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Tired of seeing so-called "American" brands import their products? Support real American made backpacks, duffle bags, and more! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 3, 2014.

Tired of seeing so-called "American" brands import their products? Support real American made backpacks, duffle bags, and more!

About this project

We're on our way!

With our campaign fully funded, we're excited to be able to take our product line into production! Having reached our goal, we can promise that if you back our campaign you will be receiving your reward. Of course, our mission is far from over. In order to help us ensure the longevity of our brand, please continue to support and share our campaign!

Thank you to the blogs that have shared our story:

Supercompressor- "No Nonsense Quality American Gear"

Culture Cycles- "Hemetic Trading Company is Doing it Right" 

Facebook Shout-outs: The Worble, Carryology, StokeLab



Have you noticed the resurgence of backpacks and bags with an American Heritage aesthetic? We have too. The problem is: the only thing American about these products is their appearance.

That’s why we started the Hemetic Trading Company. When we realized that these products were being made overseas, we felt like the American name was being betrayed. We decided to take matters into our own hands by creating products that were true to not only the classic American style, but also to the values behind authentic heritage brands.

Inspired by classic American brands like L.L. Bean, Jansport, and Patagonia, our vision was to create a brand that stayed true to the American values of quality, honesty, and hard work. Rather than manufacture low cost, low quality products in overseas factories, we decided that the only way to build the brand we envisioned was to directly control as much of the process as possible. It is only because of this tight control over our products that we feel confident enough to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Realizing what needed to happen, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

What started as a few yards of fabric and some rough sketches, turned into a mountain of prototypes. After months of development, we tracked down a factory with the capability and quality that we were looking for. Finally, after double checking everything and obsessively correcting every detail, we’re ready to launch our first line of American Made products.

That sounds awesome. How can I help?

We’re glad you asked. We want to get as many people involved with our mission as possible, so we made sure to create products that hit a variety of price points. By choosing to back our campaign, you’ll help us bring our line of authentic American products to life. With your support, you’ll help us place initial orders with multiple American businesses, keeping the American textile industry alive.

For more information about the products in our first lineup, check out our product profiles below!


The answer to that pocket you're using as a junk drawer.

  • 8 Storage Slips -  Our Utility Wrap features 8 pockets of various sizes to store and organize all of your small items.

The Hemetic Utility Wrap is our solution to all of the odds and ends that end up in the "junk drawer" pocket of your bag. With 8 slip pockets of varying sizes, our Utility Wrap can conveniently store just about anything that's pocket sized: from pens and pencils to charging cables and pocket knives. Just simply unroll the wrap, load it up with everything you want organized and readily available. When you're done, roll it back up and use the elastic cord to keep it closed. That's all it takes to clean up your act.



  •  Secure Fastening System - Our unique closure system adapts to the size of the rolled up Utility Wrap.


Padded protection for all of your expensive devices. 

Designed to work flawlessly with both our Day-to-Daypack and our Getaway Laptop Duffle, our padded device sleeves are the perfect way to keep your devices extra safe. These cases are all made using our heavyweight, water resistant #10 Duck canvas on the exterior, and a layer of water resistant 420D Nylon on the interior. Between these materials, we included a layer of ⅛” foam to keep your device safe. The best part? We made these sleeves in three different sizes to make sure you could use these with any device. The smallest size is a good option for any tablets up to 8.5" x 11". The medium and large device sleeves accommodate 13" and 15" laptops, respectively. 



  • Our #10 Duck Canvas exterior and 420D Nylon interior both feature water resistant properties to help keep your devices dry.

  • Two YKK zippers allow the device sleeve to open up wide for effortless use.

Available in Three Sizes: Large, Medium, or Small, we’ve got you, and your device covered.


The perfect companion for any day around town.

Leveraging the unique backpack silhouette that we developed, the Day-to-Daypack has all of the essential pockets and pouches that you'll need for a full day out on the town. On the outside of this backpack, you’ll find our unique full length front pocket which is great for storing a variety of items - including notebooks and sketchpads. On the sides of the bag, you’ll find a slip pocket for a water bottle as well as a zippered pocket for more secure storage.



Inside the backpack, we included a laptop sleeve which adds a layer of protection for your laptop. This sleeve is also compatible with our Padded Laptop Sleeves for added protection. We also took the extra step of lining our bag with a bright red 420D Nylon which adds a layer of water resistance and an undeniable element of style.


Of course we didn’t want to skimp on the details, so you’ll also notice that this bag is decked out with extras and embellishments. From the fully bound seams on the interior, to the genuine leather pull tabs and Hemetic flag label on the exterior, we made sure to cover all of the details that would make our Day-to-Daypack a signature style of ours for years to come.

