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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
15,998 backers pledged $3,390,551 to help bring this project to life.

Stretchgoal — Windows Phone Support

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

 Dear Backer,

we are happy to announce our next stretch goal. We will make a native Windows Phone app (as of WP8) as well as Windows Phone support (WP8 or better required).

We are delighted to see the impressive support for The Dash, and thank you for being a part of it. 

Best Regards,

Bragi team and Nikolaj Hviid


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Speicher on

      I gotta say -- this thread shocked me. First, the number of people who mistook a $1mm rise in pledges to mean that they've got a that much to spend. It's the profit margin on that money.

      I also wonder how many of these people are iPhone users. Would they protest to an iPhone app because the iPhone is WAY behind Android and doesn't account for more than 25% of the market? That would be an a stretch goal which didn't help 75% of the people.

      As someone stated, the reason for stretch goals is to get more people into the fold. If they determined that that's the way to do it, that great.

    2. Arif Marendra on

      yes it already passed the mark. Yippie ( a happy Nokia lumia user)

    3. Missing avatar

      FrankyB on

      As a backer and as WP user, I say thank you

    4. Pedro Prata on

      2.5 is not a mirage anymore ... going to be a very happy WP8 owner :)

    5. Benjamin Föckersperger on

      Guys, nobody needs Win Phone support for that Stretch goal :-( Really uncool...

    6. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Jorge, sorry, we will not support Blackberry at launch.

    7. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @Humod Aman,
      1- more battery life is not a consideration issue but physics limiting us.
      2 - Our focus is to integrate with all those amazing apps out there you already are using
      3 - again, we wish to cooperate with 3rd party apps
      4 - active noise cancellation does not make sense in an in ear headphone. The in ear already reduce the sound with 25-30db. Active noise cancellation only makes sense in an on or over ear headphone.

    8. Humod Aman on

      First .. Thank you all for this amazing device ... I was wondering the other day that i need something smilier to the dash ... Also i love your stretch goals ... But i need this to do some more ... I hope that you consider it
      1- more battery life( yes i know 3 hours is enough but why not 5 )
      2- more social app ... Like nike+ or Runkeeper
      3- achievements obviously, i need to set some goals and/or have wining badges
      4- i love the passive noise isolation .. Why not make it an active noise cancellation .. I think you guys can make this stretch goal

      Finally thank you for this great device its amazing (( i think i said it before heheh ))

    9. Jorge del Casar on

      What about BlackBerry 10? I'm BlackBerry 10 user and I hope that the Android app will run without problem in my device. But I would like to ask for checking the Android App in BlackBerry 10 or native app for this platform.

    10. Missing avatar

      Reza Sharifat on

      Thought I would pitch in. I'm a Windows Phone user as well. Made the purchase when someone posted the stretch goal announcement on a Windows Phone website. So yes. There are those of us who purchased this unit, who would not have considered doing so before (due to lack of compatibility).

      Please note that while Windows Phone only has a 3-4% userbase in the United States, in many European countries it is now over 10%, surpassing the number of iOS users in many of those countries as well. While Android is certainly the largest OS out there, Windows Phone should not be ignored. And I'm glad the team here sees it that way as well.


    11. Ray on

      @skipstpierre You say that "As a Sr. Product Manager at the worlds largest AV company" and "I'm just a student", so you know that consumer tastes can change on a dime. Nokia was the largest manufacturer of phones in the world and Symbian was the #1 operating system. Blackberry was #1 in the enterprise market. Where are they now?

      I don't want to sound negative, but I would expect a 3-6 month delay in the shipment of the devices. During this time, Windows Phone can conceivably be the #1 mobile OS. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? Not likely. For all we know, Samsung's Tizen could take over.

      Maximizing compatibility is always welcomed.

