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World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.
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    1. Philip DeLuca on

      I have never regretted a Kickstarter pledge more than this one. I got mine a long time ago - they are utter garbage.

    2. Missing avatar

      Max on

      If you see this when considering to buy the Dash:

      Put simply - Don’t!
      There is so much else you could do with your money, like throw it out of your window our use it as toiletpaper. But please don’t support Bragi, ‘cause they wont support you. One of the worst companys ever encountered!

    3. Armando Kolleman on

      Dear @Reberto B, Can you and other join this Facebook page so we can all start the process together? Here's the page:

    4. Brian O'Connell on

      I still haven't received my item despite contacting them half a dozen times with no responses. I'd like me money back, guess I have to contact Kickstarter?

    5. RY on

      Same here. My left dash just stop working and right dash comes on when it's happy. Gonna throw them away and getting B & O E8.

    6. Missing avatar

      Roberto B on

      All EU persons who purchased a Bragi Dash through this site seem to be entitled to a 2 year warranty from when they received the unit. I challenged them through ECC-net small claims and they did offer me a new set of dash or the Pro for 100eur.

      You need to file a case/complaint via European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-net) via the centre in your home country. Since Bragi is from Germany, I'm guessing that in Germany you need to file a complaint via Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle des Zentrums für Schlichtung e. V.

    7. Carlos G. on

      My left dash randomly stopped working as well, when I submitted an ticket they said I was out of warranty and that this is why they had given us vouchers. They then said this is a software issue and that I should wait for updates to make my dash better...I used to brag that I loved these and now I don’t/can’t even want to use them.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      After multiple emails to Bragi, they decided that my dash is out of warranty (1 year) and will only offer me a 20% discount to replace my right dash. No explanation was given on why my dash stopped working. Now why would I want to buy a new one when mine just malfunctioned on it's own, with barely any usage? It'll probably happen again sooner or later and they'll probably offer me another 20% discount. Very clever business plan I'd say. I suggest anyone thinking of buying a new pair of Dash to stay away from this company and its products.

    9. Lim Sze Yong on

      Hey guys anyone suffer the crack in the bragi? Mine did and they then mention the warranty is over and they then also written this.

      By a bragi representative:

      However, Kickstarter is a platform that is presenting and fostering projects like ours, projects that are not finished but rather are rewards sent out for backing a project. Bragi offered several tiers of rewards from vouchers to full units of the first generation of the Dash.

      Kickstarter Terms and conditions state:
      “The service is provided as is and as available and is without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose, and any warranties implied by any course of performance or usage of trade, all of which are expressly disclaimed”

      What this means is that none of the rewards shipped via a Kickstarter campaign are obliged to offer a warranty.

      Due to the outstanding support, we received from Kickstarter backers such as yourself, our CEO Nikolaj decided to offer a one year warranty to protect our backers from hardware failures starting from the original unit’s delivery date."

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      took my dash out after not using it for awhile. right dash seems dead, kinda. Have the exact same issue described here. Anybody managed to resolve this one?

    11. Alon Walter on

      Yeah, I have 15 minutes in the left dash.
      Their reply was a list of tips on how to avoid battery degradation...
      I told them it’s like telling a lung cancer patient that he shouldn’t smoke...
      Battery is already practically dead.

      So disrespectful of them.
      I will not let this go down like that.

    12. Armando Kolleman on

      Heeey guys,

      I have been following a lot of the posts here and I have been thinking about a good way how we can solve these issues with Bragi. I have been mailing with them for months and I'm just tired about this hole way of there communication. We made them so we can break them to. But we can only do that by getting there attention. I know that there are already guys starting legal actions but I also want people to know what kind of company Bragi is. I would like to find as much people that are having problems with there Bragi so we can start a Facebook page. Let me know who's interested, you guys can find me on Facebook to ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Roberto B on

      @Richard, I am still going through the small claims process, I believe its going to take at least 3 months, but i'll sure keep you posted on the outcome.

    14. יהודה ניל on

      I live in Germany now and my left dash has stopped working for a year now and they told me my 1 year is over so they refuse to refund or replace my dash. I will report them. I actually thought about going to their office tbo.

    15. Missing avatar

      Heath Christensen on

      I'm on day 80 with no shipment and no timeline for the pro. They kindly told me to go buy it at a local retailer with no mention of the discount, which is of course only available through the bragi website.

