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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
15,998 backers pledged $3,390,551 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing the $3,333,333 stretch goal


Dear Backers,

our next stretch goal is about colors. 
If we reach $3,333,333 in pledges, we will thank you by:

1) Giving you the option of receiving The White Dash or The Black Dash

2) Giving you 4 colored sleeves in addition to the standard sleeve (black or white). The colors are Kickstarter exclusive.

3) Giving you The Leash for the more adventurous backers.

Check out our video for the $3,333,333 stretch goal

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Every backer at the pledge levels $179, $199, $239, $499 will receive the stretch goal with their October/November or January delivery.

You will be able to choose either The White Dash or The Black Dash in a survey we will send to you after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

When you have received The Dash end of the year, test what size fits you the best. Then go to the website, and get the full lineup of Kickstarter exclusive colored sleeves and a black or white The Leash sent to you in your size – for free. 

We hope you like this stretch goal as much as we do. Please share this with your friends, if you think it is cool.


The BRAGI team and Nikolaj

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    1. Vanessa Ng on

      I am super excited right now. The coloured sleeves are absolutely gorgeous. :D Got the urge to increase my pledge as well.

    2. Steve Perry on

      Congrats on hitting this goal @bragi.

    3. Matthew Zimmer on

      I just bumped up my pledge the extra $40 bucks to the November pledge because I don't think I can wait until January.

      I don't care that much about the colors, but I definitely want the leash.

    4. Ok64 on

      With only 3 hours of battery life, I need to run my marathons much faster ☺

      I am very much hoping they will throw in the string and additional color sleeves. To get 600 more commitments in this short time, may be asking for too much?

    5. Pete Squires on

      I really hope we get the 3's, I want the leash and - exclusive colours!

    6. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      I dont think we are going to make it there in 4 days

    7. Missing avatar

      Bradley Seraline on

      we're almost there!!!

    8. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @marsha tyszler I'm glad u agree with my idea. And I love the idea of a Y cable but the only thing is with a magnetic cable ends would work great only then there is an occasional bumps or movements and the wires snap off.... I think the idea is the best I've seen so far for the magnetic charging with a auto reeling in the case but it would put more tension on the wire making it easier for the Y wires to come off the dash. I think its going to be a big hassle while running or walking and having the wires snap off every couple of mins and most people will agree it would be frustrating...... I was thinking more of a 3.5mm ends but since the size of the dash is so small and thats what @bragi is trying to say i think custom 1mm on the Y wires would be a more secure option. Sometimes old school way is better....

    9. Marsha Tyszler

      @Bragi, thanks for replying! I'm glad you think my Y-cable idea could be possible to implement at some point in the future. It will be a while before technology allows such a teeny battery to provide hours of power on a single charge -- and even then, people will always want more!

      Since I can't see where the ports are located on The Dash, you are probably right that the Y-cable may not stay anchored well. It may be fine at work or commuting, but not a solid solution for athletes. However, if you could swap the standard charging port for a magnetic charging port (like the ones Apple uses on their laptops), then you'll have two benefits over the standard port: 1) the Y-cable would hold tight to The Dash and 2) the Y-cable would attach/detach effortlessly!

      I hope you'll make a note of this idea in your records. This way it will be considered when it comes time to reevaluate the charging/battery situation. It would be awesome if you could implement this feature now . . . but I'll understand if we must wait until the next model. Good things come to those who wait! :-)

      P.S. Did you understand what I meant about to cord storing inside the battery box? And then unwinding/winding as needed on a mechanism? I could sketch a picture and show you if you don't get it -- it might be hard to imagine from my description.

    10. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @John M, good idea. All kickstarter backers will receive a good offer to buy additional units after Kickstarter ends.

    11. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Logan Holmes,
      thank you for the link

    12. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Marsha Tyszler on the cable idea. I like the idea. The Dash is though so small, that holding the cable mechanically is a challenge we could not overcome in this generation.

    13. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Bradley Seraline on product red. We will not have a red product, but we like the idea.

    14. Marsha Tyszler

      @Frederic, glad you like the idea I posted below. I hope Bragi will respond to it. Honestly, it's the most simplistic idea that would solve the issue for now. If they don't respond, maybe we should try to message them directly. :-)

      Some people have suggested an added battery pack to wear behind the ear, but 1) it would be heavy/clumsy and 2) it would have to be worn on each ear. Plus, 3) you're either stuck wearing them for your entire running/biking session, or 4) you must stop to attach them because it would be too difficult while moving.