    12. Arif Marendra on

      im windows phone user, and im glad that this device will support windows phone, i will spread the word about this device, thanks

    13. Skip St Pierre on

      Marsha, with exception for the "obvious" complaints or to your point feeling a sense of entitlement, I "think" my points might be misunderstood and I'm not complaining nor feel any sense of entitlement. :)

      First, I'll say that I bought in at $179 and have no further expectations for "freebies". I recognize the value and in fact have liked on my FB, Linked-in and Twitter for the value that was listed. I DO NOT do this very often.

      Ok... so now to clarify my thoughts and questions. If you have 1mil to spend / invest what and where would you invest? Your response should be based on qualitative and quantitative research that clearly direct you to "What Customers Want" via Outcome Driven Innovation research. FTR- I have no affiliation and I'm just a student.

      Simply following the the ODI research is proven and mitigates the risk of spending on things customers dont care about and thus wont buy. Any PM's goal is to observe behavior or jobs that users are looking for a product / offering to solve. With that comes CTQ's or Critical to Quality points. Again, part of the methodology. Find he unmet need and you increase the value!

      So will customers buy more product or services if you invest in building a MST supported app? I would not even begin to know the answer but hope that @Bragi is doing the proper research. Again, dont get me wrong... if they want to spend the money and give more things for free.... I"M ALL IN and very grateful.

      I hope this helps and appreciate everyones feedback and opinions.

    14. Alexei Lambley-Steel on

      @Bragi Thank you for an amazing product. I just want to say your innovation in this product is simply stunning. Bringing us a way of recharging the device as an added extra at no extra cost is simply astonishing! Thank you

    15. Jeremy P. on

      Stretch goals should be designed to pull more people in to the project. I'm a Windows Phone user, and this stretch goal is what put me over the top to commit to backing the project. This is the type of future tech that I love, and would likely have purchased at sometime in the future, but this stretch goal pulled my money forward. Every pledge helps make the product.
      Bragi appears to be doing this right.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Teng on

      I think that all the stretch goals are fantastic do I have a windows phone nope, but that doesn't mean that others that do don't deserve to be able to use this product. This product is awesome I backed it with just seeing the initial video without seeing any of the stretch goals, I love the idea of fully wireless headphones with no wires, it's a fantastic idea and all the things it does wow. This is a great project and even if some of the stretch goals don't benefit me personally they benefit others which is great, keep on rocking let's see if we can get up to 10 million that would be amazing, even if there are no more stretch goals I'm already happy.

    17. Missing avatar

      David C on

      Why should it have to benefit the majority? Just wondering.

    18. alexsol on

      Shouldn't a stretch goal be something that benefits the majority like in the last stretch goal.

    19. Missing avatar


      @Marsha Tyszler

      Agree with you

    20. Missing avatar

      David C on

      @Marsha Tyszler I'm with you on that. I believe the majority of backers are. It's just like in all things in life, Those who complain are usually (unfortunately) the loudest. I'm all up for people making suggestions and having an opinion but I believe you can do so without complaining. Have a good day all :-)

    21. Marsha Tyszler

      I said this about the last stretch goal when people complained, and I'll repeat it again for those who missed seeing it: Were some of you people expecting Braggi to give out Ponies?! Do you know how foolish and greedy you sound?!

      Why do so many people in this campaign feel such a sense of entitlement in this campaign? I've never seen such a poor attitude in any campaign I've been a part of . . . and quite frankly, it's appalling and embarrassing. Clearly there are many others who agree with my sentiments, if you read the comments. You guys keep shooting down stretch goals that a) aren't required and b) are well within the norm of most other campaigns. Do you even know the purpose of a stretch goal? Clearly you don't!

      I've been a part of others campaigns offering Windows apps as stretch goals and nobody whined there -- they saw it as an asset. Windows mobile platform may be a smaller section of the pie, but there are still millions of people worldwide who use it. I feel like people here are just being terribly greedy. Unless you are given more free stuff, you won't be happy. Well, it doesn't work like that most of the time on KS . . . or life in general. We are supporting The Dash because it its base features are awesome. Everything beyond that is gravy, whether you are given a charging case, a more robust app, etc. And even a Windows app that you can't use makes sense for everyone -- with added users, it means the company will be able to do more faster, such as developing new products that may not have happened as quickly or at all.

