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$45,065 pledged of $30,000 goal
$45,065 pledged of $30,000 goal

Hard City cancelled, but it will return!


Dear backers,

we are sad to tell you this, but we have decided to cancel the Hard City Kickstarter and end the campaign today. The main reason is that, after really great first two days, the project suffered a setback and no further progress was observed in the next few days, despite our efforts to boost it.

We think that you deserve the best, and we would like to release a game as awesome as possible, so we will be looking for more funding soon. We would like to express our utmost gratitude and respect for over 500 backers from all parts of the world, who trusted us with their money and contributed to the awesome result of fully funding the game in less than 7 hours.

You also provided us with tons of fantastic feedback, both about the campaign and the game itself. We will take all your suggestions into consideration and re-work the campaign to make it even more appealing and attractive.

Don't worry, soon we will meet again on the streets of Hard City! The project will re-launch, with the game better than ever before!

Yours, Hexy Studio Team

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    1. Jackie Sheppard 7 days ago

      Sad to see it go for now, but totally understand if it’s going to translate into a cooler/more solid game in the future. Will definitely back the relaunch!!

    2. Hexy Studio 2-time creator 7 days ago

      Thank you guys, we definitely will!

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua W Burgener 7 days ago

      @hexy studios as stated please send out an email when you restart, I and a couple of friends really wanted to back this. I loved the blast character and everything in the call for back up pack. This looks like a very interesting game in the future I definitely want to back this.

    4. Gonetotheedge
      on May 16

      Please keep us updated on the progress and when you are going to relaunch the campaign.

    5. Piotr Żuchowski Collaborator on May 16

      A painful lesson was learned. Thanks guys for our time together, it was a pleasure to answer your questions and interact with such great people!

      The Hard City team has just put a statement on the game's FB profile (https://www.facebook.com/HardCityGame/posts/239514223264693), but let me paste it here for your convenience:

      We are sad to announce that, but we made a decision to cancel the current Hard City project and re-launch it at a later date.

      First of all, we would like to thank every single backer for their support and to apologize to those who feel disappointed about the situation. It was a really though decision, as much effort was put into making this game.

      During the campaign we got very strong feedback from backers expressing their expectations and concerns, both about the game and the campaign, so we decided to cancel the current project and develop the game for at least two more months. Many of these suggestions were very interesting and possible to execute, but not immediately. For example, co-op and solo modes need much playtesting, it's not something you design overnight, and it's essential for us to offer you a top-notch game. After great first two days of the campaign, we observed more backers cancelling their pledges than new backers coming. This meant there was something wrong, and if the trend had continued, we might have finished the campaign below the funding goal.

      We understand the backers' disappointment, but we are convinced that everyone who really cares about Hard City will consider giving it a second chance after we adjust the campaign and re-launch. This is all for the purpose of you getting more value for your money.

      Thanks for this important lesson and see you soon,
      Hexy Studio Team

    6. Egor Golsky-Dias on May 16

      It's sort of sad, but on the other hand you will have time to improve and I wish you the most awesome return.

    7. Hexy Studio 2-time creator on May 16

      @Mark Cunningham - thanks, we will!

    8. Mark Cunningham
      on May 16

      @Hexy Studio, Would you be able to send a reminder email or Kickstarter update out to all the original Kickstarter backers so they don't miss the relaunch a couple a days before it starts please. All the best for the relaunch.

    9. Hexy Studio 2-time creator on May 16

      Thank you guys for your trust and understanding. On the re-launch, we will provide you with much more value for your money :)

    10. Michal Valvoda on May 16

      I would say it is maybe a good news.

      I was not sure about the game (reasons mentioned in other comments) but it had a great potential in both setting and rules and it was obvious that development team is taking backers suggestions to the heart and works hard to improve the

      So in the end we will receive a better campaign which will receive focus it definitely deservers.

      Really looking forward to that :-)

    11. Omar Little on May 16

      @Hexy. I think it was a good decision. I can see what happened here. The SG's you were hoping for were too important (and gameplay value related) to have the risk of not having them into the game. I think the game should be more complete from the beginning and then having the Sg's more related to "extra" things.
      Also, now that you have decided to include several modes (+ full coop, + solo), it makes sense to have those modes developed from the beginning of the campaign; with its mechanics and rules.
      I am for one very excited about the possibilities of the game. The SG's you were showing in the main page on the last days seem very exciting. I am very curious to know about the police department component for example. Or the new mutants.
      Also, I think for the next time, some full gameplay videos of the game would really help. The only one available this time was in Italian, and was not even complete.
      But yeah, this is something happening in many games lately, it also happened in Megametrocity weeks ago, which I was very excited about.
      Thanks for all the effort and hope to see you around again.
      Please let us know as soon as possible when you will be back, so we can be financially ready ;-).
      Also, don't hesitate in contacting us backers in case you want more feedback or advice, I am sure we will try to help as much possible :-)
      Thanks and best with the reorganization!!!!

    12. Hexy Studio 2-time creator on May 16

      It's not only about the money - the game was funded and we would be able to produce it. However, many great suggestions were made, we received tons of feedback and we would like to include much of what was requested in the game. We wouldn't be able to do it without more funding, which obviously means more backers. And as you all saw, the campaign started going back. It would be a pity if we had to lock previously unlocked goals again instead of progressing to new ones. We will return better prepared and with a better product.

    13. Damien Roberts on May 16

      Shocking!!! Youd of been fine, time scale was maybe too long hence people holding back!!!!

    14. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      on May 16

      It was relying too much on SG to 'finish' the game instead of delivering a complete game from the start.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcin ES on May 16

      I believe you guys know what you're doing. I'll be waiting for re-launch. Good luck.

    16. SPECTRE_01 on May 16

      The game was funded. If the cost listed was not the amount required to fund the game and produce a fully realised product then it shouldn’t have been listed in the first place. I supported this from the start but this raises a massive red flag re business model, I like the concept but will not be back for re-launch.

    17. Glenn Saitch
      on May 16

      Seeing so many projects do this lately. Surely hitting your funding target should be enough to create a game? It's not like it was barely funded, it was like 50% over the budget. Surely creators shouldn't be relying on stretch goals to release a product that they think backers deserve?

    18. Antonio Lozano
      on May 16

      Damn this was unexpected but if it’s for this best then by all means fix what needs to be fixed