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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 3 2017
helloplantBy helloplant
First created
helloplantBy helloplant
First created
pledged of €30,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 3 2017

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    1. Missing avatar

      Maurice Tholen on

      Hello Helloplant, it’s been a while since the campaign got canceled and I’ve been looking since for a product like this for indoor plants.
      But sadly all competitors don’t produce their products anymore.
      So I was wondering, since we’re near the end of February, are there any plans for 2018?

    2. Joshua Langert on

      Any word on a 2nd try on this campaign? I'm still bummed about it not completing the first time...

    3. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      @Breanna they set the goal too low then...

    4. Martijn de Klerk

      Ah so sad, I was looking forward to this. I See lot's of people don't understand because it sound strange since you reached 160%. I heard it had to be done because of Numbers to get it produced. I think you hve a lot of backers who want to support you, but Maybe a clear explanation would be a good thing to send. That will help to get people backing you a second time. Now it's not that clear. Hopefully it Will get a second run and that it will work out that time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Foll on

      "we have not reached the necessary minimum number of sensors to continue with the initial production run": so you should have set the goal higher no? Or is this something you discovered later? I think you need to give a better explanation, in particular if you want to do another Kickstarter campaign at some point. I love the product but personally I won't be backing another campaign unless we have a clear explanation.

    6. Missing avatar

      wayne millard on

      I can't. understand how you say did not get enough backers you got a lot more than you asked for.

    7. Harjan Boes on

      Guys, very unprofessional behaviour, Very dissapointed.

    8. Missing avatar

      Breanna Carlson on

      SO SAD TO HEAR THIS!!!! I realllllllly wanted this project to go through! I'm sorry helloplant. I promise to be one of the first if you all try again! Simon-they made their money goal but they needed a higher number of units sold to be able to have factory production. I bet most got 1 sensor for the base price instead of 3 sensors for just a bit more. Most factories tell inventers that they need a minimum number of units to be made the first time. helloplant didn't meet this number and had to cancel. (From what I understand...)

    9. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I don't understand how you didn't raise enough money - your goal was €30'000 and you raised €47'566.

    10. Joshua Langert on

      Very sad that it is cancelled. Please bring the campaign back...or find a way to let us buy it at some point!

    11. Missing avatar

      wayne millard on

      This is a great shame it looked a great sensor for plants.

    12. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Maurice,
      Hi Panzerbaren!

      We choose the stretch-goal carefully and due to the increased cost and complexity of manufacturing in three colors it is not possible to deliver this at any lower total pledge-sum.

      If we hit 60.000€ (which is not unrealistic according to projections) then you can get three different colors in one order.


    13. Panzerbaren

      Love the pantone colors with the WiFi hub package can I get one of each color?

    14. Missing avatar

      Maurice Tholen on


      Not that I care much (but maybe others do) for multiple colors.
      But is 200% really the minimum necessity for multiple colors?
      I already thought at the remaining days when we hit 100%, but even more so every passing day, that 200% is kinda unrealistic in reality.

      - Maurice

    15. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Christian!

      Of course i know LoxBerry - great project.
      Directly integrating helloplant there would be great. We will support the community as good as we can to achieve this. Please not that directly accessing the sensor vie bluetooth is not quite as easy as using a network API so it will likely take some more time for different communities to implement this.

      About the two additional sensors:
      You just select the 3 Sensor + WiFi Hub Package and than you change the pledge amount.
      Increase it by 36€ (2x19€)

      When fulfilling the orders we will see this and send you two more sensors.
      This is a limitation of the kickstarter plattform . this is why it has to be done this way.


    16. Christian Fenzl on

      Hi Stefan,
      is it possible to order two different packages? I added the 3+1 package and cannot add another 2-sensor package, as kickstarter asks me to change (not add) another package.

      My intention is to get RAW sensor data to RasPi3 Bluetooth, as I use several Pi's for Multiroom Audio, and one Wifi-Hub per room is quite cost-intensive (8 rooms with plants+outdoor). I would integrate this in the (you might know) LoxBerry project. So the RAW data are really useful!
      Regards Christian

    17. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Bernd!

      Thanks for your support.
      Additional sensors are 22€ each at this point in time.
      19€ was the super early bird special which is already sold out.


