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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
15,998 backers pledged $3,390,551 to help bring this project to life.

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News from Bragi HQ

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

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Bragi OS 2.0 Update Issues

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

Some report challenges on updating to Bragi OS 2.0. 

We are currently investigating to provide feedback and find a solution. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!

BRAGI UPDATE - BRAGI OS 2.0 - biiiig update!

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backer,

First of all, awesome summer to all of you. Second, update your Dash because it is about to become even more awesome. See below why.

3 years ago I started with an idea of this crazy audible computer I wanted to make. Today 150 people in Munich, Hong Kong, China, Chicago and New York are making it real for me. What a crazy ride. And you have shared 2/3 of that journey with me. Thank you.

The Dash Beta Tester group have been supporting us by testing and providing feedback to make The Dash even better. Huge thanks for providing invaluable input to the process.

BRAGI OS 2.0 - out now

Bragi OS 2.0 improves the foundations of The Dash and brings new, exciting features. You’re not just getting a upgrade – you’re getting a new experience with The Dash. 

Your Dash is now Louder, Better & Smarter than ever before. 

You can update your Dash on


The audio team and Marcus have managed to almost double the volume output of The Dash. 3 new volume levels above maximum safe volume has been added. Not only is it louder, but our audio team has tweaked the equalization and algorithms so your Dash sounds better than ever before. 

Listen Responsibly (a kind reminder from our medical and legal teams)

As per European standards, the maximum recommended sound level for in-ear headphones is 85 dbA. Based on numerous customer requests, the Bragi OS 2.0 software will now allow you to go beyond this recommended limit based on your decision in each single case. The Dash will warn you when the recommended safety level is reached. Please note that Bragi does not recommend to go beyond the recommended level, as this may lead to temporary or permanent impairment or loss of hearing.


Some smart guys have developed an algorithm to substantially improve the quality of voice during telephony. The Dash features an intelligent machine learning algorithm which dynamically mixes the EarBone microphone and External Microphone signals depending on the environment you are in. That way, no matter where you are, you’ll be heard clearly during telephony. The Dash takes about 5 seconds to learn and adopt to the environment you are in. We will improve this even further in the future.


Our development team has implemented a smart calibration feature in the Dash and the Bragi App. Every single ear is different, which means that The Dash is placed differently in every ear. We have added smart calibration tools that enables The Dash to understand how it is aligned and placed in the ear. This enables The Dash to provide more accurate data and feedback than ever before. It also enabled us to add metrics for swimming, running and biking. We think that’s pretty smart!

Secure Pairing & Bonding for Bluetooth 

With most other Bluetooth Low Energy headphones anyone can access the biometric data transmitted. They just need to be in proximity. Scary huh?

Read here why secure bluetooth pairing is important on wearables. Hackers can use Bluetooth Low Energy sensor data from a smart watch to map your pin numbers.

Our Bluetooth wizards have implemented a secure pairing process, which places a Privacy Shield over the data broadcasted by the sensors, ensuring it is only read and received by your intended app or device. It does mean that you have to erase and re-pair your Dash in the bluetooth settings and inside the app. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How to pair audio and activities on Android with BRAGI OS 2.0



How to pair audio and activities on iOS with BRAGI OS2.0


New app too!

The smart extension of The Dash has now become smarter. 

The app can now store past workouts securely through the privacy shield.

The Bragi App provides audio feedback of the activity every 5 minutes (even without bringing the phone) and enables a live data view on its interface (when you have your phone with you). By requesting the activity status, the user can now read on the screen the duration, heart rate and calories burned, among others. 

App version 2.0 is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Windows app update is ready by tomorrow.

White Dash and coloured sleeves

All pledges have now been attempted delivered or delivered for black and white Dash.

We have sent out two surveys on the coloured sleeves and expect to produce and ship these by August.

Free shipping to EU & US

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, I’m really excited to announce that we now offer free shipping to United States and the EU from our webshop.

Learn more

Learn more about all the exciting features of Bragi OS 2.0 here (link: and update your Dash today, for a totally new and awesome Dash experience.

If you experience any issues while updating your Dash, please contact our support team at – They are happy to help and will do their utmost to get you going smoothly.

Have fun, all the best from

the BRAGI team & Nikolaj

BRAGI UPDATE - Software roadmap, white Dash & support

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backer,

we are continuing to improve The Dash to our best efforts. The team is currently working on software version 1.5.0 for The Dash, that is intended to be released next week.

Long story short please!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

The team is finalising software release 1.5.0 on The Dash:

White Dash support

Improved touch algorithms

Bug fixes for left and right sync issues (left Dash sometimes skipping)

Charger power drain fix

App and Dash communication improvements.

An updated app will be released offering:

Ability to store and review previous activity sessions

Ability to start activities from the App

Calories burned and distance calculations (running).

Step length is automatically calculated based upon your gender, height and weight. (can be modified)

1.5.0 cannot be downgraded to a previous version.

What is next?

Software 1.6.0 is estimated to early June and will offer these improvements:

Improved audio performance during phone calls in challenging conditions.

Swimming & Biking metrics version 1.0

Secure pairing and bonding with BLE (left Dash bluetooth), so you don't have to reconnect again with the app 

Secure transfer between phone and Dash. (BLE is not secure as a standard)

We are investigating how to deliver higher maximum volume and a bit more BASS. EU has regulations for maximum sound pressure to protect users from hearing damage, that we comply with (almost seems like we are the only ones who do). People have complained that The Dash isn't loud enough, so we are looking into a mechanism to circumvent that limitation.

