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L5 is a dramatic hard science fiction miniseries for the web.
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L5 Update!!! (Coming up for air)

Posted by Stanley Von Medvey Jr (Creator)
Update on progress: We've partnered up with IADT, their wonderful staff is helping us with our rendering needs, Stas Poritskiy from IADT is optimizing all of our render files for the Argo and Colony shots. We are working out a pipeline and compositing template for the interior colony shots. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, L5 is moving ahead every day in leaps and bounds. We are doing stuff that has never been done before on this kind of budget, it's definitely a huge challenge but we are up for it. I wish I could post updates, but they would look like this: "Today we converted all .jpg texture maps to .map files to optimize mental ray's RAM usage! And tomorrow, we're going to try to re-render a bunch of stuff with better raytracing!" More REAL updates to come soon. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support! We are working on this literally around the clock, often at the expense of eating and paying rent! WOOO FILM MAKING!!!


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    1. Marian Such on

      voidref: i guess "making of" stuff will be done retroactively as now tons of energy is consumed by production itself.
      l5: cool, we can't wait to see it completed. keep going guys, you gonna make a difference!

    2. Missing avatar

      voidref on

      I would love to hear about the jpg -> map files and those sorts of decisions. Why map files? What are the tradeoffs? Will the quality be lower? Does it make trilinear LOD blending easier? Does RAM usage have that much impact on render times? How much better did the most recent renders come out?

      A million questions, although I am sure that explaining all this would take away a lot of time for actual work, so, yeah, not a great tradeoff. =)