    18. Missing avatar

      Bernd on

      I have pledged the 3xSensor and Wifi hub
      How much do I have to add for additional sensors ?
      In the current comments there are different numbers (19€ and 22€)

    19. Missing avatar

      Thoralf Freitag on

      Thank you. ioBroker and openHab IMHO are the most important Open Source Smart Home projects, with a wide support of different Smart Home solutions. Both are able to integrate into Alexa, Apple HomeKit even IFTTT too. Writing adapters for both will you enable an wide world of Smart Home integration. ;-) I'm curious ... .

    20. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Thoralf, and thanks for your support!

      We are currently looking into which 3rd party systems to support - there are so many.
      Also, we well make it as easy as possible for our community to integrate helloplant into the system of their choice.


    21. Missing avatar

      Thoralf Freitag on

      Please provide an adapter for ioBroker (http://www.iobroker.net). For you it should not very difficult. Maybe others do like OpenHub 2 too.

    22. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Romar!

      We tried the Xiaomi product for ourselves. It has quite a few problems:

      > Most important: It does not warn you if your plant needs water - you have to check the App every day to see if something is wrong - not very smart!

      > The design is not resistant enough against water. The battery died on us many times while using it. We even managed to completely detroy one sensor.

      > The moisture sensor is easily fooled once you add fertilizer to the soil.

      > The product is neither certified for the US nor the EU market and therefore it is not legal to sell it.

      Overall we think our product is far better and we hope you can see it to!
      But if you've changed your mind we will refund your pledge.


    23. Romar Bucur on

      Hi hi. I backed the product a week ago but saw you can buy a similar product already from i.e. Xiaomi: https://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-4-in-1-Flower-Plant-Light-Temperature-Tester-Garden-Soil-Moisture-Nutrient-Monitor-p-1068369.html

      What is the difference between their product and yours?

      Kind regards,


    24. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Maurice!

      Thank You. We are excited as well!


    25. Missing avatar

      Maurice Tholen on


      Congratulations on reaching 100%+ funding.
      I’ll be looking forward to use this nice idea next year.

      - Maurice

    26. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Sven!

      Sehr cool! Nächstes Ziel: Das Strech Goal mit 60.000€, dann gibt's den Sensor in zwei weiteren Farben.


    27. Sven on


      cool, durch meinen Beitrag Finanzierungsziel erreicht - liegt jetzt bei 30.002 EUR. :)

      Beste Grüße

    28. helloplant Creator on


      Thanks for your support!
      It's 22€ for an additional sensor.


    29. Missing avatar

      Accessorize Yourself

      @ Creator
      How much for an additional sensor. I have pledged for the three pack.

    30. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Lee!

      Thanks for supporting us!
      Yes helloplant works for herbs as long as they are planted in normal soil.

      - Stefan

    31. Lee Currid

      Does this also work for herbs?

    32. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Jose!

      We really like Apple Homekit and we were looking into supporting it. Unfortunately Homekit does not allow a sensor to report soil moisture. As soon as Apple rethinks this we will re-evaluate.

      - Stefan

    33. Jose on

      Will it be Apple homekit ready using the WiFi hub??How to purchase an adicional sensor??

    34. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Breanna,

      thanks for your support! Most plants living in actual soil will work. There are different options on how to setup a plant: one method is to provide information similar to the little plant tags typically included when you purchase a plant. The other one will be around plant species which helps you find your plant.

      We can't recommend it for plants with aerial roots (e.g. some orchids) or for plants with large clay pellets (e.g. LECA). We have used helloplant extensively with different kinds of veggies, small palm trees from IKEA, ficus trees, self grown avocados, lemon and mandarin orange trees, olive trees and many others.

      Please let me know if you have more questions!


    35. Missing avatar

      Breanna Carlson on

      Please, please, please make this a reality! I need it for my pitch black thumb. I've always to grow things but I seem to kill any plant I touch. Huge difference from my mom who can literally bring a dead plant back to life. I do have a couple quick questions, what plants will we be able to use it for? I know we have to plug in plant information to help, but what kinds of questions? And are there any plants you wouldn't recommend to use it with? Thank you!!!!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Seth Shelnutt on


      Thank you for your answers. I'm happy to hear that documentation of the bluetooth protocol will be released! I will be happy to contribute to community documentation and examples.

      This seems like a great project and I can not wait for them to ship!

      Thank you,

      Seth Shelnutt

    37. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Seth!

      Yes we will document the bluetooth protocol and packet layout so it is possible to retrieve the basic sensor measurements directly (no OTAU, etc...). However to be honest those scenarios will not be high up our priority list and we will rely on the community to provide examples for e.g. the raspberry pi.

