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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
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BRAGI UPDATE - Update problem solved. 1.4.0 software ready

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backer,

sorry for the confusion. 1.4.0 is now ready (I've tried it myself) and available to update The Dash.

We hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Go to to update your Dash.

iOS and Android apps are live in the app stores. The Windows app might take another few hours to be released.

Major improvements in 1.4.0:

Improved speech quality in calls

Improved stability of system

Improved sensor precision

Improved robustness of EarTouch

How to update your Dash How to update your Dash Release notes

New features

Audio General

1. After the software update The Dash will inform you that the update was successfully completed.

Activity Tracker

1. Automatic feedback during activities. Every 5 minutes your Activity Feedback will be read to you.

2. Audio Transparency is now off, and disabled automatically during the swimming activity mode. This is to avoid the external microphones going into a feedback loop when immersed with water.

3. If the Left Dash is removed from the ear during an ongoing activity, the activity is automatically paused and a voice feedback is played back. The activity is also paused upon removal of The Right Dash, however, this is not accompanied by any feedback

System Status Feedback

1. The LightGuide can now be turned on to »breathe« while wearing The Dash in the ear. This behavior can be toggled on/off in the Bragi App - latest version of the app is required. By default the LED breathing is off.

Bragi App

1. Live Activity tracking values are now transferred and visible in the Bragi App.

2. Renaming The Dash's Bluetooth Device Name is possible in the App. This makes it easy to identify your Dash when connecting via Bluetooth.


Dash Platform

1. General improvements to the insertion detection.

2. Improvements to the EarTouch Interface have been made, improving its robustness in bright light conditions.

Audio General

1. An audio artefact introduced when turning Audio Transparency on & off rapidly has been removed.

2. Removal of distortion during »pairing« sound icon playback.

3. Stereo sound icons now have improved quality when played together with music

Internal Music Player

1. If The Dash master volume is at 0 (muted) and is inserted into The Charger, the volume will be set to Volume Level 3 for the next use in order to avoid mistaking The Dash for being non functional (instead of just muted).


1. Uplink voice clarity improved during telephony, in particular in quiet surroundings.

2. The echo/delay when calling from The Dash has now been removed.

3. General improvements to the audio quality of speaker and microphone.

4. General stability improvements when using The Dash as a headset.

5. Fixed issues that led to call audio only being heard mono on the right Dash.

6. Voice command recognition when using the voice control feature of a peripheral device (e.g. Apple Siri, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana) has been improved

7. During a call the volume can now be adjusted on either the phone and on The Dash.

Sensors & Activtiy Data

1. The heart rate data service has now been improved to work with more 3rd party apps (Runtastic, Runkeeper and Wahoo Fitness).

System Status Feedback

1. Frequency change in the LED behaviour during software update. This has been done to make it easier to distinguish the updating process from other notification on The Dash.

2. Showing the battery status of The Dash via »shake« gesture has been improved.

Dash Battery & Power Saving

1. Battery Status LED Feedback of The Dash in The Charger has been improved.

We will continue to improve The Dash and add new features in future updates. I, Nikolaj, wish you a great weekend.


The BRAGI team and Nikolaj.

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    1. Matt Peterson on

      Hey Guys.. it's been nearly a month since this last update. Still waiting on White Dash. When can we expect them to be delivered to the US?

    2. Zachary Reese on

      Having the same issue as Mathias. Much lower audio in the right Dash. Tried the different reset methods and no dice. Also, there's a bad connection so I keep having to tilt my head to get even decent reception between the two Dash.

    3. Mathias Junge on

      Still experiencing lower audio in the right dash even after a hard reset

    4. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Some anecdotal feedback about HRM performance between v1.3 and v1.4:
      1) v1.4 takes longer to recover from sensor read error than v1.3.
      2) v1.4 is more affected by change in ambient lighting. I think going from bright to dark places (& vice versa) can cause read error.
      3) Even though my left dash is quite snug in my ear, I think double-tapping on it can cause read error. I don't think that happened with v1.3.
      4) Generally, v1.4 reads more accurate than v1.3 between 50bpm to about 130bpm. Have not tested higher bpms as I've been ill lately.
      Note: Using fitsleeves with modified larger ear tips. Likely the best fit I am going to get with the Dash.

    5. Missing avatar

      Arshdeep Virdi on

      Lastly the connection is terrible.

      If I put the phone in my pants/jeans front pocket, the audio/connection starts breaking. Also putting the phone in my jacket's inner/outer pocket does not work either. I have to hold the phone in my hands most of the times.

      Holding the phone in the hand also does not work very well. If I relax my arm and move it all the way down the audio starts breaking at times.