    16. Michael Abbott on

      @David, I'm also waiting. Exchanged a few emails with Bragi over the months, asking for status. Standard response 'we have no information'. The one thing I do get every time... a survey asking how I like the support.

    17. David Emanuel Loos on

      Anyone already received the Dash Pro with special Kickstarter discount? I am waiting since 4 months now and am thinking about cancelling my order....

    18. Ron Katzir on

      Has anyone had the microphone of the Dash die? I'm on a replacement pair and not being able to use them for calls is frustrating.
      The support stated 1 year warranty as well - please let us know how it goes.

    19. Richard Bell on

      @Roberto I am also having similar issues and an also being met with the 1 year warranty roadblock from support. I have also quoted EU 2 Year guarantee and am arguing that we are a customer to a supplier not a donater to receive a gift.
      Let me know how your complaint goes, for I am looking to go to European Small Claims.

    20. B.

      They are a German company, they have to comply with the 2 years guarantee.

    21. Missing avatar

      Roberto B on

      My Bragi Dash has failed within 2 years of receiving it. The left dash is completely dead and the right dash doesnt respond well to the touch commands ( i have to touch around about 20 times for something to happen. I contacted Bragi who told me that kickstarter editions are no longer covered under the 1 year warranty.

      I would like to highlight to EU consumers that the warranty period MUST be no less than 2 years no matter what their warranty claims.

      Therefore I have initiated an online complaint via Europa EU

      I will keep you posted of the outcome

    22. DrSeth83 on

      I must say I have been experiencing some stutter on the BT connection too, though it is not a "gamebreaker" for me.

      On a positive side note:
      The Dash underwent a hard endurance test or abuse test (if you want to call it that way) a few days ago:

      Forgot the Dash inside shot pants, put them in the washing machine, 40° C, 1400 rpm and 2 hours later I put them out of the machine (no longer inside the trousers but loosely from the barrel). Still work perfectly fine.

      Thumbs up for German engineering...!

      Still do not want to try this again, gave me a minor heart attack.

    23. Brendan Davis on

      Still didn't receive pair from over 3 years ago.

    24. B.

      The poor Bluetooth connection of my Dash first edition is something of a joke, making this product useless at least for me. If I put my phone in my shirt pocket, my Dash set will stutter as the bt dash is on the right side. Even putting my phone in my backpack will not work properly for me. Very disappointed, even after these years...

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonathan C on

      Anders Öster
      The coupon last for 3 months from the day the email was sent. However i might be wrong, but i am fairly certain that it's 3 months or so.

    26. Anders Öster

      Anyone else experiencing sound cutting out intermittently on the Dash with the latest fw?

    27. Anders Öster

      For how long is the Dash Pro voucher valid?

    28. Anders Öster

      Will there be a white Dash Pro?

    29. Ben Baskaran on

      Must admit my dash has been pretty perfect connects easily to my device totally love it

    30. Enrico C

      I want to go on the record and say Dash was a nice attempt to crack a huge market but failed on a massive scale. It is such a daily hassle to connect the dash through the app. The time it took to update the firmware is ridiculous. Bought the AirPods recently and gave the Dash to my nephew as a toy.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tan on

      The Dash is expected to have a battery life expectancy of minimum 3 years with 1,6 charges a day.
      The battery is developed and manufactured by a respected German company, and is one of the most expensive parts in The Dash due to the high capacity in a very small volume (energy density).

      THis is far from the experience that i had.. i can't even get more than 30 mins out of my Dash..

      and as it's no longer under warranty, I've been advised to get another DASH..

      Well.. the DASH had DASHED all my hopes on it.. no more i guess..

    32. Kyle Ross on

      I have to say I was super pleased with The Dash while it worked but their support is abysmal. Following a Desktop Update that bricked my Right Dash I have had a ticket open for over a month that has been passed around to no less that 6 support people, all of whom ask for the same information and provide the exact same steps.

    33. Missing avatar


      I have to consider myself to be fortunate to have received the Dash and the Headphone and experiencing zero problems to this day. Used both yesterday for a total of 8 hours listening to music. Stellar in my opinion!

    34. Missing avatar


      I really would not rule out the Earin M2 coming out next month. Good luck with Kanoa! Almost pre-ordered those.