      As for the WiFi hub: "open" means documented API calls and various examples to use them, but no source code. If you want to use the app from remote then the data will be forwarded to avoid having to open any ports on the WiFi hub. For smart home systems (local network) you will be able to query the data directly.

      Hope this clears things up.


    38. Missing avatar

      Seth Shelnutt on

      I understand that the wifi hub offers a open API for access to the sensor data. I'd like to know if any documentation will be provided for accessing the sensor data directly via bluetooth? I'm trying to determine if I need the wifi module, or if over bluetooth I'll be able to communicate with a raspberry pi.

      Also by "open" api, does this mean the source code will be open sourced, or just the api calls will be documented? Will it be possible to use the wifi module in a closed network, or is internet connectivity required? Does the wifi dongle forward all data to a remote service which provides the api? Or does the wifi dongle run a query-able api service directly on it?

    39. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Stephan!

      Thanks for your support!
      Currently helloplant does not work with homey, but we are always looking for products that are potential candidates for a helloplant integration in the future and homey looks like such a product. Since it has bluetooth connectivity you would not need a WiFi hub. We'll keep you posted on new integrations.


    40. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      Hi. I have a homey (https://www.athom.com) that supports Bluetooth will it be able to communicate with the sensors without a WiFi hub?
      Thank you

    41. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Markus,

      thanks for your comment! We thought about using a different battery, but then the size of the sensor would have to be much larger. During our tests we found, that the current size fits most pots very well and any larger would mostly be interesting for outdoors and larger pots.

      LiPo cells present similar issues: you can either make them exchangeable, but then they are large and bulky because they need to be self contained and safe in terms of fire safety and short circuit protection, or if those are bare cells, current consumer product standards (e.g. CE) don't allow them to be exposed or directly accessible by the consumer. That in turn would require some kind of charging port which is bulky and an issue for water tightness.

      The hub will come with an included USB power supply for those who want it. Otherwise any USB power supply will do, including the USB port of some router.

      Thanks for your support!


    42. Markus Jöbstl

      Hi there! Would you be open to think about a different kind of battery? Like some usual size AAA which could be a recheargable accumulator instead of a button-cell which has to be thrown away after depletion? Or at least something like an exchangeable LiPo-accumulator? Can the hub also be put into a router with an usb-port? Best regards - Markus

    43. helloplant Creator on


      the sensor itself is purely Bluetooth. We optimized power consumption a lot, on iOS we use the OS-provided iBeacon monitoring for the notifications, which is very easy on your battery. On Android we time-sync both sensor and app to activate bluetooth only very rarely, so it will not drain the battery either.

      Using the hub will provide an open API for you to integrate with other smart home devices and services. Then you will also get all notifications through WiFi and you don't need Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone.

      Please let me know if you have more questions!


    44. Psychokiller1888 on


      Are you guys excusively Bluetooth? The API point interests me, but if I get it correctly, I need your dongle to have it working? There's no wifi chip in the devices? I ask that, because bluetooth is way to battery eager on phones and I almost never have it on. I was hoping to use the API to make my own home integration into my self made smart home device and have it send me notifications through wifi.

    45. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Andreas,

      thanks for supporting our project! Yes, we will provide presets for different plant species, in a way where you can find useful values to get started with.


    46. Andreas Kolli on

      Hello there!
      Will there be preset recommendations for moisture/light/temperature depending on the plant species? At least for kitchen herbs and other common plants?

    47. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Oliver,

      thanks for supporting us! Your order is perfectly fine.


    48. Oliver Pößnecker on

      Hey, i chose the 107 € 3xhelloplant +1x wifi hub and added 2x19€ for 2 additional sensors, 5€ for shipping to ger. I'm at 150€ now.
      Will i get 5xhellopant and the wifi hub or is something missing? :)

    49. helloplant Creator on

      Hi Andy,

      thanks for supporting us! The world's first relates to the smart notifications about watering and your plant's position. What we provide is a standalone sensor that is able to notify you, without having manually checking in the app or having to use a hub/gateway.

      Our smart home integration will primarily provide an open API on the hub level, to be accessed over network. Additionally we will provide more advanced integrations like Alexa and others. Smart things is definitely one of the best options for us as well, because there are already so many gardening devices to integrated with (e.g. solenoid valves or pumps).

      Please let me know if you need additional information!

      Thanks for all your support,

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