    6. Missing avatar

      Arshdeep Virdi on

      Current recurring issues:

      1. Left Dash disconnects at least once every day. To fix that, I have to place both the right and left Dash back in the case and take them out after a few seconds.

      2. Not sure if anyone here uses Android Wear or Microsoft Band 2. I tried both, when Dash is connected to the phone, none of the two are able to control the music - that is play/pause, increase/decrease volume and change the tracks.

      3. Once in a while Left Dash battery dies whereas Right one is still fully charged

    7. Mathias Junge on

      Edit: turns out I had some earwax shift in my ear or something like that... I can hear again!!

    8. Mathias Junge on

      I've gotten an audio problem with right Dash after this update. The volume is so low that I might just leave it out.
      Tried to reset it, update again and right now I'm trying to dry it out in hopes that a hard reset will fix this problem.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Russell on

      I had issues with right dash response and music stop playing after 5 minutes. This update fixed the issues I was having. Thanks!!

    10. Neil Goodman on

      I've had the dash for over one month now and have gone through two updates. I have already contacted tech support and I still can't get the left dash to pair with the Bragi app. Both dashes will pair Bluetooth and BLE successfully with the phone, and music can be played , streaming and playlist, but the iphone app does not recognize either dash and hence I cannot control any of the functions. I feel that the left dash is defective in someway , such that the app cannot recognize the dash through BLE even though the phone does successfully pair both dashes

    11. Sascha Pallenberg on

      I am a backer from Taiwan and still haven't received my dash. this sucks big time

    12. Francois Theroux on

      In my usage, bluetooth is significantly improved with this update. I have also seen an improvement in responsiveness of tap controls.

    13. Makuri on

      I have noticed a lot of improvement in the Bluetooth connection now, I can even go behind a corner at home.No disruption at all.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Denham on

      The Dash no longer recognizes when it's in my ear. So currently, it is fairly useless.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bronson on

      Great update! Fixed a couple issues that I had with the Dash. One thing that changed though is that now I can't connect with just the right Dash along. I have to insert the left as well and then they connect. Only then can I then remove the left Dash for the right to work independently. Any thoughts?

    16. Stefan Tobiasson on

      I can now only get connected with thr right Dash. Before I succeded to connect to my left Dash 2 or 3 times. I tested to delete the connection at my mobile and now

    17. Missing avatar


      Concerning BT reception and issues, this is what I am going to try. Using the leash, wind an equal length of sculpters wire which I use to make frames for clay sculptures around it, and then wrap with a plastic coating yet to be determined. Yes they won't be truly wireless, but I have the feeling this will solve any BT issues.

    18. Missing avatar

      Yijia Wang on

      Hi, I've updated the dash but found out that only righ dash can be recognized by my computer (and it has been updated), while the left dash can no longer be recognized (I tried to reset it too). Do you have any suggestions on this issue? Thanks a lot!

    19. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      @Podorin Alexander
      1) Most of us with ear fit problems, go for third party ear tips or Sugru mod. But if it's still too big even with a totally naked Dash, then I am afraid The Dash is just not made for you.
      2) That's one of the Achilles heel of the Dash. Though the volume level seem to vary between units. eg: very little on mine.
      3) The feature set should improve with firmware maturity. The SW engineers are now likely busy tackling major issues, so the nicer, less urgent stuff will have to come later.
      4) That's the consequence of fitting a 2.4Ghz antenna with limited energy source inside the ear. Surrounded by signal-blocking flesh. Unless, in future designs, the antenna is outside the ear or use a lower, less-obstructed frequency, this issue is unavoidable.
      5) Same issue as 4.
      6) Probably a compatibility issue that the SW engineers have to fix in future firmwares. My Galaxy Alpha could not BLE connect with V1.3, but worked fine with V1.4.
      With all the valid points you mentioned, yet it's still the best among you KS projects! They must fill the milk bottles with stoic where you are from. :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on

      Received the dash today:
      1)They are TOO big for me. I read all instructions but I can't put them so deep in my ear
      2)Noise in the dash - I think this is the biggest noise of bluetooth headphones that I heard
      3)Don't find any way to watch sensors values without switch on activity
      4)In random moments when I rotate my head I lost all music from dash(no signal)
      5)Sometimes signal lost if I put my tab in my bag and listen to music
      6)I can't connect phone audio and multimedia audio to different devices

      But this project is better than last 3 from kickstarter

    21. Missing avatar

      Hays Collins

      My dash has successfully updated and connects to the braggi app but is not being recognized by anything else. I can not stream music or make calls, what should I do? I tried opening a service ticket on the app but every time I hot new the app crashes.

