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“Hereafter Musical” explores what happens when a loved one dies from the perspective of both the living AND the dead.
“Hereafter Musical” explores what happens when a loved one dies from the perspective of both the living AND the dead.
264 backers pledged $61,250 to help bring this project to life.

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We Raised $27,015* In Two Weeks!!!

August 14th, 2011


Wow! This is insane (in a good way). We have managed to sell $27,015 worth of tickets in just two weeks! We are almost half way to our target of $60,000! Actually we ARE* more than halfway there because we are sitting on several checks that have not been applied to the Kick Starter account yet (thank you “Cookie” problem!!). If any of you encounter that infamous "cookie" message and are so inclined, feel free to contact me for 24/7 tech support…I never sleep.

Now before we get to our weekly roll call, we have a couple of video treats for you. Our show has a nice mixture of solo and ensemble numbers. Over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing you to the cast members, the characters they play and show you their individual numbers. But let’s start off with some of the ensemble performances.

 [The cast of "Hereafter Musical" at our last rehearsal.]

["How Will She Remember Me?" is performed by the spirits and the living and they ponder how they will be remembered by their loved ones.]

["Goodbye" is performed by the three women who have come to the group reading with the hope of making contact and finding closure.]

["Waiting" is performed by the entire cast. It’s a wistful song about the passage of time; Christmas past and lost opportunities and it sets the wheels in motion for the spirits to finally to act on everyone’s mounting frustrations.]


[Meet Dolly, our number one fan. We know where she got the t-shirt from but we have no idea where that "Hereafter" purse came from...I smell copyright infringement!!!].


Angie Adjodha Callahan – Angie and I go all the way back to Kindergarten (St Finbar’s in Bensonhurst!!). We just reconnected after 38 years!!!! I think she was avoiding me! Anyway, she along with Julia Kaleniak-Deptula, Sal Mazzola and Cathy Helk are coming to see the show. This is what they all look like this very day! They haven’t changed a bit since then…I swear!!!

Rich Poggi – Rich is one of the funniest guys I know…and I know a lot of funny guys.

Betsy – I know two Betsy’s…this could be either one of them or a totally unrelated Betsy…Heavens To Betsy please REVEAL yourself!

Susan Zirinsky – Susan is a VERY good friend. She is the EP of one of CBS longest running shows “48 Hours”; she is also the EP of one of the most powerful 9/11 documentaries you will ever see (the one with the Naudet brothers footage)…it will air on CBS on 9/11. Oh and she was the inspiration for the Holly Hunter character in “Broadcast News”! Is there anything she can’t do??!!

Randi Colatrella – Randi is a close friend and a long time supporter of Hereafter….and an amazing baker and she doesn’t even work in a bakery...she’s that good!!!!

Diane Kuri – Diane is a colleague, she’s just down the hall from me but I don’t see her nearly enough (something about a restraining order against me)…but she did come to the last showcase and she’s coming to the next one so she really loves the show in spite of me!

David Kay – Another colleague and a great great guy!

Gale Ciccone – I met Gale at a wake. Not the ideal circumstances but we have her daughter in common (that sounds strange I know…I’ll explain when I get to the daughter).

Susan Schwirck – We don’t know Susan. We hope to meet her at the show. Susan, I’ll be the only one on stage not in costume!

Mark Turits – Mark’s a colleague…a great guy with some pretty talented kids.

Kathy Mcclung – I know Kathy a long time. She is a music aficionado, which makes it all the more impressive that she likes our show!

Anthony Andrianopoulos – Wait…huff huff huff…I’m all out of breath typing Anthony’s name. Oh great, now my spell check is freaking out! A great guy and a HUGE Pearl Jam fan!

Jeffrey Kramer –I know him as Jeffrey but you know him as Deputy Leonard 'Lenny' Hendrick in a little film called “JAWS”!

Ileene Mittleman – One of my closest colleagues. We’ve been to heck and back!

