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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christopher on

      I don't mind the design of the Uhlan (which I will affectionally call the Uhal.. ) I will admit my initial impression was, "what the heck is that?" For me: I don't think all of the gears and striders have to be optimized aesthetically. If the design makes sense; it has reason, purpose and makes sense, then is's good to go. Having large rocket pods makes sense - what I don't know or understand is why they are built upon the shoulder pedestals... the original art work didn't have those points so it's not clear to me the "WHY" they are there.

      I for one always liked the more classical Strider look and liked that the Cataphract was unique as a gear-strider - now it seems everyone has a gear-strider... This make sense if they were super useful - everyone would copy but to me the reason for larger gears is not clear and it seems more about big stompy robots are cool... While this is true - it's not practical and messes with my suspension of disbelief.
      I've always loved the 'practical' part of the Heavy Gear lore - such as fliers weren't common because of the dust and wind, gears had a clear purpose over traditional armor (but did not replace it) infantry was still used and has purpose... makes the Heavy Gear world more believable and fun for me personally.

      Just my $0.03 - keep up the good work.

    2. kayuna2000 on

      I think 3D modeling seems difficult.
      I also care about the balance between shoulders and feet, rocket pack.
      Can you make models of metal or resin by conventional manufacturing method?
      Good luck :)

    3. Alberto Camargo on That's some ugly ass mini.

    4. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      We are listening to all the feedback. We'll take a look again at the earlier Uhlan 3d model we made with the weapons mounted on the shoulders and smaller rocket packs.

    5. Paul Holden

      Agree withe comments that it needs more curves, especially noticeable on the feet. Not sure there is much you can do about the upper legs whilst still making them posable. Personally I'd take 2-3 variant leg poses if it meant that the upper leg could be beefier. Also not a fan of the pods as they are, another vote for closer to the shoulders.

    6. Scarlet

      I think you guys were on a rol with the previous previews but this one is really lackluster IMO. The sketch looks like it's one of the sharper looking Battletech mechs, with angles and rounded corners and little inset details. The 3D model looks way too boxy and disproportionate. It's like a knock off or a toy.

      The torso needs to be redone, I don't know why you guys are afraid of putting in some nice details, the medium of plastic can handle it. The upper plates on the chest curve slightly and have rounded corners. Then shrink the shoulders by like 40%, increase the leg armor, and make the missile launchers less huge (I think the problem is it's a box on a box, that area below the launcher that seems to be just there to make it taller looks weird).

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Duncan

      As others have noted, I feel that launchers look like a bit much. However, my biggest issue is the discrepancy between the concept and the model. My biggest issue is that the concept portrays most of the corners as having been rounded off (which I like and I think helps make this guy distinct from other factions), while the model still has them as hard-corners. That said, if the model is still in an early block-out phase focused on just proportion and layout, then it's too early to worry about that, hehe. Even so, regarding proportion is also feel that the legs are a bit off--the concept is tricky because one leg looks HUGE and the other looks pretty slim (due to the perspective), but I would say the big thing that seems to be missing is most of the mass on the back of the leg.

      One last note would be that the concept has the torso slightly hunched forward (which helps a lot with him not just feeling like a giant brick)... hopefully this guy can be posed accordingly?

    8. Frank Scheers on

      For me the rocket pods are too high. I'm fine with a flush shoulder mount, or even maybe a mount that puts them off the back of the shoulder?

      Also, the toes look to be too small for me.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Snider on

      I agree about the rocket pods. An easy fix is to make a recess in the pods the shape of the gun mount so that they're just sitting on the arms, not the entire platform.

      It does still look too top heavy for me without the rocket pods, though. The legs are nothing like the artwork, being about 40% smaller and without the full coverage of the armour. It's like the upper leg armour just slid down onto the feet.

      The shoulders are slightly large but the problem is that they don't look as curved and sleek compared to the art. The posts for posing the arms don't help, adding extra width to every gear that has them, but they're easy enough to remove and get the gears closer to their art shape. Separate shoulder plates would be good at hiding that but I understand that's more fiddly than most people want.

      The chest is tricky to compare to the art because of the angle, but to my eyes it's too angular and projects forward too much, it needs more of a slope closer to the body, with a slight rolling drop off at the shoulders (which should be a third as high as the head), rather than a sharp edge. Also the machine gun turret extends too wide. The extra layers that should be pretty thin turn into fairly large chunks.

      I really liked the art on this one, other than the rocket placement, for the reasons you said, so I COULD be biased. ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hoffman on

      I like the design overall, but those giant rocket pods make it look extremely top-heavy. Like as soon as they launch it will tip over.

      I don't get the same impression from the tank guns, though. The pods just seem far too big to be that high on the model.