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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
15,998 backers pledged $3,390,551 to help bring this project to life.

BRAGI UPDATE - Shipping status & Getting Started with Your Dash!


Dear Backers,
Thanks for your continuous support. We really appreciate it and are so happy that many of you finally have The Dash.

Update on shipping status –

EU backers

Our current shipping status is that 93% of European backers have received their Kickstarter edition of The Black Dash. Remaining units are awaiting confirmation or feedback from backers, or due to failed delivery attempt by UPS.

USA backers

630 Black Dash have already been delivered to US backers. 

2520 Black Dash arrived today in our US hub, and are expected to ship tomorrow and Monday.

2639 Black Dash will arrive on Monday in the US hub, and are expected to be shipped Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

UPS will issue your tracking code as soon as your Dash is shipped from the distribution hub. 

Canada backers

We had some challenges with getting The Dash to Canada. In order to hopefully avoid issues customs, we have chosen to deliver to Canadian Backers from the first production batch made after the Chinese New Year (Feb 15th). were all the workers building the Dash are on holiday and the factory is closed. We are sorry that you need to wait for another few days.

Rest of World backers

1945 Black Dash are going to APAC backers and are expected to start shipping out of Hong Kong tomorrow.

134 Black Dash are starting to ship to rest of world tomorrow from Hong Kong.

478 units cannot be shipped yet, because of missing certifications, or import challenges with the following countries. These countries include Aruba, French Polynesia, Uruguay, Brunei, Cambodia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan, Brazil. We will keep you informed on our progress.

Status of the delivery of The White Dash 

We will start producing The White Dash after the Chinese New Year holiday and we plan to ship the White dash at the beginning of March. 

Our customer support team takes a bit longer than usual

Because of the high number of tickets (a lot of pre-order and delivery date requests) we are not able to answer you as quickly as we want to. Our customer care team have been working very long day and nights to answer as many of your request as possible.

You can help us by directing all general issues to and for all technical issues to this will help us reply to your requests more quickly.

Some of our team was able to respond to requests and questions on Facebook over the weekend. Although we want to answer your questions whenever and where ever we can we must ask you to check our website where you will find user guides and support articles. If you need more support you can contact our customer care. We would like to thank you for all your great comments and feed-back.

Bragi illustrated Guides and support articles
More graphics are on our website. Please check for all Bragi Guides and support articles.

How to update the Dash

The Dash has software on it that is slightly old. We are sorry it is old, we had the choice between delaying production to end of February so we could include the new software on The Dash, or send The Dash with software from November last year. We have greatly improved the software, and you will need the new software to connect to the BRAGI app. We have made further tests of the software update process and have been able to reduce the number of steps involved. Please follow these steps carefully, and you'll be fine.
Please be advised that we are working on a improved software, addressing some of the issues you have made us aware of. We are aiming to release another software update in the week of the 15th of February. We will send a Kickstarter update when it is ready. 

How to update The Dash
How to update The Dash

Get Started

You can see our Get started Guide here:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

How To pair The Dash with a smartphone

How to connect The Dash to a smartphone
How to connect The Dash to a smartphone
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Right Dash
Pairing The Left Dash
Pairing The Left Dash
Pairing The Left Dash
Pairing The Left Dash
Pairing The Left Dash
Pairing The Left Dash

Connecting to The Bragi App

The Bragi app communicates with The Dash by using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to share data with The Dash. BLE is significantly different than normal Bluetooth (even though it uses a similar name).

Connect The Dash with The Bragi App Connect The Dash with The Bragi App.

Connect with the Bragi App
Connect with the Bragi App

Bluetooth Connectivity

See our guide for optimising the Bluetooth connection:

Support Articles

One of my Dash does not react - 
For inserting The Dash correctly - which is crucial to get proper heart rate reading; see

The Left Dash is not breathing whilst in The Charger, see the support article:

White noise - 
Check that audio transparency is off on your Dash, and if white noise is still an issue then refer to our support article:

List of compatible devices:

These are exciting times. We are looking for more feedback from you, and are determined to fix issues that you might have. Give us a bit of time, and we'll be pursuing them diligently.

