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functional - durable - sustainable  - 
probably the last bags you will ever need.
functional - durable - sustainable - probably the last bags you will ever need.
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Transit Line WIP Part02

Posted by Moritz Grebe (Collaborator)

Hi everybody,

welcome to the next update where it is all about improvements. To be exact - most of them affect just one particular item: The Roll Top Messenger Bag.

Over the time of the last month we collected a lot a feedback, external and internal. The concept of the Travel Pack and the Sling Pocket didn't face any noteworthy problems. The Roll-top Messenger Bag was a little more polarizing...


The rolltop closure has always been a quite polarizing thing by itself. But if it's done right we think it has many advantages - more about this later. Than there is the laptop compartment facing away from the body which seems to causes some irritation. I use it like this for my daily commute for about 8 month now and it's comfortable and I feel super secure with it - but some people just put there laptop in the back because it's what they are used to do. Last but not least: the front pocket on top of the laptop compartment felt a little bit too flat when loaded with a laptop.

Here is what we came up with.

1. Roll top closure

Done right this can be a really fast, weather proof and adjustable closure. Since we are convinced of the principle we focused on making it better, reducing bulk and seam length to improve its ease of use. The new roll top edge looks and works like in the GIF below. The reinforced part is added to the actual fabric edge but spares out the part which gets folded in - reducing bulk and avoiding raw fabric edges. All supported by magnets so it perfectly aligns itself.

2. Front pocket

We increased the pattern width of the front pocket; the zipper length is effectively 2cm higher and we changed the cut of the lower corners to make them slightly 3D-shaped. The surface is a more relaxed now and your hands can slide in significantly easier!  

3. Quick Access

Probably the biggest improvement of all happened at the back of the Messenger Bag.
Some testers missed a quick access zipper to the main compartment - especially on the go. So we started to think about it. In the end we managed to add functions without any sacrifices. 

The separated compartment in the back is now integrated into the main compartment. That means the zipper in the back now offers quick and easy access to the main compartment AND the compartment in the back. It now also features a magnetic closure inside. As before both panels are padded, so everything in this flat compartment is protected in both directions. The zipper uses a double slider so it closed when one zipper slider is at each end. This allows you to use the quick access from both sides and makes sure the zipper pulls are always at the same place when closed properly.

So, that was a lot... If there are any questions please feel free to contact us anytime. I'm happy to answer all your questions.
Stay close to not miss any further updates on this. There are some minor improvements for the other products coming soon.

Have a nice weekend everybody!
Team Heimplanet

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    1. (:lemens

      I checked out the new pre-production samples of all the three bags.
      The new roll-top-closing works really smooth and is way less bulky than in the first prototype you might have seen on the campaign page.
      The possibility to access the main compartment opening the zipper or the roll-top with some magnetic-closed divider also works pretty good and makes rear- and main-compartment accessible very convenient.
      After adjusting the straps both back pack and messenger for me carrying was quite comfortable.

    2. (:lemens

      Looking forward to the taco-food-truck-kickoff-event at your office 🌮 meeting some people 🤘
      And of course getting a sneak peak of what you've done in Vietnam 👍

    3. Moritz Grebe Collaborator on

      @ (:lemens Thanks for the warm words. Hope to see you on Friday! I'm afraid there is just this one sample of the Messenger bag (and everything else) that comes with the latest updates. I hope you understand that we can't give this away... but you can have a closer look on Friday! See you soon
      @ An-Coppola Ha, first time somebody asked for orange! Thanks for the input - Cheers
      @ Lutz I working on it. Come by tomorrow and have a look yourself! See you there
      - Moritz

    4. Missing avatar

      Lutz Lindemann on

      Hey Guys,
      eager to see all updates, 'cause that makes me feel like time is flying and i come closer to my new daypack!! Give us more of these substitutes and now get them ready....

    5. AN_COPPOLA on

      You're doing fine.
      Only thing I miss is a bright and daring color for the Sling P, like orange.

    6. (:lemens

      Pity I missed you on Thursday. Leonie was alone in the office. However, we already spoke weeks ago about some of what you're now showing. I didn't want to spoiler :D
      Do you think it's sufficient just to have magnetic closure between back- and main-compartment?
      How was your trip overall?
      I think I forgot to say welcome back to today's sunny Hamburg ;)
      I'd like to test the messenger bag for a few days with two notebooks if feasible. Since I'll be commuting by train again mid of October, I might give you some feedback or we can make some backer early review and put some of it in one of next updates.