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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 3 2015
pledged of $35,000pledged of $35,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 3 2015


Posted by Heldentaufe Team (Creator)

Dear backers

Aleae jactae sunt. We'll stop the project today... Of course, we're disappointed but we know that it's the right decision. In the last two weeks, we've learned very much by doing huge mistakes that made the project struggling. I'm sorry... We know now better for a second try.

I'm sure, that some of you don't understand this decision: I'll try to explain you the major reasons (others have been posted from other backers) why we can't go on like this...

Because the preparation of the campaign was too spontaneous, that meant a huge workload and stress for us. We all have private lifes to live and it was simply not possible to do both as we imagined... Therefore, in case of a reboot, we will make sure that everything is organized BEFORE the campaign starts. This needs time and we won't publish a delay for the moment. We have to calm down now, take a rest and come back with new energy. We want to apologize, especially to our families, that they suffered under the project during the last months. There has to be a break now.

We'll make a restart when we're ready and we'll take all the time we need for that. Eventually, we'll also lay some parts of the project in professional hands to keep the workload on a "healthy dose".

I'm sorry that I promised you stuff, that we could not deliver in the given time. We still have not received any further information about shipping reductions yet and it doesn't make sense anymore to "play that joker" in the rest of the time. Neither the "Kickstarter exclusive" contents - they're not yet finished too... Of course, we have been discussing an abort for a week now and we also had to get more informations for that too: Maybe you haven't realized yet: This project is also based on some cultural stipends (~12'000$). And yesterday, we received the confirmation that these stay the same also in case of a reboot...  

I want to be honest by saying: I feel quite bad about the fact, that we aborted a campaign with more than 25'000$ and 70% (and still 12 days to go). I mean - I dislike the "attitude" on Kickstarter that everyone wants his project to be backed in 2 days or collect at least 100'000$ to "succeed". I don't see a problem (as others) if we reached "only" exactly 35'000$. But reality shows, that we won't be able to guide this ship to that port and therefore, we'd rather abort this project right now than rotating 12 more days for nothing...

I'm also sorry for our reviewers. I really messed up this timing and feel sad about that. Please excuse me - I hope, some of them do still find the energy to communicate their opinion about the game.

For a second try, our philosphy stays the same: We just want to give birth to "Heldentaufe" and want to present you a clean and well tested product. We won't present you an endless amount of stretch goals and expansions but this time, we know how important it is to have some kickstarter-only- goodies as gifts for the backers. 

Of course, there will still occur mistakes and I personally fear, that again, all this becomes too big for us. As I already said, mabe we'd better work together with some professionals. - we'll see... 

Thanks you so much for your support! We love it how you become part of the project. We're sure that "Heldentaufe" has to exist one day - but at this moment, it would be a "premature baby". Stay patient. We'll try to keep you up to date but be aware that we will be not that active as we were... Feel free to follow the project on:

1. This KS page

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Homepage

Best wishes 


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    1. Katrina Hennessy

      Many creators are overwhelmed by the reality of their first Kickstarter campaign and all that involves. I applaud you for recognising the reality and acting accordingly. Now you have a better idea of the work to do before a relaunch and can handle that on a saner schedule. You will be better prepared and ready when you return and many, if not all, of your backers will return to support your project again. As Justin suggested, feel free to reach out to your community for more input in preparation for launch 2.

    2. Justin Brown on

      Wishing you and your families all the best! We all recognize your passion and devotion to this project and want to help you realize your goal to its greatest potential!

      @Heldentaufe Team: If you are struggling to think of stretch goals or plans for the reboot, you might consider posting an update requesting contributions to gather them together. I recall seeing some very clever and constructive ideas in comments.

    3. Paul P

      Good luck on the reboot. We will see you then.

    4. TeenaBee on

      I'll be back when you are!!

    5. Baobhan on

      All the best. Looking forward to the reboot once the Heldentaufe team have everything ready.

    6. Petra Höpfner on

      This was a good desicion. The game and ilustrations are excellent. But you must have more stuff for stretch goals before you start the compaign. Good Luck.

    7. Pit07 on

      The decision must have been hard to take, but it's good one :)
      You have an excellent game, beautiful illustrations, and it is your passion.
      I am convinced that the relaunch of the project will be beneficial to the game.

      Take a little vacation, rests you, enjoy your family and take your time to get back with your project.

      I support you completely, and i'll be there on the first day to support Heldentaufe!

    8. Löwenpower

      I'm sorry to see "Heldentaufe" canceled, but can totally understand your decision.
      Now rest and recover with your families, and someday after your recreation there will be a re-creation of this beautiful boardgame. (The same happened e.g. with "The King's Abbey", relaunched almost like a King's Cathedral.)
      Take your time.
      You can count me in for a future relaunch.
      Cat... eh... kind regards! =^.^=

    9. Lilin

      The decision makes sense. I think most of us agree that the campaign was likely to still succeed in the end, but probably by doing so we would have lost some amazing stuff such as the illustrations on the cards (I personally also really care for the fifth player); not to mention the chance for you guys to have the launch you deserve. As already pointed out, with this gem of a game you will not fail. Take your time, and of course I will be back as soon as you are :)

    10. Jason

      All the best !!

    11. Bruno V. on

      You'll definitely see me again when you're ready to relaunch, and hopefully shipping will be more palatable for everyone by then :)
      I'm sure this decision is for the best and it's definitely not the first time I see it happen, so take your time, enjoy some rest and be assured that with the game you have in your hands, you practically can't fail!