Abe Littenberg – Abe and his family have been long time supporters of our show. Thanks guys!

Rebecca BordenA colleague at CBS and rumor has it she’s an heir to Borden’s Milk (I just made that up). Thanks’ Rebecca!!!

Carolyn McGuire – A truly dear dear friend, one of my oldest and closest friends. Her heartfelt words after the August showcase last year still echo with us. Thank you Carol, we cannot wait to put on the show for you!

Lexi Ciccone – Ok, remember a few thank “yous” ago when I said I met her mom at a wake and that we had Lexi in common? Well here’s the weird thing, I’ve never met Lexi, yet I know her! I helped her with an internship on the Howard Stern show and now her broadcasting career is skyrocketing…me, I’m hawking tickets to a musical on the Internet. Lexi, you better remember me!

Heather Huttes – A real believer in Hereafter and an awesome first name that almost reads as “Hereafter” if you’ve had a few drinks! Thanks Heather!!!

Eric Bernstein – Eric is AWESOME. He invited Frankie and I to the school he was principle at to talk about mounting a production of our show!!! How cool is that?!

Kerry Moran – A  close family friend and another long time supporter of the show!

Apoloniad Productions – We LOVE LOVE Apoloniad Productions…especially its namesake Apolonia. She was our angel when we did our last showcase. She’s super talented and doing amazing work in the theater.

Deborah Marcus Auslander – Now I know Deborah Marcus…the Auslander part is new to me. She is only three floors below me. I really need to get out more…when did this happen???

Timothy Crawford – We don’t know Timothy or Crawford? He is one of the growing number of folks buying tickets that we don’t know…awesome…a new friend to annoy!

Grace A. Cassese – We know Grace, we love Grace. And she really lives up to her name (the Grace part!). Thanks Grace!

Kelly Kahl – Now how Kool is that name? Kelly and his wife Kim (these names just keep on getting better don’t they) are long time friends and perhaps the Koolest Kouple at KBS (I mean CBS…I Kan’t stop with the letter K!!!!

Chris Schukei – An old friend who left the hustle and bustle of NY with his beautiful wife years ago. Now we keep up with Christmas cards! Thanks to the miracle of “Hereafter” I’ll get to see them in person!

Ron Kristan – Ron and Connie are very very good friends. They have been with our show from the beginning (and still stuck around!). Thanks guys. 

Julie Mainelli – Julie’s name sounds sooo familiar. She’s not on our mailing list so I don’t think we know her…but I guess now we do and boy are we lucky for it!

Lisa Orban – We certainly know Lisa. She was with us in the very beginning. She sang on many of the early demos. She has an amazing voice that is only matched by her heart! She’d still be with the show if we didn’t kill off her character (true story!!!). Apparently fictional characters can die in real life....who knew? We love Lisa and someday we will share with the world her many contributions to our show.

Julia Kaleniak-Deptula – Another friend from kindergarten (see photo above). Thanks Julia!

Robert Maffia – Let's go from from kindergarten to the 9th grade. That’s where I met Robert when we both went to: William E. Grady Vocational High School (I know, I know I went to a TRADE school…it’s a long story that I’ll share with those of you who pledge for a phone call or lunch!!!). He’s an awesome guy with a last name that scares the hell out of me.

Annie Hauck – She is truly a new BFF. One of the most colorful and interesting people I know. She can carry a conversation on ANY topic without sounding like a know–it-all and she recently told me and I quote “One should never pay for manure”. And she meant it!

Jeremy McKay Coleman – A great guy who actually gave me a radio show on WNEW-FM called “Couch Potatoes”. We did two shows and then the station switched formats!!! He’s one of the best programmers out there and Sirius is lucky to have him

Robert Penney – Dr. Bob and his family are long, long time supporters of our show. He loves us so much that he actually got into a shower stall and let me record him singing one of my songs…true story (we we’re both fully dressed…well he least he was).

