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functional - durable - sustainable  - 
probably the last bags you will ever need.
functional - durable - sustainable - probably the last bags you will ever need.
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Stickergate - How to remove the sticker (Travel Pack / Messenger Bag)

Posted by Moritz Grebe (Collaborator)

Dear backers, 

we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the sticker on the front of your Travel Packs and Messenger Bags.  This is as frustrating for us as it is for you - we made a good product which everybody seems to like so far, if it wasn't for this sticker messing up the first impression.  

Here are some tips about how to get that poor sticker off of your product:  

Step 01   - Peel off the sticker in one piece if possible. If the sticker starts to tear just switch to another corner or edge and try again. You might find some adhesive residues where the sticker was.   

Step 02  - Use the sticky side of the sticker to "pat" over the surface. Press firmly and rip it off multible times. Like this you will probably remove almost all of the residues. Don’t worry- you are not damaging the fabric or coating by doing so.   

Step 03  - We managed to remove almost any residues with step 02 but to make it complete please use a microfiber cloth (dry or with warm water but no detergent!) and rub over the whole area to remove the very last traces.  In the video below you see one of us removing a sticker from a Travel Pack (step 01 - step 02).

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You may wonder why we made this sticker at all. The idea was to underline the three most important facts: Versatility, Durability and Sustainability - therefore we decided to go for a paper based sticker. To make sure this works fine, we had a sticker on a piece of test fabric for two weeks without leaving any adhesive residues at all. Something along the way must have changed the circumstances. It could be the pressure, the temperature or just the extra time... We don't know exactly but we are responsible for it and hope the provided information help you understand and solve the problem. 

Anyway, the good news is: If WE managed to get it off, you can too. And if you don't, for whatever reason, please contact us.  Again, this one is completely on us and we feel sorry about it. We really hope you get it off super fast, forget the sticker and start whatever journey you had in mind right away!   

Thanks a lot for your understanding and All the best,  

Your Team Heimplanet

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    1. (:lemens

      @Nicholas: I don't get it! The project was funded in August 11th 2018. Please explain your math how you can be waiting for one year.
      If you'd claimed to wait for a month now I might have understood better since shipping was estimated to start in February.

    2. Jussi Tarvainen on

      Finally the backpack is here in time based on the original schedule. It was a long wait and very much worth it. Sure the sticker was a bit of a challenge to get off but mistakes happen to us all and we're humans after all.

      Super super satisfied of the product and I'm so happy I've finally found a company who delivers high value products that last for a long time and solves my packing problems and even goes beyond.

      Thank you for being so diligent in your design process and for creating products that don't just deliver on quality but also in purpose in terms of sustainability.

      Looking forward to buying more high quality products from you guys in the future :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Nicoletti on

      Quite simply, I am tired of the interminable delay and litany of excuses. Sorry to have supported this endeavor and would be hard pressed to ever endorse your product. I supported this a year ago and am about depart on my third international trip without my bag. Very disappointed in your enterprise.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hanft on

      It's a small hassle compared to the quality of the product, which I like very much!

      Thanks for offering us the opportunity to help you bring this to market :) (and getting it much cheaper :D).

    5. Missing avatar

      Steffen Heisig on

      Don’t care too much. You guys made a perfect product - and the sticker it’s only a small problem. Remove it - and enjoy. That’s it!