Getaway Laptop Duffle Bag:

Our new Getaway Laptop Duffle Bag features a padded laptop sleeve as well as several pockets to make your travels stress-free.

The standout product from our introductory line has to be the Getaway Laptop Duffle Bag. Measuring in at 22” x 12” x 7.5”, this duffle is large enough to fit a week's worth of supplies, while still meeting international carry on requirements.

Of course, this is not just your everyday duffle bag. Besides the fact that it’s loaded with pockets and features, this duffle bag can also easily hold a laptop in it’s padded, ultra-suede laptop sleeve. This makes traveling super easy as you can fit all of your luggage into one easy-to-carry duffle bag. If you’re the type who has been known to take vacations or long weekend trips, then to put it simply: You need this duffle bag.






Our Lifetime Warranty policy is pretty cut and dry. If your Hemetic product experiences any failure during what you consider to be the reasonable lifetime of the product, simply send it back for a return, repair, or exchange. 

Unlike a lot of other brands who claim to have a Lifetime Warranty on their products, we don't set a limit on what the lifetime of the product is. Instead, we ask that you do that for us. If you feel like your Hemetic product fails before you would expect it to, then we ask that you return it to us as soon as possible.


The second stretch goal is our Midnight Getaway Laptop Duffle. Much like the Nightpack, our Midnight Duffle is an all black canvas and black leather color option that will be available as a fifth color option for those who back our Getaway Laptop Duffle Bag reward tier.

Available at: $25,000


Our first stretch goal is the Nightpack. Brought to you by popular request, our Nightpack will work as a fifth color option for our Day-to-Daypack backers. With all of the same features, the Nightpack utilizes all black leather accents to provide a style for our most sophisticated backers.

This stretch goal is now available! To receive your own Nightpack, simply back our "Day-to-Daypack" reward tier!


Utility Wraps: $19.00

 Available in Black, Blue, Olive & Burgundy  

Device Sleeve: $35.00 

Available in Black, Blue, Olive & Burgundy 

Sizes: Large 15", Medium 13", Small Tablet

Day-to-Daypack: $89.00

Available in Black, Blue, Olive, Burgundy, & Night

Getaway Duffle Bag*: $129.00

*First 50 Backers receive a Free Utility Wrap!

Available in Black, Blue, Olive & Burgundy


Around Town Kit: $139.00

Looking for the right package for your daily commute? Pick up our around town kit. This package includes our Day-to-Daypack, a Padded Device Sleeve in the size of your choice, and one of our Utility Wraps. This package will help keep your device extra safe and your small items organized no matter where your day takes you.

Retail Value: $164.00

Travel Kit: $229.00

Like taking vacations, but hate checking bags? This is the package for you! With our Getaway Laptop Duffle and Day-to-Daypack both meeting carry-on requirements, you'll travel with ease knowing that all of your luggage, including your devices, are safely packed and just an arms reach away. Plus, it comes with one of our Utility Wraps to keep your small items easily accessible while you travel.

Retail Value: $273.00

 Whole Kit: $249.00

Really like what we're doing here? Show your support by getting our full product line at a special Kickstarter price. For $249.00, you'll get one Getaway Laptop Duffle, one Day-to-Daypack, one Utility Wrap, and one Padded Device Sleeve in the size of your choice. Get them all in the same color, or mix and match. The choice is yours!

Retail Value: $313.00


The Short Answer:

We believe the only way to make great products, is to have as much control as possible from conception through production. Outsourcing production overseas severely limits the ability to communicate with a factory and over see production, while also subjecting us to human rights and environmental concerns.

The Long Answer:

We started typing up the long answer, and it quickly became a short essay. If you're really interested in finding out our motivations behind making our products in America, feel free to read the full "Long Answer" over on our website!





Matt McGinnis is a 24 year old product developer who has been creating brands and products for as long as he can remember. Over the years, he’s done everything from crochet hats, to screen printing and sewing apparel. Now, he helps create the unique designs that make up the Hemetic Product Line. He’s also the paranoid guy who imagines and plans for worst case scenarios.

Jake Caggige is a 22 year old Graphic Designer from Rutland, VT. Like Matt, Jake has also been designing and creating products since middle school. Now, Jake manages all aspects of Hemetic’s design, from the logo to the overall brand aesthetic. Additionally, Jake has played a strong role in the development of each one of our products.

