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Choose an illustration, tell me your color palette, receive a hand-colored unique piece of art
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How often have you found a piece of art you enjoy ... but the colors weren't exactly what you wanted? How often have you found a set of colors you loved ... on a piece of art that didn't fit your style?

This Kickstarter gives you the opportunity to pick the illustration and the colors you want for a unique, one-of-a-kind custom colored work of vintage art.


Each illustration is 3.5" x 5" with a small white matte area around the image, printed on acid and lignin-free cardstock.

The five black and white illustrations offered are sourced from public domain works. You have the choice of:

1. The Bird. Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.


2. The City. Illustrated by Clara E. Atwood.


3. The Flower Tree. Illustrated by Clara E. Atwood.


4. The Dragon. Illustrated by Walter Crane.


5. The Knight. Illustrated by Walter Crane.



I will use Copic Sketch markers to add color to the illustration you choose, based on the color palette of your choice.  Design Seeds, Color Palettes, and are great sites to browse for a color palette. There are many others.

Here are some examples I colored of the illustrations using different color palettes:







Should you wish to have more than one custom colored vintage illustration, just add another $20 to your pledge for each additional illustration.

When you receive your survey, which goes out a little over two weeks after the Kickstarter project successfully ends, you'll be able to pick the illustrations you want and provide a link to a color palette for each one.


I publish the series of Vintage Coloring books and love story-based art. All of the illustrations for this Kickstarter Project are close-ups from an illustration from one of my Vintage Coloring books, which were sourced from original scans of books published prior to 1923. So to answer the question, I already had all the art, that's why vintage illustrations.


I need more markers. And if you get to pick your own colors, I can offer you something personal, instead of something just printed.

I am a Copic Certified Designer and the Copic Sketch marker is my coloring tool of choice. There are currently over 350 Copic colors, and over the past two years I have come to own about 130. For every custom colored vintage illustration that is pledged for, once fees and material costs are taken out, I'll be able to purchase 3 new markers.

I also host a monthly coloring Meetup where attendees have a chance to try out various coloring tools, including the Copic Sketch markers. So pledging to this Kickstarter not only gains you a unique piece of art, you are increasing the range of colors I can create with, and helping others find out the beauty possible when using Copic markers to color.

Win, win, win.

Risks and challenges

I have created four successful Kickstarter projects and backed over 100 others, so I have a very good idea of what it takes to make it through fulfillment. Since this is a one-woman show, everything other than the postal delivery aspect is in my control, and I will keep you informed via Kickstarter updates as things happen. If something should go awry with the postal delivery process and your illustration not make it to you in a decent amount of time or does arrive but not in an acceptable condition, I will color another one for you and ship it at my cost.

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