we've got something even better for you now... Get your hands on HICKIES 2.0 here and find a quick brief on how the new era of a #lifewithoutlaces has improved below:

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After two years of research, design and development have resulted in a new cross section profile and closure that increases durability, security, and aesthetics. Adult- and children-specific constructions now better cater to the needs of each user.

Just A Few Days Left

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Hi Everyone, 

We only have 4 days left on our Kickstarter campaign for PUNGAS and we want to invite you all to check it out before it closes. Thank you for supporting us in our adventures and helping us grow.

Mariquel and Gaston

Check out our newest Kickstarter Campaign


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Check out our new Kickstarter project, PUNGAS


Two years ago, you helped us introduce the world to HICKIES. For the last two years, we’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with 3D printing technology and coming up with new ways to personalize sneakers. We found a way to mix our two passions with our newest creation, PUNGAS, which is live on Kickstarter now. Check it out and pledge!

Live Now
Live Now

PUNGAS are bold SHOE ACCESSORIES. They are 3D printed, easy to use, and wearable on different parts of your sneakers. They are a byproduct of an exclusive collaboration between HICKIES, Pictoplasma and Shapeways, the leading 3D printing manufacturer based in New York.

PUNGAS opens the door to customize your shoe in a completely different way and are proof that 3D printing technology is changing the way we manufacture and shop forever.

We ask for you to check out PUNGAS, be bold and to challenge the status quo like you did with HICKIES, and to fall in love all over again.

Help us introduce the world to PUNGAS.

Click to share on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, or copy paste “@HICKIES debuts worlds first 3D printed shoe accessories, PUNGAS, is live on Kickstarter . Check it out

Thank you for your support, Mariquel and Gaston