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We're building a full size rocket motor for our Hermes Spacecraft.  Help us Kickstart the next generation of space travel!
We're building a full size rocket motor for our Hermes Spacecraft. Help us Kickstart the next generation of space travel!
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Time to get back to work!


Hello folks,

Looks like my Hiatus is about to be over with…

I am back in the USA for the foreseeable future, I finally got my home shipment back from Ireland and have been unpacking and getting settled it…

Just about there now, and it’s time to start building rockets again…

The first order of business it to finish up the large test engine and associated mobile test stand.

To that end, I delivered the control system components we have accumulated from our Kickstarter funding to our friends at Maverick Technologies where they are building the control panel for us…

More to come soon!


Long, long, overdue update

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Hello everyone…

I really have to apologize for being on such a hiatus lately and not posting for so long. Quite frankly, I am not very good at the social media and I really need to get better at it…

I did send out a newsletter to our email distribution the end of July but for any of those who are not on that list, here is the link to see it if you'd like…

The only other update since the newsletter is that, after some trouble finding it, we have purchased to HTPB for the large engine and will be loading it soon…

In early December I will be back in the United States, to stay for the foreseeable future, and we will be resuming in earnest…
Thank you all,

Large Motor Delivery

We received a special delivery of our 10" Rocket Motor this past weekend.  I want to provide a special mention to our friend and Kickstarter supporter, Tony Needham.  He and his friends helped us source the material, fabricate the motor and he personally delivered it to our shop.  With help from people like Tony, I am confident we are going to succeed in our long term endeavor!

Our large rocket motor is about 10" is diameter, 8 feet long, and has the capability to put out over 5,000lbs of thrust!  The casing is a single piece of seamless stainless steel.  The flanges are very beefy; too heavy for flight testing, but great for ground testing.  They will help both secure the test stand to the motor and provide an ideal location for our load cell, which will calculate our thrust.

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New Years Fireworks

Hi Everyone,

Quick Update here.  First, I'd like to show you the latest test firing we performed:

This was our best firing of our 3" motor to date!  Our two-stage test utilized two different feed lines, starting off with a low oxidizer flow rate and then switching over to a high oxidizer flow rate.  You can see the difference in thrust when the switch happens halfway through the video!  We've maxed out the oxidizer flow rate we can achieve using a 50lb nitrous bottle. 

For our next firing, we're going to:

  • Replace the external SS nozzle with an internal graphite nozzle.
  • Test out some thermal protect applicators to the head the motor.
  • Streamline the plumbing on the injector side to move the pressure transducer closer to the pre-combustion chamber.

We've also started work on designing our 10" Motor Test Stand.  Here's a preliminary mockup:

The test stand is going to drawn up in AutoDesk (a Computer Aided Drawing program) and force-tested using ANSYS (a computer-aided engineering program), then we'll start building the platform.

My goal is to provide you an end-of-January update with another test fire video, more work on the 10" test stand, a couple of screenshots of the Hermes in AutoDesk, and some pictures of the 10" motor being built. 

I hope you're as excited as I am about all of the work being done!  Thank you for your continued support!

December Progress

Over this past weekend we completed another round of testing of our 3" hybrid rocket motor testing!

This burn was very similar to the one we performed in November. However, upon attempting to increase the oxidizer flow rate, we discovered we needed to plumb our solenoid and control valve in series to achieve the flow and control we desired. The specifications & requirements were:

Nitrous Oxidizer & HTPB (rubber) Fuel
Single, circular fuel port
Port Diameter: 1.6 inches
Fuel Core Length: 34 inches
Target Oxidizer Flow Rate: 0.9 lb/s (Ideal: 1.2 lbs/s)
Actual Oxidizer Flow Rate: ~0.3 lb/s
Expected Thrust: 200 lbs (Ideal: 225 lbs)
Actual Thrust: 40 lbs
Thrust & Combustion Pressure data recorded
In-house Rocket M&C System to control all aspects of the firing.

As you can see, we saw a decrease in expected oxidizer flow rate. We are currently troubleshooting what the root cause of this could be. While this led to a very fuel rich burn, it helps show the robustness of hybrid rocket motors, able to perform (albeit not very efficiently) even in extreme ranges of O/F.  Everything else about this motor performed well, and the burn would have been excellent had our oxidizer rate been where we targeted.

One great step forward with this test was the inclusion of a bottle scale, which now gives us a continuous oxidizer flow rate measurement.  This is a great piece of data to use for analysis, and will also help troubleshooting.

We'll be doing more testing next weekend.  I'm shooting for an early January update to talk about the rest of progress made based on our December schedule (Update#14).

I hope you all have a safe and very happy holidays!