Jennifer Althen – Jennifer is my beautiful niece and the grand daughter of one of the main characters in the show. She is super talented in everything she does. Consider yourself lucky if she’s there on the same night that you’re attending. And if you’re nice I’ll introduce you to her.

Sarah Douglis – Sarah is another new BFF who strangely feels the same way about manure that Annie (above) does. She is so green that she makes Al Gore look like a gas guzzler (it’s a horribly written analogy but you know what I mean!).

Matt Lacalamito – Matt is an awesome guy! Super talented and super sweet. One of the nicest guys I know.

Heather Tobin  - We just met Heather (aka “Mystical Heather”) but something tells me we go back several lifetimes together. She not only hosts an awesome show on all things paranormal but she is a GREAT singer songwriter. I have a feeling you will be hearing some music from her very soon (stay tuned).

Antoinette Roca – Antoinette and Anthony are close friends. Anthony is one of the famous Roca brothers of Bensonhurst! They are like the Italian Osmonds (wait that would make them the Di Franco family!).

Pat Farmer – Pat is a long time friend and colleague. You know him from the Late Show (he reads the Oprah Transcripts!!!!).

Margorie Baker – A long time colleague at CBS and an awesome producer. Thanks Marjorie!

David Pack – He is not only the lead singer of one of the seminal bands from the 70’s (Ambrosia) but he also sang a gorgeous version of “Talk To Me” (one of the songs from our show. Wait a second; we should be giving him money! David’s music is timeless. He’s working on lots of exciting projects. You can get the latest info on David here.

We Raised $19,585 In Our First Week!

August 7th, 2011



How much do love our friends and family and FANS!!! How about nineteen thousand - five hundred and eighty five dollars worth!!!! You heard me, I said $19,585. That's the amount we've raised in just a little over a week. It has been an amazing outpouring of support for "Hereafter Musical". It almost makes me want to sing (I said almost so you can relax). This has easily been one of the biggest weeks in the history of our show…and Frankie and I didn't have to do a thing! You guys did all the heavy lifting! We still have a ways to go ($40,415 worth to be exact). We have until Sept 25th to reach (or surpass our number). If we do, we promise you an incredible experience. If we don't, we'll be selling our gold fillings to put on an extremely low budget and toothless version of "Hereafter Musical". You've been forewarned so please forward this email to friends and family who you think might get a kick out of our somewhat annoying and sometimes humorous (but always musical emails)!



Speaking of numbers…our Youtube Channel just passed 13,000 views…wow! That’s like filling up half of Madison Square Garden and having them watch two hours worth of videos from our show on a tiny little window on your computer!!! Now according to Kickstarter we are 32% funded. We're not very good at math so we'll have to trust them. Speaking of Kickstarter (boy do we switch topics quickly in these emails) the New York Times just did a HUGE story on them. You can read it here (but only after you've pledged for your tickets first). OK, we're pretending like we waited five minutes and that you haven't had any problems with the process. Speaking of problems with the process…. we know that some of you have had ongoing "Cookie" problems. Please feel free to call or write at any time to vent and/or demand an option to write a check. Now we are not going to turn down any offer of checks. We just want you to know that pledging through Kickstarter ensures that your money not only goes to our totals instantly but more importantly means you are not charged right away. If you write a check (which we will GLADLY accept) it just means we have to deposit it and then get it into Kickstarter through a log on we've created for this very purpose. In a nutshell, do whatever works best for YOU as long as it involves sending money to US.

Ok, so enough of this business stuff. Before we get to our special treat (which will be "off-topic" but a real treat), here is our shout out to all the friends and family and non-blood related fans of our show who have pledged since our last update. In no particular order (since we love them all equally!!!!)