    35. Missing avatar

      Vaclav Gazi on

      @Dave R, @ Remain7, many thanks for reply and advice. I am waiting for may KANOA earphones and it that's no good enough I will go for Airpods.

    36. Missing avatar


      I suggest getting the EarSkinz for AirPods. I use them on mine for a better fit and seal.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      @Vaclav, the Airpods are WAY better in sound quality, both in having a reliable bluetooth connection and in raw audio quality, but they don't seal in your ear like the dash does. They are more similar to the wired apple earphones in fit.

    38. Suprdink on

      I lost my colored Fit Sleeves. Anyone find a colored sleeve that works with this?

    39. Missing avatar

      Vaclav Gazi on

      @Dave R, I have also inclination to go for Apple Airpods but could you tell me what you think, how the Airpods compare to The Dash in sound quality, fit in ear and a sound isolation from the surrounding noise. Many thanks.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      @Anko P, I just went to a local store and bought Airpods. They work SO much better. I can have my iPhone anywhere in the vicinty (even a room away) and they still work, vs the Dash which breaks up if I have it in the wrong pocket or it's oriented the wrong way. And I don't have to fiddle with the pods when putting them in the charger. Just slide them in and done. With the Dash, you have to make sure they are situated just right, then watch them to make sure they start flashing the right way, and then hope they stay that way (multiple times, I've left them in the charger, flashing in sync, then the next morning, when I go to use them, one of them starts flashing red right away because it didn't charge).

    41. Anko Pasmooij on

      @Dave R, @Maximilian Kuehr
      apparently I'm not the only one.
      As a backer I was enrolled into the beta software program. While updating to the new beta OS my left dash stopped working. Hasn't worked since. Tried to downgrade, slow update, reset, nothing helped.
      after contact with Bragi they said seems like your left dash is non-functional, it's out of warranty, if you buy a new one it should fix it, I got a discount though if i wanted it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Heres an short Review for "THE DASH": ITS S****! DON'T BUY IT!

      Just after one year and three months it broke. I brought (supported) the dash because i wanted to use an wireless headset for sports like running and training - Hearing that the Dash will be Waterproof (and sweat proof) was the Point that got me. But this was a fu**** lie.

      After i contacted the Costumerservice they were friendly first. The second mail was just ridiculous and unfriendly, they said i could buy a new one.

      You now what? I might buy a new one, but none from BRAGI! Those are expensive and dont work the way they should!

    43. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      Good news. They managed to make the Dash just good enough to make it out of the "warranty" period. Now when it fails, like mine did, it's "How about you buy another one".

    44. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Here's hoping Starkey versions will be available in Sydney at some point. Loving my Dash and my Headphone (until the dog chewed one) and will most likely get the Pro if I can get molded versions here in Oz.

    45. Lance Ackerman on

      I got fitted 5 days ago for the Starkey version. I'm hoping to have it in my hands by the end of this coming week. I only spent 15-20 at the hearing center and all they did was look in my ears and take a mold of both sides.

    46. Missing avatar

      Lukas Kuch on

      Hat irgendjemand aus Deutschland schon den Gutscheincode erhalten?! ...also ich nicht...

    47. Missing avatar

      marksman on

      And thanks for the Gym bag, T-shirt as engraved cover as gestures of Team Bragi. So happy to be Bragi Ambassador!

    48. Missing avatar

      marksman on

      Just attended the Bragi Launch Event in HK this afternoon. It's been great to meet the Bragi Team. Nice chatting with Nikolaj in person, and he showed me the Starkey Version Dash Pro. That's impressive - the welding seam is gone totally (as compared to the ordinary Dash Pro), I believe that'd be better seal against everything.

      And Nikolaj told me that the team is working on a solution for the disorganised song order in the internal player.

      An really exciting launch event, except knowing that the Starkey Version is yet to be available in HK by 2018 Q1.

    49. Bobby Chew on

      Just an update on the Dash Pro situation I was having.

      I have been in contact with service support, and they have sent me a replacement charging base to help with the troubleshooting. After following some instructions and initiating what I think is a factory reset, I'm happy to report that my Dash Pro is working as normal now.

      Just like the review below, I agree on many of the points brought up by the user review, such as the better seal around the ear canal, and the bluetooth connection. Overall, the Pro does not improve on the original Dash by leaps and bounds, but the improvements are there nonetheless. And if you've been using the original model since the beginning, you'll appreciate the improvements.

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