    22. Ronald Robles Osorio on

      my DASH isn't being recognized by the PC. I tried all available usb ports but same results, tried using different cable, same results, tried rebooting my pc, same results, tried to connect to other pc... same result...

      please advise...

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan C on

      I forget to mention that this should only be done only if the dash has been updating for at least 2 hours to insure that the dash has been given enough time to fully update.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonathan C on

      For those who have their dash still blinking blue and seems unresponsive, just simple put them BOTH in to your ears and it will prompt you that the update has been completed. If this does not work, simply reset and rapid update your dash. Hope this help anyone out there with this problem.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brian Fortman on

      Question for (everyone) about transparency mode: Is this supposed to be used when music is muted? If I have music at anything other than very very low, I don't hear any difference. When I have it off or very very low I do hear more white noise or something that boosts sounds. Thanks.

    26. Missing avatar

      Balal Ahmad on

      Ok, I was finally able to update via the rapid update version. Much Much faster.

    27. Missing avatar

      Balal Ahmad on

      I started my update yesterday around 8pm EST. It is now 4pm EST next day, and it is still "updating"... just rapid flashing on both ear pieces.

      I doubt it's going to finish, the battery will likely run out before it does.
      Is this normal? It doesn't seem like it.

    28. Missing avatar

      KCraigs on

      Hi Bragi team - I just sent a follow-up email regarding having a possibly defective right dash unit. I received a reply to my original note after a couple of weeks saying this update would fix the issues I had described, however my dash is currently updating, and only the left dash is blinking rapidly, while the right ear piece is staying solid (non-pulsing) blue. I am wondering if this means only the left is responding to the updates. I understand you are receiving many support requests since the product release, but I would love to get this sorted when possible if a replacement pair is necessary. In the follow-up note I sent moments ago I have summarized the issues I've been having with my dash. I would definitely appreciate a response at earliest convenience. Thanks team!

    29. Yotraxx on

      Bragi, your update definitly Rock! Thanks to your developers team! (BIG hug!):

      I now able to make clear voicalls through The Dash :)
      Sound robotized before :)

      Tracker seems to be more accurate now. (I'm a biker, bycicle).

      Concerning This point: please add "Strava" to your compatible list :)

      I definitly don't regret the time waited :) It worth It :)

      Have a long life Bragi :)

    30. nama0011

      Restartet the update, now both dashes don't blink anymore.
      But both show having version 1.4.0 in the bragi app...

    31. Dennis Kwok

      Bluetooth connection performance seem better than before! Great job!

    32. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      How I can stop the download if it needs to long?

    33. BRAGI LLC. Creator on

      If the regular update doesn't work for you, please retry. Is still not, then please try the rapid update version and follow instructions carefully.

    34. Júnio Branco on

      @nama0011 just a FYI my dash just finished its update after 5 hours.
      I am really pleased with Braggi and what they have created, I am loving the Dash!

    35. Júnio Branco on

      @nama0011 I am kinda of the same situation, I started the update 4 hours ago and it still blinking non stop. In my case both are blinking.

    36. nama0011

      The other isn't blinking at all.

    37. nama0011

      Started the update 6 hours ago and the dash is still updating (at least one of them is still nlinking really fast). Last updates only took 2-3h.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jens Soerensen on

      Thanks so much Bragi and keep it coming.
      Huge improvements to connectivity and audio quality for me.
      Updating was easy. Just make sure any - followed by number is removed from the file before ejecting the Dash.

    39. Eric J.

      Still can't get Runtastic on Android to register heart rate with the Dash. Runtastic now sees the Dash but no sensor data. Anyone else having issues with Android?

    40. Missing avatar

      Balal Ahmad on

      How long does the update take? Mine have been flashing blue, rapidly, for a good 35 min now.

    41. Grant Brennecke on

      Oh wow, great job on the voice quality improvements, the microphone records fantastically! Looking forward to using them for phone calls and Siri now. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Nina says,"My sensors & settings are now visible".
      What a flirt! :)

    43. Georg Eckardt

      Still waiting on delivery here!!!!!

    44. Francois Theroux on

      Unfortunately, my Dash does not get recognized by my computer so I can't update. Have sent a support request via the website.

    45. MF Calub on

      Ugh! Autocorrect. *Nikolaj

    46. MF Calub on

      @Nikolah and Team Bragi: Excellent update. Huge improvement on the transparency. Haven't tried anything else but knowing you guys are busily working on this is enough for me. Can't wait to try the mic later. Thanks again!

    47. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      and Runtastic Show the pluse.