      I think my idea is better because there isn't added weight on the ears and the charging cord can be attached/detached easily while moving (running, biking, etc.) -- you just keep the charger in your pocket and when it's time to charge, just pull out the cords with your hands and attach to The Dash's ports. A magnetic port (like the ones on Apple laptops) would make it even easier, but most people would have no problem feeling for the port and plugging the cord into each ear while moving. When charging is done, you just yank it out and stuff it back into your pocket!

    15. Missing avatar

      John M on

      To alleviate the three hour battery anxiety, how about two sets of Dash. Carry the case with one set charging while wearing the other set. After a couple of hours switch them out. Conceivably we'd only need one case for both sets. Admittedly, this is not the least expensive remedy but, maybe we could get a special deal?

    16. Frederic Biermann on

      Wow Marsha, that's really what we all want. A solution to use the headphones while loading them because 3 hours are not enough for all purposes.

      +1 ;-)

    17. Marsha Tyszler

      @Bragi, I don't think Mohammed or the original poster (in main comments) meant that the charging cable should be built into The Dash's housing. Even with your proprietary cable, there's an easy solution with two slightly different methods:

      Method: Your proprietary Y-cable could simply connect from a power source to The Dash while users are wearing it!

      1) In the first option, which is best for outdoors, the Y-cable would connect from the charging carrying case to The Dash while users are wearing it! Ideally, it would be awesome if the charging cable would wind into the charging case. So when it's time to charge while wearing The Dash, the user could just easily yank it out of the case and plug into The Dash. When finished, it would wind back into the case. However, even if the wire couldn't physically wind into the charging case due to space constraints, there's no reason your standard proprietary Y-cord shouldn't work so long as the cable has enough slack to allow for movement while running, jogging, etc.

      2) The second application is similar to #1. However, this is best for indoors (ie: home, office). If charging were needed, the person could connect your standard proprietary cord into The Dash and then plug into a USB outlet (ie: computer, wall socket) instead of their charging case. Again, the cord would need an ample amount of slack or an extension.

      Of course, 3 hours of battery is a lot considering The Dash's small size! However, while 3 hours is a great deal of battery time for many people, power users who tend to drain batteries may become frustrated with The Dash because they are always plugged into their music, talk on the phone a ton, get tons of phone notifications, etc. They'd constantly have to remove The Dash from their ears to charge and use backup headphones in the meantime. Yes, The Dash charges rapidly -- but this doesn't help a marathon runner, businessmen on the go, and others who can't unplug and wait. I agree with the other posters that the option to charge while wearing The Dash is very important -- especially since it shouldn't be difficult to implement. Most people wouldn't mind being plugged in while wearing The Dash for a short charging period since the Y-shaped charging cable needed to plug into both ears would be no different than standard headphones. It's just a matter of updating the charging case to store the Y-cable (like scenario 1) and making your Y-cable long enough to wear while plugged in (for both scenarios). Having this added ability would greatly enhance the user experience for a good number of your customers.

      Now that you know that the other posters didn't mean to store the charging cable within The Dash's housing, do you think it's possible to accomplish this in the way I described? I hope so!

    18. Choonghoon lee on

      Nice various color version.

      Most of all, I need a leash!

    19. Missing avatar

      Bradley Seraline on

      i like red for my part have you try to get support from product (red)?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jose Toro on

      Just pledged yesterday! Really hoping it hits this stretch goal, looking forward to the white dash!

    21. Wang Chaohui on

      White Dash!!!! I wanna to pick that.

    22. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @marc comper,
      thx. We do our best.

    23. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Stephen A Hollingdale, exactly our idea. Leave the phone at home, and bring the most necessary stuff.

    24. Mark Howard on

      Really am impressed with the whole concept and the solid outlay for the project. Please keep up the good work!

    25. Stephen A Hollingdale

      When I'm running I like the option of NOT lugging my phone around. Part if the appeal was to have the option of a self contained unit.

    26. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @luke hoggett yes its really small but I highly doubt that ill need more than that that's like 2000songs. And when I'm running I don't think I need more than that. I don't need it at all since my phone is 90%of the time connected to them via bluetooth

    27. Luke Hoggett on

      @mohammad s hashmi do you realise how small 4GB of storage is?

