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functional - durable - sustainable  - 
probably the last bags you will ever need.
functional - durable - sustainable - probably the last bags you will ever need.
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First delivery

Posted by Moritz Grebe (Collaborator)

Dear backers,

first things first! Thank you for your patience and the trust you put into this project. We really cherish working with such a supporting community and we’re looking forward to future projects. 


A big chunk of backers already got their shipping confirmation and tracking number. Everybody else will get both asap. The backers who picked up their items in person seemed pretty happy with what they got and I have no reason to expect anything else for the rest.

Shortly, we will provide small videos on how to attach the Compression Straps with ease and how to adjust the fit of the Courier Strap to your size and style.

We discovered some minor difficulties with the removal of the stickers on the front of the Travel Pack and Messenger Bag. Despite our tests showing no issues at all, we had some items with adhesive residues after removing the sticker. Please remove the sticker carefully and in one piece if possible. If you discover adhesive residues nonetheless please try to remove them with the sticky side of the sticker or duct tape first and microfiber cloth + warm water in the end.

If you still have problems with removing the sticker please contact us and we'll take care of it.

We apologise for any inconveniences. Keep us posted.

Love and peace,

Team Heimplanet

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    1. Thomas Bregulla on

      My bag arrived today. The sticker on the front was a kind of superfluous, but what the heck? I have the bags. How great is this? Thanks Guys you did an awesome job!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sven Koppelwiser on

      I got my bag in the store in Hamburg today. The material looks very good and please keep an extra eye on the grey and black yarn on the outer material, it looks very stylish.

      to remove the sticker you should not pull to hard and get it off in one piece. at my bag it worked very easy.

      thanks moritz for getting it off like a pro. 👍🏻

    3. (:lemens

      I left the sticker on the bag for a few days and now that it looked a little torn this morning, I wasn't able to remove in one piece anymore. Now I got some of the sticky resedue but I'm sure that'll be rubbed of by using the bag.
      I recommend removing it soon after you've got your bags.😏
      Happy to be commuting using the messenger bag combined with the sling since Thursday 😎