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Chroma is an Android game that allows players to create beautiful landscapes and colorful worlds. Read more

New York, NY Video Games
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This project's funding goal was not reached on September 17, 2012.

Chroma is an Android game that allows players to create beautiful landscapes and colorful worlds.

New York, NY Video Games
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Recent updates

Chroma's Fate

So the day that the Kickstarter ends in almost upon us, and although it looks like the funding is going to fail, that does not mean that we are going to stop developing Chroma. Chroma will come out, and although our illustrious Vice President, Lyle, has said that Chroma will come out during the month of September, due to circumstances outside of our control, we have lost contact with our lead coder, and thus development has slowed considerably. We will still finish Chroma and release it, though the release date is up in the air for now. Expect an early December release.

-The HgTS Team

Gameplay Video #1

When the Shades seize control of the world and strip it bare of its color, it’s up to one hero to restore the vibrancy – Huey! Guide Huey and his trusty paint brush, Tint, through the bland black and white domain and defeat the Shades.

Now how exactly do you do that? Why, by tapping or sliding the colored dots dabbed on the side of the screen of course! However, this isn’t a mere single-handed game - your opposite hand will be interacting much with the world as well as Huey’s opponents. When facing a Shade, you must tap or slide your finger along the colors to change them. In the final release of Chroma, each Shade will possess a headstone; each headstone will be shaped and colored to correspond with the type of attack the Shade will use against you. Upon encountering a laser, swipe your finger across the laser in order to defeat the Shade. In the case of projectiles, Huey must bat the projectiles back at the Shades to ultimately defeat them.

Though this demo makes the game look difficult, don’t allow appearances to deceive you. We’re currently updating the code and the difficulty level hasn’t been tuned as of yet...but don’t worry! It will be soon! The Shades are quick, but you must make Huey and Tint quicker. Dash across levels, defeat Shades, plant seeds, and finally marvel at the fruits of your labor - a vivid world bursting with lush wonders.

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Voteo Game!

In addition to Chroma, and to tide you over while we get out gameplay demo out to the masses, the wonderfully awesome peeps at Hg Template would like to welcome you... to the most Brutal Online Isometric Multi-Play-By-Post Browser-Arena Game To Ever Emerge on the Internet. It is also the first of its kind. A VOTEO GAME! Check it out!