    28. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Mohammad S Hasmi on the cable,
      due to waterproofing, we use a custom connector. Size constraints will not allow us to fix the cable in the housing.

    29. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Mohammad S Hashmi on longer battery life,
      3 things can be done to achieve longer battery life.
      1) Electronics use less power
      2) Physically bigger battery
      3) Higher density battery

      On 1) We have reduced power consumption to an absolute minimum with current technology.
      On 2) I think we all agree, that the size of The Dash is compelling. If a larger battery would be used, we would protrude out of the ears like the rest of the products out there. Protruding out of the ear would significantly reduce the secure fit and comfort of the product.
      On 3) We already use the most advanced batteries available on the market in this format.

      Trust us, that we have done our utmost to increase battery life.

    30. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @dean Xavier Appleton I think I can compromise for the battery life for the headphone like charger. If @bragi can create a stretch goal and somehow incorporate that I feel like it would be more appealing to many more people.

    31. Dean Xavier Appleton on

      @Mohammad, would you be listening to music constantly for 3 hours whilst walking and listening to vitals? I think only marathons take that long realistically. If i was listening to music at home i would be listening through speakers or even regular headphones with better quality. I think the main features of the Dash is the vital aspect of the Dash, HR, pace etc. And i think 3 hours is ample although for the marathon runners out there 4/5 hours would be ideal.

      P.S the headphone wire-like charging system is a great idea! $4m Stretch goal ;)

    32. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @bragi & @ dean Xavier Appleton I was just reading comments on the official page and one comment really stood out to me. A backer commented stating a charging wire that could be plugged in from the case. So when they are plugged in they look like regular headphones. Most likely where ever the leash is attaching if they could make it a charging port I think that could be a great idea and would be a great alternative to extending battery life. Either option is a viable option if taken into consideration by bragi

    33. Thais Felipelli on

      i want red, purple and green! =)

    34. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @dean Xavier Appleton I guess it is a key feature but 3:1 hours playback and charging I feel like its too little. Many of us avid music listeners would get frustrated by having to wait almost an hr after every 3hrs. Plus as we all know rechargeable batteries tend to deteriorate over time there for less and less payback time so after several charges we could be seeing more of 2hrs or 1.5 hrs. Of playback. As for the battery I wonder what type of minerals are they using. I'm willing to pay extra 10-15% just for extended battery life because if this is incorporated in everyday life which I believe they would be with certain apps And the onboard sensors it would make these headphones more appealing to a more wider population.

    35. Dean Xavier Appleton on

      @Mohammad The best part I believe is the fact that they can be used standalone, without any other tech (after syncing etc.) so this is a key feature. Big changes like the one you mention would be a viable change for another model later down the line, a "lite" model or the like. This will most likely be a variation of the Dash and be brought out further down the line.

    36. Mohammad S Hashmi on

      @bragi I'm pretty sure many of the backers would agree that instead of onboard 4gb we would prefer a longer battery life. Or at least 2 separate versions should be offered with 1 or the other

    37. Justin Warkentin on

      Seeing the guy swim with them got me thinking. Will the 1 year warranty cover if they stop working after swimming with them? I'd love to be able to take them in water, but I'm also a little paranoid that they wouldn't live up to the "water resistant up to 1 meter" thing.

    38. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Ok, so no add-on on pledges.

    39. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Marie-Andree Poisson, you will be able to purchase additional sleeves and leashes on the bragi webstore.

    40. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Thien Huynh, you will be able to buy extra carrying cases in the webstore.

    41. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @THIA SONG FAT Simon, The Leash will only be available in black for the adventures.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thien Huynh on

      Maybe an added carry case?

    43. Missing avatar

      THIA SONG FAT Simon on

      Nice add-on to the starting bundle. But will the Leash be matching the Dash color?

    44. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Extra sleeves and leashes as add-on to our pledge would be nice.

    45. Toni Ruch on

      Awesome update. Thanks for bringing up "The Leash"! Looking at your Video makes me mush more confident that they will stay in my ear. Great job.
      Colors are awesome as well.

    46. Rand Chua TL on

      This is a colorful update!

    47. Missing avatar

      Enrico Kartono on

      Fluo black/green or fluo black oranje

    48. David Kuhn on

      Wow! I didnt think this project could get better, but it did! The Bragi team is amazing!