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Update #27

Hippie Sven HM Mug for sale!!!


A lot has been said about Hippie Sven, the default-spiritual guru of the Henry Miller Library (you'd think the guru would be, say, Henry Miller, but that'd be too obvious.)

Some call him misunderstood. To others, he's a figure of worthy of extreme empathy. And to random bystanders, dude is just very stoned.

No matter what you think of him, his popularity and merchandising power is unsurpassed in Big Sur, so it's with great excitement we announce the Hippie Sven Henry Miller Library mug.

That's right: start your morning off with Sven's vacant, leering face, and remember why you fell in love with the Library in the first place.

Only $10!

check it:

Update #26

update regarding the (lack of) Sven video on youtube


The suits at YouTube blocked the video due to our usage of Pink Floyd jams!  Crazy.

We need to re-edit - will be back in touch!

Sorry 'bout that!

Update #25

Better link for the Kickstarter Thanks video!


Update #24

Hippie Sven thanks Kickstarter Donors!


Recently the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur partnered with Kickstarter to raise money for our new stage. It was a smashing success!

A select group of donors got an extra-special reward: a personal shout-out from our very own Hippie Sven.

Here it is!

Update #23

The new Sven video is being edited!


Attn folks who donated and "won" an on-screen shout-out from Hippie Sven.

Filming is complete.  We are now in the editing stage. Sven is being a little diva-ish regarding things like lighting and the cuts, but we're hoping to wrap things up soon.

Stay tuned!

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