2.0.0 is planned for August release with a significant amount of additional metrics as well as macro's.

What is BRAGI doing before a software release?

From a technical point of view The Dash is more like a computer with lots of software than a traditional headphone. Our focus after the release has been to strengthen the core software, so we can add more features after having a strong core.

We have built more than 50.000 Dash by now, and the variation of use cases applied are huge. Anything from swimming in the morning sun, having a phone conversation in an area with a lot of Wifi basestations, to very humid conditions in the Brazilian rain forrest.

Before releasing new software to you, we have to test many of old and new use cases to avoid new bugs popping up while old ones are fixed.

It takes us about 2 weeks to go through the entire test protocol. If any issues are found, we need to fix the issue and retest.

White Dash

It has been significantly harder to bring The white Dash to you than expected. White plastic behaves much differently with the optical sensors than black plastics. 

We have had to add an significant amount of algorithms to cope with the differences, as well as controlling quality of tinting of the white Dash touch interface.

We have built quite a few white Dash to control uniformity, and we just have a few issues left to fix in the production line before we can start.

We expect to start building white Dash within the next 2 weeks, so we can ship products around months end.

BTW, someone has been spreading information that we are shipping white Dash to retail before to Kickstarter backers. That is NOT true!!! We are shipping to Kickstarter backers first, then preorders, then retail.

Improving support

Our support is not as fast as we or you would like. We have underestimated the effort, even though we have 12 full time positions in support.

BRAGI is hiring more people for our support channels. But we also need to automate internal processes so it doesn't take a supporter an hour to generate all documents needed for a replacement unit. 

We are slowly fixing one automation step after the other to reduce the time it takes to get back to you. We are also looking into introducing chat functions.

Our goal is that you should receive a message back within 24 hours. It will take us another few months to get there. Currently we take in average 4 days to return questions down from 3 weeks a month ago.

This is NOT how we would like it to be, and we are doing our best to improve. Please bear with us while doing so. 

Regards from sunny Munich,

The BRAGI team and Nikolaj

BRAGI UPDATE - Update problem solved. 1.4.0 software ready

Posted by BRAGI LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backer,

sorry for the confusion. 1.4.0 is now ready (I've tried it myself) and available to update The Dash.

We hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Go to to update your Dash.

iOS and Android apps are live in the app stores. The Windows app might take another few hours to be released.

Major improvements in 1.4.0:

Improved speech quality in calls

Improved stability of system

Improved sensor precision

Improved robustness of EarTouch

How to update your Dash How to update your Dash Release notes

New features

Audio General

1. After the software update The Dash will inform you that the update was successfully completed.

Activity Tracker

1. Automatic feedback during activities. Every 5 minutes your Activity Feedback will be read to you.

2. Audio Transparency is now off, and disabled automatically during the swimming activity mode. This is to avoid the external microphones going into a feedback loop when immersed with water.

3. If the Left Dash is removed from the ear during an ongoing activity, the activity is automatically paused and a voice feedback is played back. The activity is also paused upon removal of The Right Dash, however, this is not accompanied by any feedback

System Status Feedback

1. The LightGuide can now be turned on to »breathe« while wearing The Dash in the ear. This behavior can be toggled on/off in the Bragi App - latest version of the app is required. By default the LED breathing is off.

Bragi App

1. Live Activity tracking values are now transferred and visible in the Bragi App.

2. Renaming The Dash's Bluetooth Device Name is possible in the App. This makes it easy to identify your Dash when connecting via Bluetooth.


Dash Platform

1. General improvements to the insertion detection.

2. Improvements to the EarTouch Interface have been made, improving its robustness in bright light conditions.

Audio General

1. An audio artefact introduced when turning Audio Transparency on & off rapidly has been removed.

2. Removal of distortion during »pairing« sound icon playback.

3. Stereo sound icons now have improved quality when played together with music

Internal Music Player

1. If The Dash master volume is at 0 (muted) and is inserted into The Charger, the volume will be set to Volume Level 3 for the next use in order to avoid mistaking The Dash for being non functional (instead of just muted).


1. Uplink voice clarity improved during telephony, in particular in quiet surroundings.

2. The echo/delay when calling from The Dash has now been removed.

3. General improvements to the audio quality of speaker and microphone.

4. General stability improvements when using The Dash as a headset.

5. Fixed issues that led to call audio only being heard mono on the right Dash.

6. Voice command recognition when using the voice control feature of a peripheral device (e.g. Apple Siri, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana) has been improved

7. During a call the volume can now be adjusted on either the phone and on The Dash.

Sensors & Activtiy Data

1. The heart rate data service has now been improved to work with more 3rd party apps (Runtastic, Runkeeper and Wahoo Fitness).

System Status Feedback

1. Frequency change in the LED behaviour during software update. This has been done to make it easier to distinguish the updating process from other notification on The Dash.

2. Showing the battery status of The Dash via »shake« gesture has been improved.

Dash Battery & Power Saving

1. Battery Status LED Feedback of The Dash in The Charger has been improved.

We will continue to improve The Dash and add new features in future updates. I, Nikolaj, wish you a great weekend.


The BRAGI team and Nikolaj.