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L5 is a dramatic hard science fiction miniseries for the web.
132 backers pledged $10,400 to help bring this project to life.

L5 Launches IndieGoGo Campaign!

Posted by Stanley Von Medvey Jr (Creator)

This is it, our final round of fundraising.  We've been working for over a year on this project, it's been an absolutely incredible, frustrating, rewarding, mind numbing, exhilarating experience.  We have learned so much, we have gained so much ground.  

Our little team has been pushing 80 hour weeks for several months, working into the wee hours of the night every weekday, troubleshooting, rendering, modelling, animating and more troubleshooting.  But we are so nearly there, we can feel the warm glow of the finish line, it beacons us to keep at it, every day, despite much hardship and a pummeling from the global economic recession.  

We will finish this pilot episode, and you will know you've been a part of it.

Help us in any way you can, we need it all: donations, blog posts, emails to friends and family, tweets, likes, reddit, digg, word of mouth.  We have already raised $1,135 of our $1200 goal.  But know this:  Every extra dollar we raise beyond our goal doesn't go to waste, and doesn't go into our pockets.  We will use extra funds to hire violinists, cellists and choir singers to get the best recorded samples for our original score.  And we have only 7 days left.

Our last fundraiser, through IndieGoGo:


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