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We rescued an amazing old press from becoming molten steel as scrap. Help us take 'er out of retirement to printing awesomeness again!
We rescued an amazing old press from becoming molten steel as scrap. Help us take 'er out of retirement to printing awesomeness again!
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Back to the Beginning: A Much-Requested Update

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)
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Well, Hi!

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)

It's been a long, crazy road, hasn't it? I hope we haven't lost too many of you along the way, but as we eagerly await our opportunity to move into a house with a dedicated studio space for our two C&P Pilots and our two kiddos (the youngest of which is now 7 months old!), we are also sure we're reaching a point where we can start working on everyone's rewards.

We never expected for things to go the way they have gone, with the loss of our larger press, and all the moving and such that seems to have gotten in the way of a real business launch.

The dust is settling. Momentum is building.

It feels good.

We are always aware, tugging at our hearts, of how we were able to get here in the first place, and a lot of that foundation is here in our Kickstarter.

Things happen and life has gotten in the way of our goals, but once we're settled in our new place (out of our rental and into a house of our own), we will have the freedom and the (dedicated) space to print like we have wanted to for the past two years. 

If anyone had asked me (Tiffany, here) where I saw myself in two years, I certainly would never have expected all the twists and turns in the path that we've run into. I had goals. Plans. Dreams. Some of which have had to change and be remolded into realistic things, some of which had to be put on hold, and some of which are just finally able to push up from the soil like little buds, ready for the sunshine.

I'll be sending out some emails this weekend and getting in touch with you all individually who have specific rewards. 

I'll also be posting more frequently once we do actually move and settle in.

Again, though it sounds trivial I suppose after all this time, we do really appreciate everyone and all of your patience. Awesome things don't always happen in the time we think they will!

Yes! A little update!

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)

Happy new year!

We've been busy cleaning rust and home birthing, and I apologize for the lack of updates. Here are some photos of all our new additions: our 2 C&P Pilots and Alistair Finley, born December 31st at 9:24pm ... just in time to ring in 2013. 

Our first C&P Pilot is ready to print complete with rollers and Boxcar base, but our second needs a bit more cleaning because it sat outside on someone's porch for more than a handful of years. Both need a couple of parts (one needs a spring and the other needs a small repair to a roller arm), but they should be up and running as soon as the weather is warmer (so that spending time in the garage isn't like hanging out in a giant freezer). 

Alistair Finley is a joy. He'll be 2 months old tomorrow. Time flies, right? Exactly. He was born at home on New Year's eve. He weighed 8lbs, 10oz and was 21.5 inches long. His big brother was a little disappointed that he didn't get an instant playmate in Alistair, but he's adjusted well to having a baby around the house. They'll be playing with each other soon enough, so it's been nice to enjoy newborn snuggles again while on maternity leave.

Thanks for all your patience! Once our presses are ready, we'll be happy to start printing. It's going to be awesome! :)

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Just a quick peek.

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)

Here's our lovely C&P Old Style Pilot that we came home with last night from Hampton, VA. Isn't it awesome? :)

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How about some good news?

Posted by Tiffany Smith (Creator)

Well, the bad news is our C&P 10x15 is still broken and most likely unrepairable by us at this point in our business. There are a few parts that need replacing and some welding work that needs to be done, which we're not in a place to do right now but may be able to do in the future if we don't find someone who wants our entire press to fix up and resell. Or if we don't part 'er out to keep other peoples' presses running instead.

However, the good news is we drove to Hampton, VA today to pick up a C&P Pilot, which is a fantastic tabletop press. That means that we'll be able to continue printing, and that we could actually be up in running in as little as two weeks. There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done to our 165lb printing press other than some deep cleaning, oiling, and set up. We already have rollers and a chase ready, with a Boxcar base due to arrive this week.

Okay, I lied, that's pretty ridiculously fantastic news, right?

I think so. Most of you have been really supportive after our accident with the 10x15, and we've really appreciated all of your awesome comments and continued encouragement. For those of you who have requested refunds, you'll have to decide--do you still want your rewards now that we can print them or do you really still have your hearts set on a refund instead?

We're due with our baby at the end of December, so those of you who are waiting on business cards designed by Tiffany will most likely need to wait until the new year, after the babymoon. The stationery may also not be ready right away because there's only 10 weeks between now and our due date for our new addition.

However, now that we've also picked up a very nice little hot foil stamp machine to compliment our table top press, we will be working on some art prints to show off our Pilot's capabilities. It's still a decent-sized print area (6x10), as opposed to a little Kelsey. It's not 10x15, obviously, but invitations, stationery, and, of course, business cards are still on our agenda. I'm even working on a calendar, which may be included in our rewards.

Once we dust off our new metal friend, I'll be posting photos. It's too dark tonight, but we just got home from Hampton and I couldn't wait any longer to share the good news.

So, I need to hear back from all of you who have a new decision to make, and I'm sure you all know who you are.

For everyone else, I'll be sending out emails by the end of the week to those of you who were in certain backing levels about expectations and design. We can work out very tentative timelines for the new year, but I will admit they'll have to be cautious as we'll be adjusting to a second child. :)

Anyway, I hope you're as excited as we are and we look forward to hearing back from you.