Zachary Zemla - Ok let’s get this one out of the way. For those of you Virgos keeping track of our pledge roll call, you’ll recall that we thanked Zachary on the last update with a very glib I don't know Zachary but that is also another cool name. I think it was the name of a villain in a Superman comic.” Well it turns out that we not only know Zachary but we LOVE him and his wife Chris. We spent last Christmas with them (I know I’m an idiot). They are both big fans of our show, I just know him as Scott!! Scott I swear I’ll make it up to you next Christmas!

Debra Herman – I can safely say that I not only know Debra but she always politely nudges my head off of her shoulder when I fall asleep on the Academy Bus in the morning on our way into “the city”. She’s a great friend but the only times I seem to spend with her is when we are traveling 65 miles an hour (sometime 80 if Boris is driving the bus).

George Schweitzer – Love George. One of my closest friends at CBS and a true mentor and a GREAT lunch companion.

Dash Ghahary – A great guy and someone who has attended every version of this show. including the one we tried out in Hebrew.

Joanna Patton – She only happens to be married to someone who has played a HUGE part in the development of our show. More on him in another update!! He needs his own blog posting!

Mark DiPippa – A great friend who is sitting on a goldmine with his creation “The Centsables”. The better he does the more money we get…help him help US!!

Randi Grossack – a great friend from work. She’s laughed politely at the same jokes I’ve been telling for the last 15 years.

Brian Teta – One of the best producers in TV. Knows everything about pop culture and isn’t afraid to share it with you!

Richard Scheckman – A super close friend. We’ve had dinner every Monday night for the past 15 years. It’s actually been one long dinner; we just take a break between courses to attend to other things like work and family.

Nelson Riddle Orchestra – I kid you not!!! This is THE Nelson Riddle. We are very close friends with the Riddle family. I swear, you could ask them. Don’t miss them the next time they play…they do their dad proud!

Peter Smith – a great friend from NJ.

Paul Shaffer – Yep…this is THE Paul Shaffer. There are so many reasons to be excited about this. Mainly because he is a musical genius who has written one of the best songs of all time (“It’s Raining Men”). If Paul’s on board then we’ve won already!

Ray Stabile – Ray and his beautiful wife Stacy are family!!! Thanks guys.

Mikki MIlone – Just met Mikki, and I feel like I know her and Joan forever.

Susan Kaesz – We are working with Susan on a 9/11 documentary screening “Rebirth” in Rome. We won her over with David Pack’s version of “Talk To Me”!!

Christine and Michael Savino – Chris is one of my oldest friends (our friendship is old, she is super young, not creepy young I mean still old enough to be my friend…ok I’ll stop.). Anyway Chris is supporting us from the west coast and in the memory of her late brother Robert Caliano. A great guy I grew up with back in Bensonhurst.

Joseph Mooski – The one and only founder of the Stern Superfans!!! Friend him on Facebook..tell him my mouse sent you.

Michael Sarrao – A great friend and an amazing Comic Book author!!

Marianne O'Leary – A great friend and colleague.

Janille De Guzman – This has to be a mistake. The Janille we know WORKS for our show and she has the below minimum wage salary to prove it. Unless she just won the lottery, her far too generous pledge is under review! Janille “you have a lot of ‘splainin to do”

Linda Petrie – One of Debbie (oh Debbie’s) closest friends (and mine too). Love her dearly (and not for this but it doesn’t hurt!).

Vicki Gordon – Vicki said so many nice things about our show after the August showcase that it gave us the drive and confidence to aim higher. In other words all of this is her fault!

Jon Carras – Another colleague and good friend. He only happens to be a producer on one of the best shows on TV (CBS Sunday Morning).

Brian Simmons – This guy is one loyal friend. He was there on April 14th, 2006 when we gathered for the first time in public and work shopped the first batch of songs from the show. Now he’s pledging for tickets! Amazing.

Anonymous – I swear that’s his real name. He’s Greek (at least his name sounds Greek). I won’t say how much he pledged but he can pretty much bring four generations of a Greek family with the tickets he has coming his way!