      Many of you are whining, but nobody is even suggesting any specific ideas of what you feel would be "acceptable" stretch goals . . . and that's probably because you just want free stuff and don't have this company's best interests in mind. This isn't a store. We are backing a company, which essentially makes us partners. If you don't have Braggi's best interests in mind, then why are you backing it? Clearly you felt the product was worth while to back or else you wouldn't have done so . . . so please cut the crap.

      Let's make this a constructive campaign where we share ideas and a positive enthusiasm for Braggi! Stopping being so critical over perfectly great stretch goals as a result of your selfishness.

    22. Skip St Pierre on

      As a Sr. Product Manager at the worlds largest AV company, I'd ask what is the problem or the job in which you are trying to solve, is MS Windows Phone a large enough segment, OR are there other areas which you should be focusing time and efforts? Do you have the qualitative and quantitative research data that proves you are heading in the right direction? Up until this very last stretch goal I would have said yes... but now I wonder.. hmmmm

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Robinson on

      Great move guys. I'm personally stunned at some of the negative responses. In particular, I'd be interested to see what people expect. You are offering a discount off of the retail price already. Then you tossed in the case. How much more do people want to see you eat away what little profit margin is left on each device out the door?

      It seems straightforward to me: every time you add a stretch goal that impacts the cost of every single device you ship (more memory, case, etc.) you negatively impact your bottom line. This simply isn't sustainable by adding backers. The problem actually increases when backers are added because you owe each backer a more expensive device.

      The solution to this is to add software stretch goals. Software stretch goals are one time expenditures that can be subtracted from the total profit as backers are added. That's the key. As profit (via more backers) grows, you can subtract a fixed cost to implement a software stretch goal. What you simply can't do is obliterate profits by continuing to add hardware changes for every backer. Before long, the company will be working for nothing or working themselves into debt.

      This seems like such a smart and obvious move that I can't imagine why people are so upset.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Stagg on

      I can't believe the sense of entitlement of so many people over this Stretch Goal. By backing this product you have done nothing more than essentially buying the finished product at a reduced rate. You are getting this reduced rate because you are prepaying and taking on a small amount of risk that the product will be delivered as/when promised.

      Also, it seems many are confusing a million dollars gross with a million dollars net profit. Gaining a million dollars in more purchases (as this is what we are really doing) does not equal a million dollars more to spend freely.

      I consider any stretch goal the company is offering to be a bonus and regardless of what they are, I have already purchased the product I want and am happy if that is all I receive.

    25. Wang Chaohui on

      Please ship it as fast as possible.

    26. Michael Holzner on

      Windows phone.....
      Even MS (Nokia) is going to release a Android phone. lol.

    27. David Gutierrez on

      A million dollars for windows app? Complete BS it's better to invest on hardware. Since windows will go the way of the dodo bird and black berry.

    28. Han Yang Tan on

      So here's the scenario: You put in x dollars for a product you THOUGHT was worth x dollars before whatever stretch goals were there or were already there but as-of unattained. With the new stretch goal, you aren't putting in more money, you aren't getting a worse product, you arent losing anything, and the developers stand to gain a larger user base. What's wrong?

      Also, the devs have said that they wouldn't dedicate manhours to WP app dev, and instead hire another company to do it, which would explain why they set the stretch goal amount to such a large amount. Because instead of DIY-ing it which requires more effort than money, they're going yo be EMPLOYING someone else to do it for them (likely outside of the team or maybe additional manpower or whatever). This means that if the windows users really do want it badly enough, that community is going to be able to push it up to 2.5 million, if not then the guys complaining about how pointless WP dev is won't have anything to complain about since it's not going to go through.

      Either ways, it's not going to affect current backers adversely, so I don't see what the big deal is. As far as I can tell those reactions saying how the devs should have stretch goals that benefit 100% of current backers are just being self-entitled and wanting to piggyback onto the goals that are attained without any additional monetary commitment on their part.

