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We're building a full size rocket motor for our Hermes Spacecraft. Help us Kickstart the next generation of space travel!
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Post-Kickstarter Efforts

Posted by STAR Systems (Creator)


Hi everyone!  Since our last update, STAR Systems has been running the media gauntlet.  A lot of organizations were interested in hearing about our story after our successful Kickstarter campaign.  Here are a few links to some of our media exposure:

This type of exposure is great to showcase to potential investors.  It shows that what we're working on is news worthy and that people are having a positive reception towards our work.

Rocket Development

We've also been hard at work on continuing our development process towards our full scale motor.  Here's a video of a 2" motor firing we did last weekend:

This motor used our new injector head design, and attempted to reuse one of our nozzles.  We fired this motor for 7 seconds.  What makes this particular motor firing unique is it's our first attempt at an automated remote monitoring and test system.  This entire burn (from startup through shutdown) was controlled via computer!  This is a great step forward for us because it allows us to standardize the rest of these small burns to finish dialing in our desired fuel combination for our full scale burn.

Tier Awards

My goal is to sent out the tier surveys by this weekend.  We've already placed a bulk order for a lot of stickers.  We'll be taking a lot of pictures as we receive items and then ship them out.


For the time being, we're going to sent out updates every two weeks.  Of course, if something exciting happens we'll post about it sooner.  We usually put out more frequent updates on Facebook.  You can also reach us via message at anytime on here or via facebook or email.

Thanks everyone!


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    1. KazuyaDarklight on

      Looking good! :)

    2. Stargazer on

      Indeed! Thanks for the update!

    3. Lars Ivar | AoUA on

      Some great news there!