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The Henry Miller Library, a non-profit art space in Big Sur, California, is building a new stage for our outdoor amphitheater!!

The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California still needs your help!

First and foremost: thank you so much to all who've donated to our Kickstarter fund raiser -- your support is greatly appreciated.  Absolutely incredible!

And for those who've yet to contribute, there is still time to help us offset the costs for our new stage and "bridge" the financial the gap caused by the multiple slides that have plagued Highway 1 and taken a heavy financial toll on our tiny non-profit.

As of April 19th, a huge, second slide hit about 30 miles south of us.  There will be no incoming traffic from the south on Hwy 1 for a month!

And while the north slide is almost fixed, there has been no traffic from the north for the past month.  It's been crazy.

Needless to say, this has been a very financially challenging time.  In addition to the drastic drop in book sales, we've had to cancel five shows and move another.

So feel free to donate whatever you feel comfortable - and get an amazing reward in the process!

As for the stage, we intentionally under-valued our goal as this was our first Kickstarter project and were not sure how much we could really raise, and under the rules, if don’t hit your goal, you get zero dollars.  That would have been bad.

The rules also stipulate that once you hit your goal, there’s no limit to what you can raise.  This is good.  And our amazing rewards - including tickets to sold out shows - are still available!

Situated within a redwood canyon, the stage will serve as a functional and sustainable structure, as well as a beautiful artistic statement integrated into its natural surroundings.

The stage will complement our dizzying array of events across 2011, which will include our Vinyl in the Woods record fair, a tribute to Allen Ginsberg, Chris  Robinson of the Black Crowes, S. Cary of Bon Iver, Bill Callahan (aka Smog) and of course, the world-famous "Big" Big Sur Fashion Show

And that's just through the end of May - more amazing events are announced weekly!!

Throw in our annual short film screening series,  children’s art shows, book readings, writing workshops, and open mics, and you can see why we're so excited.

With the new stage (that's the old one above) we hope to continue to put on amazing events...forever! 

And with your help, you can be a part of it.

Your kind donation will be used to offset the construction costs and also help pay for ongoing maintenance, staging area supplies, and production-related expenses.

And we're a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.

Local builders have already begun construction.  We'll unveil the new stage for the first event of our 2011 summer concert series: an intimate evening with Animal Collective on April 14th!!

Check out our blog and Facebook page for daily updates, and then come visit and see what you made happen!


Your friends at the Henry Miller Library


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    A limited edition concert poster commemorating previous fundraisers. Choices include Patti Smith, Henry Rollins, Phillip Glass, Marianne Faithful, Laurie Anderson, DJ Spooky, Matmos and Zeena, and Yo La Tengo. Check ‘em:

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    Henry Miller Memorial Library t-shirt! (sizes and availability may vary)

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    An on-mic shout out at our sold-out April 14th Animal Collective show by Executive Director Magnus Toren! (If you donate after the 14th, you'll get a shout-out at our next sold-out show)

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    An on-mic shout out at our Animal Collective (or post-April 14th) show PLUS a personal shout-out from the Library’s Hippie Sven in an upcoming video! He's a big deal:

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    A poster, shirt, and shout-outs from Magnus Toren at Animal Collective (or post-April 14th) show and in the Hippe Sven video!!!

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    our schedule allows, a private outdoor lunch at the Library served by our staff on a date of your choosing. We'll cook, serve you, and do everything!

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    As our schedule allows, a private screening of a film of your choosing at the Library! Our huge screen suspended by redwood trees, a world-class sound system, and brilliant Christmas lights under the stars... A totally epic experience! And yes, you can BYOB...

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