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Project to make new high quality resin spaceship miniatures for Dream Pod 9's Jovian Wars - Tabletop Wargame, with clear acrylic bases.
Project to make new high quality resin spaceship miniatures for Dream Pod 9's Jovian Wars - Tabletop Wargame, with clear acrylic bases.
143 backers pledged CA$ 25,090 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      @Matthew. If you download the Jovian Wars Venus Faction Alpha Playtest V1.pdf at the following link you'll see some smaller images of all the Venus ships.…

      We have mainly been focused on the latest Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarters these last few month. We'll get some larger preview images of the new Venus ship up this summer and we are aiming to launch the Jovian Wars Venus Kickstarter sometime this September.

    2. Matthew Teets on

      So when will we see the next group of starships will come up on kickstarter? I figured we would see them already.

    3. Jordan Louis on

      Just received my Captain pledge! Thanks for all of your hard work, Podsters! :)

    4. melodramatic on

      Is there anyway to find out when items shipped? I've yet to receive mine. Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Xander de bruijn on

      People seem to be receiving their packages these days, is there a timeline to expect the rest?

    6. Bad_Syntax

      After going through them it appears the weapons they come with often don't match what the ships had on them in the Jovian Chronicals and Lightning Strike rules (I don't care for the new rules, so will be sticking to previous ones). Also, lots of ships have extra "nubs" for additional turrets but they were not in the pack.
      For example, the Ypres Battleship in all the art, and the JC rules, clearly has 8 triple KKC turrets. However, I only had 4 in the pack.
      I understand these are modular ships (and I will be magnetizing all the rings/sections!) but it would have been nice to at least have enough turrets to match the artwork :(
      Heck, I need 46 triple KKC mounts to match artwork, and have only 18 :(
      Any idea when I can make another order to get all the missing turrets I need?

    7. Bad_Syntax

      Got mine today. Damned nice miniatures. I had to order 200 magnets so I could make them all more module before I start assembly.

      And then to find somebody to paint them....

      Thanks DP9! Now get us those other ships!

      And it'd be SUPER DUPER cool if ya'll could throw in 1/2400 resin land ships from heavy gear.... and I mean REALLY cool (like I'd spend hundreds of $ on them).

    8. Damien G on

      Lemon, the link to the beta ruleset is on the homepage - upper right corner.

    9. Lemon Russ on

      I'm sure this has been asked but I'm doing it again - will there be a .pdf of the rules?

    10. David McLeod on

      Started the Quality control work on the bases. Will be packing ships by Wednesday! -Dave

    11. David McLeod on

      Yes, all the ships will be on sale - eventually. The releases will be staggered. Please remember to get your pledge confirmed and shipping paid for ASAP if you are one of the 11 backers who have not yet done so.

    12. Wizard of AZ - Ruin Army

      Can I confirm that all these ships (including the old remastered ones) and exo armors will be available for purchase later? Cause I'm gonna need more than one of the lighter ships like the corvettes and frigates :p

    13. David McLeod on

      I have finished making 6/10 mass production parts molds for ship parts. I expect the rest to be done by Friday the 9th. The quality of the castings is really good. I'll make a blog post with pictures this week. Cheers! -Dave

    14. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      Our webmaster got the shipping problem fixed up this morning for our International Backers.

    15. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      Pledges made during the Kickstarter can not be used to pay shipping costs in the Pledge Manager.

    16. David McLeod on

      I will check with Rob but that should work.

    17. Daniel Hinds-Bond on

      Are we not able to use our reward points in the pledge manager to pay for shipping? I calculated my pledge to include shipping.

    18. David McLeod on

      If you have not received your e-mail there may be a glitch. Please send an e-mail with your name and backer number (if you have it) to and Robert will respond early next week. Thanks!

    19. David McLeod on

      I have posted the MK3 data cards from the updated Jovian Wars Rules the to the Development blog: There are some subtle rules changes.

    20. David McLeod on

      Hello backers, Rob is away this week. He will be back early next week to answer e-mails and other messages and deal with issues around the pledge manager. Thanks for your patience!

    21. Missing avatar

      Xander de bruijn on

      @Richard, I happen to be in the exact same situation.
      I'm getting a little worried here.

    22. Missing avatar

      richard on

      so i haven't been sent a link or password to the pledge manager and with no reply to my messages so am i going to have to assume the worst?

    23. Kristopher Tyson Koniczek on

      Heya folks! Was curious when the battle report(s) might go up- also, has anyone interviewed the Dreampod 9 folks via podcast/ youtube etc? would be awesome to do a QA/ fluff-fiction episode too :)

    24. The_Beast on

      Never mind; found the info by looking at a note from a different source than the PledgeManager, which gave me the link I'd missed in the first place.

      "we have tired to explain everything we could think of."

      Freudian slip?

      Done, as I am with any KS DP9.


    25. The_Beast on

      So, if I didn't get an email 'to pay', I'm good? I got the sign on to Pledge Manager, which has me wondering why, but I did sign up.