      Would I be happy if the third stretch goal was to improve the dash to the point of it becoming a personal teleporter with self-defense capabilities? Of course I would. But having them carry out app dev doesn't affect me, negatively nor positively, and it would give more people the opportunity to use a great product so that's awesome! (If they manage to bring it up to 2.5 mil that is, so go for it guys)

    29. Missing avatar

      Vicki Brown on

      As an Android user with an ipad, I thank BRAGI for offering iOS and Android apps available for free when launched. Android users often feel under appreciated when new apps come online first for iPhone.

      If you're doing so well in the campaign that you can propose a stretch goal for the 2,500,000 level (read those zeroes!) then, by all means, welcome the Win users on board.

    30. Marv

      To all those backer complaining about the WP app: stop being selfish and ignorant. (Btw, I'm an android user). If people don't want a company to put an effort into something that's not beneficial to them, they should start their own company. Come on people, how about being a little community-minded?
      It is friggin' great that Bragi chooses to support other platforms, that's what everyone should do. The more the merrier.

    31. Missing avatar

      Akinola Emmanuel on

      Why are people complaining? You didn't back the project for the unannounced stretch goals, did you? These are just perks for more people joining the party. It's alright not to like it, but it doesn't take away from what you bought and were guaranteed. Quit whining and be happy that you're getting what you paid for.

    32. David Kuhn on

      Alright, please do not take this the wrong way. I love this idea, and the design is amazing! Also, the hard case is an amazing addition which I do understand is a tremendous value, especially as the first stretch goal. The headphones with all the possibilities that come with them, the carrying/charging case that is perfectly designed, as well as the improved software for the bluetooth device are a truly incredible combination well worth the money themselves. However, with that being said in my opinion the Windows phone support should not have been a stretch goal, especially at a dollar value of $2,500,052. I do understand that it will help out with some of your future customers, but at this point I do not believe that it should be a goal during your Kickstarter campaign. Fewer than 10% of the smartphone-owning population actively uses a Windows phone. This means that, most likely, more than 90% of the current backers (At least 8,060 of the 8,955 backers at this point) will not benefit from the addition of the windows phone support. You stated, "We added Windows Phone support due to the HUGE demand. We received hundreds of mails asking for Windows Phone support." I completely believe that you received many requests, hundreds of requests for this addition. This isn't meant in a rude way, but I can almost guarantee it was not the most requested addition. Excluding the obviously infeasbile hardware advancements, from what I've seen, some of the most requested options are increased battery (This problem has been for the most part solved by the case, and I very much thank you for that!), some sort of strap that can either go around the ear or the neck so that people don't lose the headphones during activity, as well as a greater variety of color options for either the case, the headphones themselves, the LED light ring, or the silicon sleeves. All of these options, because of the fact that they are all hardware improvements, would benefit every single one of the current and future backers as well as to increase interest in the product (heck, Beats by Dre - a fairly low quality headphone for the price - continue to sell more pairs of their headphones just by offering more colors). I just think you need to keep in mind who the stretch goals effect, and try to positively effect the greatest proportion of the population of backers as possible.
      Now, with all that I have said, just know that I still fully support this project and the decisions you guys make. I just want to help guide you guys in the right direction to help everybody involved.

      Thanks Bragi,
      -David Kuhn

    33. Missing avatar

      Robbie L on

      Hopefully this will be the only stretch goal that's disappointing. I have no interest in a windows phone.

    34. Missing avatar

      Arnd Layer

      looks like Windows Phone demand was over-represented in the response you got - easily explainable by not having support before.

    35. Eric J.

      Any chance of a stretch goal for native BB10 support?

    36. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      @ALL, we are doing amazing with about $200k in added pledges a day. We are very happy that you wanted to support this product, that just a few days ago nobody thought possible. We have another 41 days to go. We will most probably be over the $2,500,051 mark within a week.
      We provided a HUGE value stretch goal as the first one, because it was a necessary addition to make it truly usable. We added the macros, controls and power saving to enhance battery life. We added Windows Phone support due to the HUGE demand. We received hundreds of mails asking for Windows Phone support.
      A part of being human is about the ability to be happy for others too. Be happy for the hundreds of people who now will be able to enjoy The Dash too.

