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A service that lets you customize your perfect miniature using our web UI, have it 3D printed and delivered to your doorstep!
A service that lets you customize your perfect miniature using our web UI, have it 3D printed and delivered to your doorstep!
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Delays on Order Fulfillment

Posted by Hero Forge (Creator)

We regret to announce that we have encountered unanticipated delays in the fulfillment process for orders placed in the last month since our launch. These delays were caused by both heavy load from the holidays and having found fresh roadblocks and bugs in the configuration and order submission process that we've had to address to meet the magnitude of orders we have received. This has put us farther behind than we anticipated: though the predicted fulfillment time on orders is normally within four weeks, these delays have added additional weeks to the anticipated fulfillment window. Regrettably, these delays are likely to affect our earliest orders the most, but we will continue to process and produce orders in the order they were received.

We understand that this may cause a lot of frustration for some users. As a brand new service integrating several new technologies, we are continuously streamlining, improving, and perfecting our process. We are working to address these setbacks in order to get back to the 2-4 week fulfillment speed that we would normally provide. We aspire to be as transparent and open to community feedback as possible, and will continue communicating with our backers, supporters, and customers as we receive more news and updates as we move forward. We will also be working to implement an order tracking feature as soon as possible so we can better communicate to users what stage of production their order is in.

We apologize again for these unexpected delays. We will continue to work hard on improving and perfecting this new service. As always, feel free to contact us at with any additional questions or feedback.

--The Hero Forge Team 

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    1. Brian Johnson

      Is this ready to process? I missed something... How are we supposed to order our KS rewards?

    2. Rigo Rich on

      Oh my God. I was walking back to the bedroom when I saw a plastic baggy on the ground and low and behold it as my figure. Sorry for the drama I forgot it's size and it must have fell out while I was opening the box

    3. Rigo Rich on

      I just got a box from a company called Shapeways and it has bubble wrap and a return sticker and nothing else. It is completely empty. The box was sealed and undamaged but completely empty. Please tell me these are not the manufacturers you chose to make the models and this is a hilarious shipping error.

    4. James Priebnow

      Just got the first 2 I ordered. They look good and take primer well. I hope to have some finished paint jobs to share soon.

    5. Hero Forge 2-time creator on

      Tanner - reach out to and we'll work with you, for sure.

    6. Tanner Ashe Duesbury on

      Uh, so, my address very well might change before it gets here. What can/should I do about that? Can I change it before it ships even if I ordered it several weeks ago?

    7. Missing avatar

      Graham Dow on

      Good to know, was getting a little worried.

    8. EG Nolan on

      Such is the burden of providing such an exciting service. Take your time, make it right!

    9. vorwain on

      Thank you for the update and I appreciate your honesty. As long as I get my order before I retire from the Military and move addresses in May of this year. :)

    10. Jesse Allen on

      No big. Looking forward to receiving the model. I'm loving your sci-fi item set.

    11. Steve Vincent on

      thanks for keeping us informed. I totally understand the delays on a startup like this. In fact, I'd be surprised if there weren't any delays! Good luck, don't get any gray hairs, and I'll look forward to my figures when they arrive.

    12. Doug Warren on

      I'm in no hurry to recieve my masterpiece. I can't lie, the anticipation for having a miniature that exactly matches the caracter in my head is almost overwhelming, but at least it is on the horizon. That just means when the package shows up on my doorstep it will be even sweeter. Thanks for the update.

    13. Scott Gray on

      This is exactly the sort of delay that one expects in any new venture, and which I was shocked as heck to see your planning had so deftly avoided for so long! Your clear communication about the issues is welcome, and your apology is gladly accepted. Now stop apologizing, and get back to work getting us our minis, ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Anders Mejstrick on

      Hey, thanks for letting us know. I'm actually thankful that I haven't been able to get around to doing new constructions of the models I was thinking about. Been busy with the holiday season and all.

    15. Becca Kirker on

      :-) I appreciate that you are keeping us all informed. I've ordered from other places before and had them lose the order (as well as other people's) and not have any contact from the company. I'm patient! I'm just excited about it all. Saving my other 4 codes for later on, just excited to get the two I ordered for our 13th Age game. Could never find a decent mini to stand in for a 1/2 dwarf. :-D Now I made her myself! Aside from the Xena: Warrior Princess get-up, she's perfect!