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L5 is a dramatic hard science fiction miniseries for the web.
132 backers pledged $10,400 to help bring this project to life.

Progress and Donor Rewards

Posted by Stanley Von Medvey Jr (Creator)

Everyone, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and energy for our project. Right now, the best thing is continued exposure, of the youtube, vimeo, and vodo links. Exposure means that buyers and producers from different studios take notice, and it helps establish that L5 has a fan base that wants more. We would encourage donations and funds more strongly, but at this time we don't think it will lead to sufficient funding to produce the rest of the series, so we don't want to lead fans down that path. Donations are welcome, and are helping us offset the cost of producing the donor rewards (which we have found is a massive undertaking that we are still working hard to tackle). The rewards will go out, probably in bursts over the next several months. There have been a few things holding us back, life/surviving not the least of the factors. But donor rewards will go out, we haven't forgotten, and no one will get shorted. If someone gets the wrong thing, or if someone doesn't get what they paid for, don't hesitate to let us know, we will do our best to rectify it.

Our current strategy, and the one that has been bearing the most fruit, is to drive pitches towards independent and mainstream studios alike. Unfortunately, that is a very time consuming process (to give you an idea of a worst case scenario, Mad Men took 10 years to produce). Continued fan support and viral spreading encourages studios large and small to expedite the production process as they can sense a sustained market interest.

I want to apologize if our interaction with fans seems sparse at times, we don't get paid to do this, and thus, much of our time is dominated by day jobs, freelance gigs, etc. This is a passion project that we hope will become our full time thing, and every spare moment is spent working with agents, producers, and buyers to build a business case and develop the series into a funded reality.

I hope that answers some questions! We really love the fans tremendously, and it really drives us and fuels us to never give up on this. L5 will, eventually, become a reality. A tremendous, ground breaking science fiction series that we truly believe will become a part of the world language for decades to come. It just needs the right funding to accomplish that, and spreading it around is the best thing fans can do to help us achieve this.


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