OpIvy – We have no idea who this is but first we want to offer a heart felt thanks and second we want to petition the Scrabble folks to make this an official word.

Dolly – Hands down, Dolly is our NUMBER ONE FAN. No kidding. Her comments on the show are always so insightful and her praise for our work even surpasses those of our families (and we just met her). We love her and we love saying “Hello Doll” every time we exchange emails!!!

Jerry Foley – Talk about validation (we weren’t but I was thinking it) this guy is not only a dear friend, and long time colleague but he’s also the multi Emmy nominated director of the Late Show!

Kira Reed Lorsch – Kira and I go back a looonnng way. She’s another LA fan of our show. We may just have to do a production out there just for her!!!

Michael Pollack - A good friend, colleague and a super creative guy.

Matt Raymond – Matt’s a fan. We just met through his pledge. This will be the beginning of a long and lasting friendship (as long as the check clears).

Jim Waters – This guy is the most talented and reliable contractor in the US. I am not kidding. His work is poetry and only his incredible character matches it. A genuinely great guy. When he was done working on our project, I wanted to pay him to just come to the house and be my friend…and I’m NOT kidding. Have I made  my point? If you want his info email me back!

Barbara & Robert Incitti – Long time close friends who are featured in the photo above. She’s hysterical (I mean that literally, you could hear her screaming from down the block) and he is an amazing physical therapist .

Rowshack – We don’t know Rowshack. We think he/she might be a rock band or a real character from “Tru Blood”. It’s an honor Roshack!

Lou Spirito – How great is that name? And he’s as great a guy as his name sounds! We haven’t met but I know him well. He’s also a GREAT writer and I will gladly Kickstart him some money as soon as sets up his own account.

Marcia & Shelly Fried – These guys are insane. He’s the CFO of Hereafter Limited (verty limited). She’s the sister I never had. We have no idea why they pledged because They HAVE to be at the shows n because he will be overseeing the box-office. He’s one of the few people that knows my social security number. Why he’s pledging for tickets is beyond me (unless of course he’s using Hereafter funds!!). Or maybe it’s because they are just awesome p[people who have supported us even before day one!!!

Michele Fried – One of the coolest girls in our family. Consider yourself very lucky if you are there on the same night that she is!  Super funny and super sweet.

Thomas Gesimondo - A true legend. One of my oldest friends and the co-creator of one of the most classic songs of all time “Restless, Restless”!!!  And by the way he wrote the line “You wore your purple dress”!!!! In spite of that he’s one of the best lyricists out there. And he co-owns one of NY’s most happening Pilate places (that’s fun to say!); True Pilates New York.

Ok speaking of  “Restless, Restless” (I swear that’s the last “speaking of”),  here is the treat you gave been waiting for. For those of you who don’t know about the legend of the song that Tom and I wrote 30 years ago, read about it here.

This is a video of Tom & I performing it for the Howard Stern Show (be forewarned…it’s horrible!!!).


Thanks to it being featured on the Howard Stern show, the song has been covered by over 1000 artists! This small sampling includes

  •  The outstanding winner of the “Howard Stern Restless” contest Kevin Remuck doing a “Country” version.
  •  The Robert Goulet “Big Band” classic version
  •  The William Shatner “Tango” version
  •  THE Vinnie Favale “Traveling Wilburys” version.

Hope you enjoyed this LONG update  and make sure you pledge soon (before the 9/25 deadline!). Tell your friends. You can pledge at:




We Are At $11,080 And More On The Way

August 2nd, 2012


We can not believe that we are already at the $11,080 mark in LESS than a week!


