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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Jeremy. Send me (Robert Dubois) an email at with any issues.

    2. Jeremy Patterson on

      Who do I contact about shipping issues?

    3. Missing avatar

      Crevab on

      Unfortunate, but not unique. I know all my older Tau Crisis Suits have a huge dimple on their heads. Must be a curse of this type of mecha :p

    4. David McLeod on

      Hey guys. I personally apologize for missing these issues as packing and QC is a big part of what I do. A project this size with this many moving parts was bound to have issues and when we started to focus on speed we lowered our quality controls. Next week once everything is packed I'll have a go at blogging about how to fix the problems. Most of it'll be putty 101 with a little how to for battle damage to cover minor defects and add character.

    5. Pedwidge on

      I just assembled a Jager that had dimpling on its left arm from where it connects to the shoulder to under the shoulder pad (facing out). I'm keeping an eye out for other issues.

    6. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Peter and All Backers. We are sorry and apologize to everyone for not noticing the small issues with a some of the model sprues. Its been an insane last few weeks at the office trying to get the all the backer reward packages shipped out as fast as possible. We were trying to explain the issues to everyone in the text above and forgot to say we are sorry.

    7. Christopher Ings on

      Meh. doesn't affect things structurally, and any aesthetic problems are minor at worst. Nope, don't require an apology. Given the budget and time involved, this turned out pretty well.

    8. Peter on

      As stated, I am sure that most people understand the situation. However, what I am not seeing in the above is any words about apology. 'We apologize for not noticing this' or 'Hey guys, we really screwed up here'. Fact of the matter is that both Plastics LLC and DP9 failed to notice these defects earlier on so some simple words of apology would not be remiss. Without any words of apologies, this just comes across as 'guess you are just boned'.

      Now, understand, I am enjoying assembling the models and will enjoy getting them to the table, I just think that an actual worded apology would be nice rather than just the listing of where things got screwed up.

    9. Invisible on

      One thing Ive noticed that probably isn't really a concern as it doesn't show as cosmetic. But many of the Northern Hunter and Jaguar Gears ive worked on appear to have hollow shoulders. I realized this when I started cutting the arms up and pinning them in different poses.

    10. m. jared swenson on

      I recieved mine and they look great. I am really excited to get digging into it. I do wish they were a gray plastic, though. Black plastic I find is a little hard to see for modeling and cleaning detail, and just a little weird. But it's not a dealbreaker for me at this time. For future plastic kickstarters I would prefer the gray plastic though. Cheers, guys!

    11. Alex Clarke on

      I think most reasonable people will understand the situation. Im still very happy with the kickstarter and the final product. If anything just something to keep an eye on going into the next kickstarter.