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functional - durable - sustainable  - 
probably the last bags you will ever need.
functional - durable - sustainable - probably the last bags you will ever need.
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Transit Line WIP Part01

Posted by Moritz Grebe (Collaborator)

Dear backers,

the trip to our manufacturer is accomplished and everybody is back in Hamburg and I brought the latest samples with me. We worked one week non-stop at the manufactures place trying to think about solutions for some issues field testing and professional reviewers pointed out along the way.

I also made some pictures and videos of the workshop and the incredible skilled men and women working in the sample room. They probably can send emails and wash dishes with their sewing machines. Everytime I see them I feel like looking at Danny MacAskill riding his bike. It's a perfect human-machine system - almost like Pacific Rim, but better. You know what I want to say...

OK, back to the topic -> let's talk improvements  

There are many very small details that are super important for the big picture but to mention them here as a whole would just be to much. So we stick to the things you will recognize:

 We managed to further improve our main fabric. We are now guaranteed that our DYECOshell fabric lasts at least 8.000 - 10.000 cycles on a Taber testing machine for abrasion. (For the geeks, our standard test is Taber ASTM D3884 H18/500Gr) This is a really, really good result. Combined with the sustainability of the dope dying process we have a truly superior fabric.

Some of our testers mentioned that the fabric would be even better if we could make it a little bit lighter and softer - we talked to our fabric supplier and they slightly changed the coating recipe. The fabric is now slightly more expensive but we are super durable, have the right balance between stiffness and softness AND it's even lighter than before. A classic win-win-win situation.

Stay tuned for the second part of this. We will explain you every detail about the product related improvements very soon!

Best wishes from Hamburg,
-Team Heimplanet

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    1. Moritz Grebe Collaborator on

      @(:lemens I'm not in the office today but feel free to say hello to Stefan!
      @ Joerg Hamburg is always worth a trip ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Joerg Zander on

      Thank you for the improvements all the hard work you put into this. To bad that Cologne is too far away for a quick look at the samples 😎

    3. (:lemens

      I probably drop by on Thursday since I'll be somewhere near by 🙂 BTW. I used my HPT Dopp Kit I bought a two weeks ago the past couple of days 😎

    4. (:lemens

      Welcome back home 😉