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Eye warping journey through infinitely patterned space and grid time.
Eye warping journey through infinitely patterned space and grid time.
Eye warping journey through infinitely patterned space and grid time.
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    1. hexeosis Creator on May 11

      @Matt Voda thanks! i'll send you a new link for the download on the DM system. the original link i sent out did expire, but i have a new one

    2. Matt Voda on May 9

      Hey, been using your stills as incredible wallpaper for a while now, but just realized I've also lost the file like Darren below. The WeTransfer link I was originally sent has expired. Sorry for filling up your comments with this! Hexeosis has inspired me to try recreating some of the effects in VR.

    3. hexeosis Creator on August 13, 2017

      hi Darren, yes the very original link i sent out expired, but i will send you a new link and also a code for the vimeo version. thanks!

    4. Darren Cullen on August 13, 2017

      Hi there,
      I seem to have lost the video file :( can't find it on any of my drives and the download link has expired. Would it be possible to get another copy? I remember you said you were going to do a streaming version too, is that still happening? Thanks!

    5. hexeosis Creator on November 28, 2016

      if you missed out on the kickstarter but still want to help back the project / pre-order a copy of the video, you can now do that directly on my site here:

      the HD download and Blu-ray disc versions are both available for pre-order with delivery at the same time as the kickstarter rewards.

    6. hexeosis Creator on November 28, 2016

      thanks again everyone, especially for the awesome encouraging comments and feedback :O thanks!

    7. Patrice M. Christian on November 27, 2016

      So excited! I too have been a long time fan and could not be happier that this project will move forward! It looks gorgeous and mesmerizing and I can't wait!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Jarvey on November 24, 2016

      Thanks so much for this! I've had a huge folder full of your GIFs slowly accumulating on my comp and am so happy to see it come to life... and can't wait to bask in the glory of HD hexabananapocalypse. Congrats dude!

    9. Justin Thomas on November 24, 2016

      Perfect! Absolutely loving this.

    10. Ben Pelayo on November 24, 2016

      Hell yes!
      Way to go, man! Can't wait to see it!

    11. hexeosis Creator on November 24, 2016

      hi! the blu-ray copy and the download version will be about the same, they are both going to be 1920x1080 HD files

    12. David Quinton on November 24, 2016

      Hi! Will the Blu Ray copy be higher resolution than the digital HD download?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jake on November 24, 2016

      This is next level, Im hyped!

    14. hexeosis Creator on November 24, 2016

      thanks everyone! woohoo!

    15. Jay Hall on November 24, 2016

      Woohoo! Now I get to use this for good and triply reasons! I can hardly wait! -Neverknwsbest

    16. Bill Tavis on November 24, 2016

      Congrats on making it!

    17. Helpman Productions on November 11, 2016

      Wow, been a fan for a while, and this looks like some next-level stuff. Gonna share for sure, hope this gets the funding...