Wish you a lot of fun with The Dash, regards

The BRAGI team and Nikolaj

The Dash Firmware is released and available NOW.


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

BRAGI UPDATE - FW update and connecting to the APP


Dear Backers,

as you might have seen on Facebook and Kickstarter comments quite a few people have received their Dash.

The Dash not connecting to The Bragi APP

The firmware resident on The Dash is from late October from production.

This is the case because firmware and test setup in the factory need to be tightly coupled. It takes a long time to implement a new firmware into the production line.

The firmware has evolved dramatically in the last 3 months. We have made improvements to the sound, microphone performance, heart rate algorithms, stability and how The Dash connects with the BRAGI app.

The Dash with the old firmware cannot connect to the APP, simply because the way both speak with each other is significantly more advanced that is was 3 months ago.

We had a new firmware ready at but had to pull it last second due to a bug we found last second.

The team has been working through the night, and are testing the corrections right now. 

I'll send an update when the firmware is ready.

You need help?

When you get The Dash and have trouble with it, do please contact us at or through the support section of the BRAGI app.

If you get a Dash that doesn't seem to work, we'll replace the unit asap. Just contact us.

Backers created a group

Some backers created a Kickstarter group on Facebook. It is not supported by BRAGI, but is is fun to see unpacking pics.


Nikolaj and BRAGI team

BRAGI UPDATE - products shipping, production


Dear Backer,

1280 people have today received a UPS notice that their Dash has shipped (have a look at the comments section).

Products from the first batch were supposed to be delivered last week, but issues between German customs (UPS Germany hub), UPS and BRAGI meant that UPS couldn't ship units until today.


Today 1280 people in EU have received their tracking number, with the first units being delivered at backers tomorrow. We are very excited!

Tomorrow another 2500 units will ship from the EU hub to EU based backers.

Another 108 will be delivered from the EU hub next week.

Another 3150 units are ready to be shipped from our contract manufacturer in China. They will be shipped to the US hub in Kentucky. US and Canada backers will receive their products from this shipment.

Rest of World and remaining US and EU products are expected to ship from our factory by the end of next week. We have seen challenges with customs and UPS in our first shipments to EU, we hope to avoid that with the shipments to US and ROW.

If you have any questions, please direct them to 


We had some challenges with quality of plastic parts as reported in our last update. The production yield for plastic parts is very low limiting us to only manufacture 500-700 units per day.

We have to date manufactured more than 7000 Dash, and expect to finish the black Dash by the end of next week.

The following week is chinese new year, and the factory is closed. After Chinese New Year, we will start to manufacture white Dash and expect them to ship before end of February.

Software on The Dash

We have just released App versions V1.1 as well as the newest firmware for The Dash. Please (please!) do an update of The Dash upon arrival. Many bugs have been resolved and features have been added. The software revision on The Dash is from late October (due to production processes), and significant improvements have been made since.

Update here

Version V1.1 of the app is in review right now, and should be ready any time soon on iOS, it is already available on Google Play and Windows.

We have done a lot of interoperability testing with Phones, but we do not have access to as many devices as you do. If you find bugs or something annoying you, please report it to us from the service are within The BRAGI APP or write to We prefer if you can do it within the App.

Using The Dash

The Dash is waterproof. The charging Case IS NOT!!!!

In a future SW release, we will turn off audio transparency in the water, because sound artefacts makes it an unpleasant experience. Please do not use audio transparency in water.

Bluetooth performance is divided into two categories. On body and line of sight performance.

Line of sight performance is very good, and amongst best in class.

On body performance improves dramatically if the Bluetooth device protrudes out of the ear (like old bluetooth headsets). I never wanted to make teletubby headphones, and The Dash rests within the ear to be discrete. The head, ear, shoulders etc create “radio shadows”, that reduce on body performance.

