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We rescued an amazing old press from becoming molten steel as scrap. Help us take 'er out of retirement to printing awesomeness again!
We rescued an amazing old press from becoming molten steel as scrap. Help us take 'er out of retirement to printing awesomeness again!
53 backers pledged $2,459 to help bring this project to life.

Well, Hi!

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)

It's been a long, crazy road, hasn't it? I hope we haven't lost too many of you along the way, but as we eagerly await our opportunity to move into a house with a dedicated studio space for our two C&P Pilots and our two kiddos (the youngest of which is now 7 months old!), we are also sure we're reaching a point where we can start working on everyone's rewards.

We never expected for things to go the way they have gone, with the loss of our larger press, and all the moving and such that seems to have gotten in the way of a real business launch.

The dust is settling. Momentum is building.

It feels good.

We are always aware, tugging at our hearts, of how we were able to get here in the first place, and a lot of that foundation is here in our Kickstarter.

Things happen and life has gotten in the way of our goals, but once we're settled in our new place (out of our rental and into a house of our own), we will have the freedom and the (dedicated) space to print like we have wanted to for the past two years. 

If anyone had asked me (Tiffany, here) where I saw myself in two years, I certainly would never have expected all the twists and turns in the path that we've run into. I had goals. Plans. Dreams. Some of which have had to change and be remolded into realistic things, some of which had to be put on hold, and some of which are just finally able to push up from the soil like little buds, ready for the sunshine.

I'll be sending out some emails this weekend and getting in touch with you all individually who have specific rewards. 

I'll also be posting more frequently once we do actually move and settle in.

Again, though it sounds trivial I suppose after all this time, we do really appreciate everyone and all of your patience. Awesome things don't always happen in the time we think they will!


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    1. Tiffany Smith Creator on

      Hey Kalea! We're in the process of building up a goody bag and other items in order to share them with our backers. We've had to rethink our commemorative prints because of the size difference between our first press (that broke and was sold for refurbishing) and our new press.

      But, yes, there will eventually be things to send out to our backers!

    2. Kalea Staton on

      Hey I was just curious if we were going to get the items for backing? wasnt sure where you were at in your printing process? :) Hope all is well!