"C" is for "cookie" which is a word we've heard a great deal about since our last update. More than a few of you have received (and subsequently called us in a panic) over the cookie messages that you have been getting while you have been trying to pledge your hard earned money to our hard working show. For those of you who are frequent shoppers online (especially with Amazon) you have likely not encountered this problem. Rest assured that in the case of Kick Starter and Amazon and Cookies ALL IS SAFE. Everyone calm down! Ok I feel better now. Show your love for the cookie and watch as our number grows even higher. Speaking of which, several of our Amish friends who are still doing math with an abacus have asked us (hey that rhymes...not a good one but it does) if they could skip Kick Starter and just write out a check the old fashioned way. To that we say ( as gratefully as we can) we really want your money BUT we also really need it to come through our pledge page so that we can count it in our totals. Remember, we will NOT get the money if we don't hit our final target. For instance we are sitting on a few thousand dollars which has come in via checks and will soon be posted. So if you are having any problems with the process please feel free to call us and we will talk you off the ledge as we smooth talk you through making your purchase!

Now before we get to the fun part of this update let's give a shout out to all of the folks that have pledged in the past few days. Imagine you are reading this in the voice of Jim Lange, former host of the Dating Game. Please hold all of your applause till the end...


Phil Mancari - We don't know Phil which makes it even cooler..he likes us..he really likes us and we don't even share a bloodline.

Cionna Buckley - We do know Cionna and we are lucky for that!

Mark Mercer - This guy runs one of the most popular Howard Stern web sites!

Frank Adjodha - We don't know Frank but he had us at click!

Peter Glusker - Our first international pledge...from Japan. He's a big shot at Gilt. ありがとう

Doreen A Cancillieri - Her whole family has seen every version of Hereafter live!

Lynn Altman - A dear friend from LA we don't see enough of.

Mitch Semel - One of our closest friends and Frankie loves him cause he's from Chicago. He heads up the Onion (yes he's that funny).

James E Travers - Don't know James but he has an awesome name.

Rosellen Otrakji - One of my smartest friends. Crazy high IQ. We're smarter just by standing next to her. She's Mensa (we're mensa mensa as the Italians would say).

Honey Spirito - How great is that name! Met her once but her reputation preceded her. Love at first sight. Awesome women and one tough legal eagle!

Greer Kurlander - LOVE Greer...beautiful in and out. She worked with Frankie on that great Simon & Garfunkel documentary that came out last year.

Mara Gerschwer - One of the best writer/producers out there. She's such a good friend that she is gifting my pledge call to her to her sister in law.

Aari Ludvigsen - Aari is part of this amazing trio called Aari, Barbara & Simon. Keep an eye on Simon, he'll be a big star on his own one day!

Lorraine Mazzola - She knows Vinnie since kindergarten. She sings like an angel.

T & C Helk - Cathy and I went to St Finbar's in the 60s!!! I have not spoken to her in DECADES. How sweet is she to do this. We could all learn form her!

Debbie Favale - This is not THE Debbie. It's a cousin who has always supported our show. But we have slept together (just kidding Debbie(s)!

Sal & Kathy Mazzola - One of Vinnie's oldest friends. Went from Kindergarten to 8th grade together...seen each other naked (Sal and I that is).

Nanci Ross-Weaver - Nanci is one half of our favorite couple. The other half is Chris. Pray that you have tickets on the same night they attend! Make sure you ask for them. You'll come for Chris and stay for Nanci!

Helen Rafferty - Helen and Vinnie went to Brooklyn College together (but didn't know it at the time). Her husband Brian is the wind beneath the wings of "Project Rebirth" and they have three of the coolest kids you could ask for.

Denise Oliver - She is a radio legend. Allison Janney played a part based largely on her in the movie "Private Parts". We can thank her for pairing up Howard Stern and Robin Quivers!

Zachary Zemla - I don't know Zachary but that is also another cool name. I think it was the name of a villain in a Superman comic.

Ok. So here is a VERY VERY special treat. When I was in high school one of my favorite bands was Ambrosia. I wore out their self-titled first album. WNEW-FM in NY played "Holding On To Yesterday" and "Nice Nice Very Nice" in heavy rotation. Their song "Dance With Me George" is EPIC. It's as good as "Bohemian Rhapsody". They transitioned into the eighty's with excellent songs like "How Much I Feel", "Biggest Part Of Me"  and "You're The Only Woman" among many many others.