      Didn't seem to have anything about the campaign, though.

    26. Missing avatar

      Xander de bruijn on

      I didn't get my email for the pledge manager yet. Are they delayed or is my hankering for spaceships so strong I got impatient?

    27. David McLeod on

      I am currently working on an update to the beta rules, bringing the standard ship loadouts in line with the models, making changes based on feedback, and prepping the Mk3 datacards (oh the shiny!) -Dave

    28. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      If any Backers don't get their credit card processed in time by Kickstarter, we'll give them the option to pay once the Pledge Manager is open to pay with either Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

    29. Michael Ramirez on

      Capital One tossed me an email asking me if the transaction was legitimate, but just had to say yes and it went through.

    30. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      I just checked and there are still a few Backers that pledges have not been collected by Kickstarter yet, I'll go send them messages to check with their credit card companies.

    31. Missing avatar

      David C. Murphy on

      I don't seem to have had any issues. Nor have I heard of anyone having issues. However I can see a bank being suspicious of a suddenly large pull on your card from an out of state entity.

    32. Wizard of AZ - Ruin Army

      @Raith Me too. Stickers or little standees would be great.

    33. Wizard of AZ - Ruin Army

      Did anyone else have trouble getting their pledge to go through? I had to call my bank to have it authorized.

    34. Raith on

      Damn, I want a chibi Valiant and Poseidon now

    35. Terry Miesle on

      You're going to cost me a small fortune!

    36. David McLeod on

      Thanks very much to everyone! We can't do this without you. We're looking forward to getting these models into your hands as fast as we can. -Dave McLeod (DP9 Jovian Wars line developer).

    37. Raith on

      Congrats DP9. Nicely done.

    38. Fire Broadside! on

      This has been a fun ride and as a staunch supporter of Jovian Chronicles since the nineties I'm so very happy that it's been successfull enough to fund all (ALL) Jovian and CEGA ships in their new larger versions!

      Ironically I had to drop my pledge to the $6 level for the time being, but that will go back up in the pledge manager. :)

    39. Bad_Syntax

      Well, I did the max pledge.
      I was planning on adding another admiral, and 1 of each of the additional ships, but there was no real incentive to do so now vs later. The same kinda goes for just getting 1 admiral and later adding the exo/fighter sets, as it isn't any cheaper.
      Oh well, $714 CAD total when I finish it up. I just hope I have enough smaller ships to justify the larger ones, since I seem to have a 1:1 ratio of frigates to carriers.

    40. Missing avatar

      David C. Murphy on

      Welcome to Kickstarter Robert. Yes there's a bit of a learning curve. We have been testing the Jovian Wars rules out on the forum, if you haven't already go over to Dream Pod 9 and download the free rules. More opinions are defiantly welcome.

    41. Missing avatar

      Robert Kitchens on

      @Cory Bay Ah! okay. Thank you very much for helping out this novice. Those Excel spreadsheets make more sense now.

    42. Narandin on

      @Robert Kitchens Just hit the 'Manage your Pledge' button, then change your pledge and just type in a higher amount of money that will.cover the add-on you want. After the kickstarter is over, an email link is sent out after a bit in which you can select which specific add-ons you would like to use that extra on.

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert Kitchens on

      So I'm new to kickstarter, this is actually the first one I've participated in. I wanted to get some of these new add-ons but don't know how to add it to my rewards package. Can anyone help me with this?

    44. Dream Pod 9 5-time creator on

      The pledge total is now over $24,000 and Stretch Goals 22 and 23 are now unlocked to remaster the Javelin and Bricriu. Thank You All, we'll be making an update soon with one last announcement.

    45. Michael Jaszmann on

      wow - haven't checked for 24 hours and and the project is going to the roof - awesome, they wanna make a remake of the uller - the ULLER - nice ship, can't wait to see the 3D modle

    46. Missing avatar

      David C. Murphy on

      Maybe we should quit while were ahead. Please done get me wrong, I would love five times more stuff, but KS that get too big can take forever to produce and get delivered very late. We already know there is going to be another KS for Venus. That might also be the time to add additional conversion parts for the existing fleet.

      However if DP9 is comfortable adding more without worrying it will delay production significantly then I would be very happy with some more "bits".

    47. Fire Broadside! on

      @Cory - Those would be nice as well. Especially different drives!

      @Darkest Star Gaems - Nice to see you here! Love your stuff! :D

    48. Narandin on

      Well, as I mentioned before, I would love to see more variant customization parts. The Ships of the Fleet books had lots of different Drive Modules, Fuel Modules, Cargo Modules, some of the Ypres and Majestic had 3-spoke Gravity Rings,...thing like that.

      I would love to be able to make 2 or 3 different ships of the same class look a bit different, as so many of them were.

    49. Darkest Star Games on

      You had me at "Jovian Chronicles".... (glad I found this before the wire!)

    50. Fire Broadside! on

      Well, $247 more and we're all unlocked! :D

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