This is only noticeable, when you are outside with no walls to reflect the signal. If you are within 8 meters of a wall, the wall will reflect the signal to provide better on body performance.

On body, we recommend to have the source (phone) on the upper right body outdoors to avoid breakups. Only a few cm of distance to the body from the phone removes the limitation. Many other manufacturers have the same recommendation. Just a few examples: 

Jaybird look at outdoors/gyms

Jabra® SPORT see FAQ/Audio/Why do I hear static on my Jabra Bluetooth Headset

Even if our device is tiny and right in the ear, we are on par on performance with most headsets, even if they stick further out of the ear.

I will provide another update next week on shipping progress. 

Thank you for supporting us.


BRAGI team and Nikolaj

BRAGI UPDATE - back from Las Vegas - shipping - production


Dear Backer,

All units that were in transit and about to be delivered were held back by UPS (our freight forwarder). In an ispection of the goods, they discovered that the LED of Dash it is blinking in the packaging. They thought that Bluetooth was active while The Dash was blinking and stopped all shipments.

All goods are going on aircrafts, and no bluetooth is allowed to be active during flight (especially when you have thousands of devices within a pallet). UPS was correct in holding back goods. We were able to convince them that The Dash is in power save mode and not in active bluetooth mode, just because it is blinking. UPS has accepted to ship the goods after documentation on power modes from BRAGI (we had to get an employee to Hong Kong to clear the situation) and will resume shipping tomorrow. 

The units that were supposed to be shipped already are being shipped to EU hub tomorrow and on Monday. Expect the previously communicated transit time. We are incredibly sorry. This is really our fault, but we didn't know that the blinking could be mistaken for active units, and didn't declare that bluetooth isn't active during blinking.

Visual inspection of units.
Visual inspection of units.
Products packed, ready to go at UPS.
Products packed, ready to go at UPS.

Challenges in production this week

In the beginning of this week, we received a large batch of plastic parts from our sub-supplier intended for the production run of the remaining Kickstarter units.

Our incoming quality control identified that the top housing parts delivered for this and next weeks production weren't manufactured to specification. For reference, the width of the surface area you see in the upper picture below is 1,2 mm. 

The groove is supposed to be smooth without any edges. The edges originate from imprecise plastic injection moulding tool handling.
The groove is supposed to be smooth without any edges. The edges originate from imprecise plastic injection moulding tool handling.
This is hugely magnified. There is not supposed to be a step or edges, just a smooth curve.
This is hugely magnified. There is not supposed to be a step or edges, just a smooth curve.
Crosssection of the assembly between the top and bottom housing.
Crosssection of the assembly between the top and bottom housing.

This is an example of what happens when there are imperfections in the surface. The lower and upper part has irregular gaps, and The Dash cannot be ultrasonically welded.  Because of the bad incoming material, we cannot assemble The Dash correctly, and we had to scrap all the top housing plastic parts delivered.

The sub-supplier told us that they needed this week to realign the tool and to injection mould replacement units for the faulty plastic parts. They committed to deliver parts to specification by Monday, so we can resume production. This starts resembling Sisyphus struggles, but we will roll the stone to the top of the hill!

Providing successful inspection of incoming parts, we should be able to resume production and produce all remaining black units next week. These are shipped bi-daily when production resumes.

The white units will be built after the black units. Expect them to be built first week of February (one week delay due to the delay in production this week.

When you receive your units

Please update your Dash from when you receive your Dash.

We our production line software is from mid November, and the software has improved significantly since then. We expect to release a brand new software release for the web update on Friday next week.

News from Las Vegas

We had a lot of backers visiting us at CES. That was awesome. Thank you for coming by.

 We also had a bit of media coverage. Here just a few:




We know we have had several delays, and we are not happy about it. We are very sorry for the delays, but we remain to be transparent about the situation. I'll send another update by the end of next week.