By now, I know you're asking what the hell does this have to do with a musical about dead people singing? Relax, what are you in a hurry? About two years ago I met Ambrosia's lead singer David Pack through a mutual friend. You have no idea what a highlight that was for someone like me (hell someone like you too!). The guy is music royalty in my book. One thing lead to another and before you knew it Frankie and I hypnotized David into recording one of the songs from our show ("Talk To Me"). I encourage you to go to Youtube and look at some the bands classic TV performances. But first you MUST listen to David sing his heart out on our song. You will recognize it immediately!

"Talk To Me" - David Pack


"How Much I Feel" - Ambrosia

Day Two At $7,800 And Climbing!

July 31st, 2011


To paraphrase Jackie! This is not an optical illusion...that really is $7,880 on just the third day (and it's not even noon yet!).


Here is our second special "roll call of thanks" to our most recent pledge/ticket buyers. You guys have no idea what it means to us and to the cast and crew of "Hereafter Musical". And for those of you who have purchased tickets to previous showcases this is a great reminder to do so now :). Help spread the word by posting our Kick Starter link  on your Facebook page. The link is: And those of you on our mailing list can also forward our email out to your contacts.


  • Jonathan Goldberg
  • Donna Dees Thomases
  • Maria De Palma
  • Susan Favale
  • Susan Korn
  • Toby and Ken Grossman
  • Diane Carlton
  • Rose Stallmeyer
  • Leigh

Here is a special "Hereafter Musical" bonus and it's a very special one. Pat Barry is a very very dear friend (he was also one the FIRST people to pledge for tickets here!!!). He is insanely talented. He fronts a very popular band from upstate NY (Navar). He has a great solo body of work and now has just launched an excellent musical side project with his brothers (Barry Brother's Band). Their new EP is out now. You MUST buy this. I can say that I have the honor of "knowing Pat when". Pat has always been so generous with both his time and his talents when it comes to our show. This rare video is from November 2005 (yes the show is that old!). It's Pat on acoustic guitar playing and singing "Nineteen" for the very first time (by first I mean FIRST because at this point the only person who sang this arrangement was myself on a demo that I pray will NEVER see the light of day!). This was the very first song I wrote for the show and Pat's performance (and encouragement) gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this insane Noah's ark like pursuit of doing the impossible. The location is John Titta's office in NYC. John is one of the music industry's top publisher and was a midwife/song whisperer on this and several other songs form the show. Enjoy!

Day One A HUGE Success...Thank You!

July 28th, 2011


The day started off with a whimper with Vinnie's appearance on the Howard Stern show (Vinnie is center). We say whimper cause that's what he was doing as he left the studio but ended with a scream as the first day pledges passed a thousand dollars!


Vinnie was on the show to host a game show with Howard ("Stern Super Fan Challenge") and he took the opportunity to promote the Kick Starter campaign. Here's a clip from the show which will be available on the Howard Stern "On Demand" channel starting tonight.


While the appearance was some what of a train wreck (which means a great segment in the Howard Stern world) it really helped us get the word out about "Hereafter Musical" on Kick Starter. Special thanks to our first round of supporters. You got our first day off to an AMAZING start. We are currently at $1,330. We are about to send out a mass mailer to the Hereafter Musical fan club so keep checking back and watch the numbers grow. Please feel free to share our Kick Starter link with your friends and family. The quickest way to get to our pledge page is to go to


  • Linda Howard
  • Debra Favale
  • Patrick Barry
  • Eric Garner
  • Patricia Pinto
  • Chaim Diskind
  • Mario Rups
  • Patty Roca
  • Dominick Roca
  • Joshua Johnson
  • Toni Underberger
  • John Craparo
  • Jim Kosmicki
  • Jefferey Ballabon
  • Shawn