Joey Szela is a 22 year old cinematographer and marketer. As Co-Founder of The Main Idea, a video production company based out of Burlington, VT, Joey specializes in brand video storytelling. In regards to Hemetic, Joey is the guy behind the lens for all of our video and in-house photography needs. He’s also the driving force behind our marketing efforts.


The factory that we’ll be using to manufacture our products is located in Western New York. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, and employ over 150 people. Their main industries are medical cases and military textile products, such as small cases, bags, and vests. With a large workforce and factory space, they’re capable of handling hundreds of projects simultaneously.

Shout Outs and Thank You's:

Campaign Product Shots- Dan Cardon

Campaign Video Soundtrack - Benguin 

Product Video Soundtracks - Crusty Cuts 


Risks and challenges

We've worked hard preparing our campaign so as to avoid as many potential pitfalls as possible. We've lined up a great manufacturer who's been in business for over 40 years. Currently, they can handle orders up to 2,500 units per product. If we happen to exceed this number, they've promised to setup a new production line to accommodate our order.

In making our samples, we've sourced every material in our products ourselves. For production, we'll be using our factory's sources for things like zippers and buckles. In doing this, we have two levels of suppliers to avoid any risk of a supplier running out of inventory.

Before our campaign launched, we received finished samples from our factory, as well as final prices for production. By all means, our campaign should be fulfilled without problems. Still, there can always be unforeseen events and circumstances that delay progress. In the event of any weather events, stolen products, or apocalypses, it will be our priority to keep our backers completely informed.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • After our campaign is successfully complete, we’ll send out a survey to collect your order information. One of the questions here will be in regards to your color choice(s). Make sure you respond to this survey so we can ship your order efficiently!

    Last updated:
  • Yes, absolutely. We’ll ask for your color choices after our campaign is successfully completed.

    Last updated:
  • Heck, you guys are just as American as we are! Of course we’ll give you the family discount!

    Last updated:
  • Unfortunately, this is a pretty complicated subject. Depending on which country you're in and which reward tier you've selected, you may not have to pay any additional duties or taxes. Or, there may be duties and taxes to pay. Really, the best thing to do is to head over to this website and plug in your information: .

    While we can't promise it's accuracy, it does seem to be a good way to at least get a rough estimate of what you might have to pay, if anything!

    Last updated:
  • Great question. As you’ll notice with our second campaign, we’ve been able to set our goal much lower. A large part of our cost in our first effort was paying to have our electronic components customized.

    After we failed to meet our goal in the first campaign, we sent out a survey to generate feedback. All in all, we found that the selling points of our brand were the quality and Made in America aspects. As a result, we decided to pivot away from electronic components that weren’t the backbone of our brand. While we may revisit the idea of electronic and textile integration, we’ve decided to place it on the shelf for now while we establish ourselves as a premier “Made in America” brand for young adults.

    Last updated:


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    Pledge $19 or more

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    Utility Wrap: For $19, we'll send you one of our Utility Wraps. These little guys are a great way to show your support for American Made products, while also bringing some organization back into your life. Ships free worldwide. (Retail: $25).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Padded Device Sleeve: For $35, you'll get one of our Padded Device Sleeves in any size. Plus, we'll throw in Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States. (Retail: $40).

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $89 or more

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    As one of our earliest supporters, you'll get one of our Day-to-Daypacks in the color of your choice along with a free Utility Wrap. We'll also throw in Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States. (Retail: $99).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Day-to-Daypack: At this reward tier, you'll get one of our Day-to-Daypacks in the color of your choice. We'll also throw in Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States. (Retail: $99).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    25 backers Limited (25 left of 50)

    Be one of the first to claim one of our Getaway Laptop Duffles, and you'll also receive a free Utility Wrap. Plus, we'll give you Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States. (Retail: $149).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Getaway Laptop Duffle: At this reward tier, you'll get one of our Getaway Laptop Duffles in the color of your choice. Plus, we'll give you Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States. (Retail: $149).

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    Around Town Kit:
    Looking for the perfect combination to use every day around town? Then you'll want our Around Town Kit. This reward includes our Day-to-Daypack, a Padded Laptop Sleeve, and a Utility Wrap. Includes Free Shipping to the United States. (Retail: $164).

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    Travel Kit:
    Interested in finding the perfect travel setup? This is the kit for you. It comes with our Getaway Laptop Duffle, Day-to-Daypack, and one of our Utility Wraps. Shipping is included to the United States. (Retail: $273).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Whole Kit:
    If you're as excited about these great products as we are, then you're definitely going to want the whole kit. This package includes all of our products: the Getaway Laptop Duffle, Day-to-Daypack, a Padded Device Sleeve, and a Utility Wrap. Shipping is included to the United States. (Retail:$313).

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