    37. Steve Knipe

      Bragi, I absolutely love this product. I funded you guys from the off set in the hope of making your dream become reality so please can you stop disappointing me with these somewhat depressing stretch goals :(

    38. Simone Mone Marzocchi on

      as possessor of Lumia 1020 i'm very happy ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Julian on

      I hope we'll have a sticker when they will reach 4 millions!

    40. JK on

      I think they've already gone over the limitations and restrictions of longer battery life. Why rehash a request that has no chance?

    41. Steven Grimm on

      The more the merrier. I just hope this won't delay shipment for users of non-Windows-Phone devices.

    42. Nada

      I would have to agree windows support is not really a stretch goal that most of the backers would even be interested in. I think something else more interesting should have been a stretch goal. Disappointing.

    43. idefix on

      What 'm not sure all the people here take into account is that for the 1 million dollars more they have to deliver about 4500 more The Dash to the about 4500 more backers so the money that they make more for those is only what they retain after producing and shipping those units.

      Since we're still in the discounted early bird phase that may not be much at all, if anything.
      These should sell for 300,- and they give them to us for 200,- so they may already have a very small margin. Can anyone give an informed guess what The Dash is going to cost to produce? Without that we have no idea how much money the additional backers bring at this stage.

      They probably want more backers anyway because of the hype and because the more of something you produce the less impact the research and development and the tooling and all this stuff is going to have. But it's not necessarily to make more money out of the kickstarter run. I don't know how this is usually calculated if a kickstarter run should make money at all or just break even with the discounted prices and the developing that needs to be financed first.


    44. Mobeen on

      Bit disappointing to be honest for 1 million.

    45. David Kuhn on

      I am completely supporting Bragi and this project. You said, "I don't have a windows phone but I am completely fine with this strech goal, and if I did have a windows phone I would be stoked that they were working on this." The problem is that a very small percentage of the mobile phone market is controlled by microsoft with its windows phone. It just doesn't make sense to put millions of dollars into a project that will be wasted to over 90% of the backer population. It's wasted because no android or ios users will be able to use it. If the stretch goal had rather been a hardware upgrade then 100% of the backers would benefit.

    46. Missing avatar

      Hardik on

      This not stretch goal not even a goal. Who use windows phone, i have friend in Microsoft on iphone. Is there any hardware goals in future? If not don't say it stretch goal just call update.

    47. Missing avatar

      fafouneou on

      And yes it is normal if I complain and if I'm never happy ...
      I'm french !



    48. Missing avatar

      ODON LOPEZ on

      I agree with @Scott S. I was one of the first hundred to back this project back on day 1. I backed becuase I thought the creators had something innovative going on here. It looked and sounded intresting and I could see myself using it in many ways.

      I backed under the pretense that all I was getting was the earbuds and the carrying case and I was and still am completely happy with that. There was no stretch goals or anything announced at that time. The way I see it everything else I/we get from the creators is a bonus.

      The New Charging Case is looks to be awesome, the Advance Control Features is a great idea. I don't have a windows phone but I am completely fine with this strech goal, and if I did have a windows phone I would be stoked that they were working on this.

      It's in @Bragi best intrest to create and deliver a great product for their long term success. I am sure if along they way they figure out a way to add more memory or extend the battery life to this already great idea without compromising their production timeline they will do so.

      In my opinion @Bragi has been completly honest since day one about their plans and what they can and can't realistically do with this project.

      They way I see it if you don't like what your are getting from this project just don't back it.

    49. Missing avatar

      fafouneou on

      It's fun, the creator avoids any questions about this goal and answer only to the person who found the meaning of $ 2 5000 52

      with a million dollars for a windows application that is on it like numbers ....



    50. Donald Rosendahl on

      Yes! Windows phone support. Good decision!