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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 26 2016
Pixelmage Games LLCBy Pixelmage Games LLC
First created
Pixelmage Games LLCBy Pixelmage Games LLC
First created
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 26 2016


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Ensign on

      So sad! This is the first thing I have ever backed! That's how bad I want to play this game guys! I love Pat Roth and I love John Smedly's games. This game has a beautiful and brilliant premise behind it. If you start up another kickstarter in the future count me on board! I will buy your game.

    2. Joseph Glover on

      I will definitely be buying your game when it is released.
      I hope that well into the future you will not cater to the Trammel loving, infinite life, bank sitting, so called players; let them go play patty-cake somewhere else!

    3. Isane on

      Well if your investors came up with the cash , I guess you get away with having to deal withe the player base. It's a shame that you don't have a crowd forge on the home page for the game as a lot of people sponsoring kickstarter , just like to provide input into the development cycle via forums.

    4. Disastercake on

      It was good run guys! I definitely want to take a spin on Hero's Song when you're done. It's great that you were able to find so much support in your investors.

      For the game I'm working on, Soul Saga, I just spent my own life savings. I should get in touch with you sometime and get some feedback on how investors in the game industry work exactly. =)

      Good luck and health to your continued development! =D

    5. tendrel on

      hehehee, I keep seeing your team in the lobby and in the lot, more fun now that I know some of their faces. =) Glad to hear about the funding. YAY!

    6. Missing avatar

      Teeshy on

      Oh! Well bugger! Am really looking forward to this one - I am glad you are still going ahead =) Would still be more than happy to back without any physical stuff (I never back for that stuff anyway, I just back for the game =)) if that is an option in the future! Good luck! Looking forward to the game! =)

    7. AuraofMana on

      Will you consider getting on Kickstarter again in the future when you have more gameplay? I backed it this time because the idea of the game seems cool as it is. I think maybe a shorter crowdfunding goal would help. Some advertisement from your end (Facebook and Google ads) will also help boost the campaign tremendously.

      Would love to show you guys support by backing if you guys ever get on crowdfunding again.

    8. Germain Zepeda on

      Awe... This is truly sad news indeed. I was really hoping for a successful Kickstarter campaign, however as several other former backers stated... it takes a great deal of courage and strength to end a Kickstarter campaign.

      I wish Mr. Smed and the Pixelmage Games Team the best and I look forward to your future endeavors. (My mind, body and wallet are ready)

    9. Skyler Clark on

      I'm excited about this, and even moreso now. It would have been great if the Kickstarter succeeded, but it takes a lot of courage to cancel a floundering campaign early and I think was a smart move. Hopefully the Kickstarter helped give your investors confidence in the product, and ending the campaign will free up your time and help keep your team focused on what I think is most important, making the game.

      I look forward to more updates!

    10. Kjetil Fosse on

      The game looks right up my alley, thats why I backed the campaign. Too bad about the campaign, which was not of the same quality. At least you got some free marketing, and maybe that was the only goal with this campaign? who knows

    11. Missing avatar

      CreepingCharly on

      Pulling the plug so early makes me wonder how badly you even needed the funding. Was the Kickstarter funding just viewed as gravy on top of what you already had? Now that the money wasn't rolling in as fast as you hoped you decided it wasn't worth the effort? The project reeks like some sort of indie pre-order scheme instead of something which needed financial support (ie Kickstarted) to get off the ground.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rene jr baillargeon on

      It's sad , but I am really happy that you will make this game!!! Where do I buy? �

    13. Pierre, Endless Paths guide of the ∞ on

      That was the correct decision, surely tough to take but you did well.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sendokami on

      Will there be a way to directly contribute? Or to preorder?

    15. SugarCanKill on

      Sorry it didn't work out, and best of luck with the new approach. I'll be buying this game when it launches.

    16. Spyke on

      Hopefully some of these would be offered on their website. I would still be interested in backing. No physical merch needed here...

    17. Wabice on

      It's disappointing that the Kickstarter's being taken down. I was especially intrigued with the world and lore generation system you all had in place. On the plus side it does give the team some time to build and polish up some gameplay demos that can clearly convey the vision Hero's Song wants to achieve on the next Kickstarter (or other means of crowdfunding you go with). As far as backer rewards go I'm not much for physical goods, but I can say that I always want the full soundtrack of any game I purchase.

      Is there a means of communications that Pixelmage will use that'll let those of us interested, myself included, in updates on development or a new Kickstarter?

      Looking forward to eventual release! Press on!

      - Wabice

    18. Missing avatar

      Jordan Rooker on

      Sad to hear this as well and hope that Pixelmage decides to put something for backers up on their own site for those of us that that still want to back the game if there is no intention to see another campaign started.

    19. Brenda Holloway on

      Hoping to see this game again on Kickstarter, but will definitely participate in any off-KS funding you guys want to come up with :)

    20. SilencedScream on

      To what degree will your investors help? Essentially, will the game be as the Kickstarter advertised? Will we be able to expect any of the stretch goals to be implemented?

      Honestly, if you guys made a second attempt at a Kickstarter, I think you could pull it off - your tiers won't look cluttered, you've already looked into physical goods, and - if you converted your images to actual text - more people online would stumble across this via search engines.

      Granted, $800k was a lot to ask for.

    21. Xavi P.

      Sad to hear this.
      Anyway I think that you can relaunch a successful Kickstarter in the future, if you have advanced the development and can show new gameplay, also with a lower funding goal (current one was quite high).

    22. Andrew Dickinson

      Such a shame. A reboot in a couple of months with more gameplay to show and better rewards may get you the money you were looking for, but if your investors are willing to stump up the cash for development then I guess KS isn't really needed.

      Good luck with development, and I look forward to following the games progress!

    23. Aaron Jordan on

      While I'm sad to hear you're taking it down, I'm at least glad it's still being made. I look forward to hearing of news snippets as the game develops. Good luck, guys!

    24. Bryan Nelson on

      Wow, sad to hear it. It seems somewhat early to take it down given that so many projects get so much of their funding in the last few days of the Kickstarter. Best of luck with development! Will be looking for the game when it comes out

    25. Missing avatar

      AJ Kerrigan on

      I was sad to see the subject line of this update, but happy that the game is going to get made. Good luck making the game you want to make, and thanks for being so forthcoming about the good and the bad.

    26. Missing avatar

      Přemek Radil on

      Sorry to hear that. Good luck guys i am looking forward to Hero's Song anyway!

    27. Warder Dragon on

      That's a pity, but I'm glad to see you're moving forward. It looks like it's going to be quite the game if you can meet the goals you've set for yourselves!