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A game of adventure and tactics in an 80s-inspired new retro setting. Brave Police Officers versus evil Doctor Zero and his mutants.
A game of adventure and tactics in an 80s-inspired new retro setting. Brave Police Officers versus evil Doctor Zero and his mutants.
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Development close to end, prototype miniatures arrived, PM finishes soon

Posted by Hexy Studio (Creator)

Attention, Officers!

The Hard City Police Department comes back to you with a development update and a few pieces of very good news!

First of all, we would like to inform you that last week we fully finished playtesting and the development process of the "1 vs all" gameplay mode. We updated the rulebook and we are now only tweaking the card texts, but we expect to finish that soon.

As for the solo and cooperative mode, we have a very solid core of the rules and we are now fully focusing just on playtesting and streamlining. As you already know, Błażej Kubacki, who is working with us on the solo and coop mode, has decided to introduce a new deck of cards, tentatively called the AutoDoc and entirely devoted to simulating the game's AI. 

As you can see in the photo, each card has two sections. The top rule is applied immediately after the card is drawn (which always happens at the end of an Officer's turn, after he or she has taken all desired Actions). Then, if the card says so, the player adds it to the Queue. Cards in the Queue stay on the table and get resolved every turn, their bottom rules applied. 

Simple, fast and really challenging for the players!

We have also recently received prototype miniatures of Officers and Allies unlocked as stretch goals and available as add-ons. Just have a look at how awesome they are!

Finally, we would just like to remind you that the pledge manager on the GameFound platform finishes next month, on 15th March. Please confirm your pledge and shipping address, if you still haven't! Remember that it's the last chance to get all the KS-exclusive goodies, so spread the word, tell your friends and family and let them become your fellow Officers! 


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    1. Hexy Studio 3-time creator on

      @Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson - let this remain a secret for now, but rest assured that you will learn this mysterious character's identity one day :)

    2. Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson on

      Very nice progress and the solo mode looks very interesting. The mini protoypes are also really cool, one question though, who is the miniature with the cowboy hat? :O

    3. Missing avatar

      Ben Chapman

      Minis and game progress looks awesome! Excited to get this played with some friends!