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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Pedwidge on

      Will there be an update to the assembly guide? I like the 3D exploded view of one of the gears that shows where all the parts go.
      In the mean time where does a panzerfaust go? Also, is anyone else using round bases for the smaller gears? If so, what are you using, or planning to use?

    2. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Tom Snider. Right now all the older Caprice models have their legs and other parts in pewter using vulcanized rubber production molds and the larger bodies in resin using silicone molds. To run the legs in resin would mean making a lot of silicon production molds, which would cost more and sales would be small so we would have to charge a premium price for them. Now that we have the cheaper plastic Caprice Army box at $59.99 USD for 5 Big Mounts and 5 Acco Mounts, it will probably be cheaper to just buy and extra an one of them to get the extra legs. And pin the legs/hips to the assembled bodies so you can swap them off the legs as needed for the game.

    3. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Scarlet. They were suppose to be dark grey plastic, but we selected a very dark shade of grey for the color beads that get added to the plastic when its melted to color it. The next run we'll see about using a slightly lighter shade.

    4. Scarlet

      I got my box today, really happy with everything, but maybe I missed an update - was it always the intention to have the plastic be black? I guess I'm just used to the dark gray most other companies seem to use.

    5. Bad_Syntax

      I think that big brown box was mine (or one VERY similar).... anyway, I got mine today, like 20 baggies of plastic, 12 pounds, and 5 rulebooks (4 too many, ack!).
      I think I have a problem, I still have a dozen boxes of Robotech unassembled :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Snider on

      Hmm. The censored word started with E and meant unusual or rare. Not sure what happened.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Snider on

      Hmmm. Ok. Would it be possible to special order the old Ammon legs in resin? Metal is an awful material and I actually stopped buying anything from you around the time you started adding metal to the resin kits like the Naga, as an example. If you did plastic for common stuff and resin only for exotic stuff, I'd be over the moon.

      Uh, where was I? Yeah, resin Ammon legs. Doable?

    8. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Tom Snider. We won't be able to do packs of just the legs sprues as the plastic injection mold has 1 Acco, 1 Mounts A (bodies and weapons for the Bashan, Aphek, Kadesh, & Meggido), 1 Mounts B (the legs, hip parts for the Bashan, Aphek, Kadesh, Meggido, & Ammon, plus the jumpjets used by the Kadesh & Meggido), and 1 Ammon Mount (body and weapons). So if we did that the Mounts A and Ammon sprue would be wasted each time. In the future we'll make an option to buy a Mounts A, Mounts B, and Ammon sprue all together for a special price but for the next several months you'll need to buy the Caprice Army Box to get more mounts at $59.99 USD.

      In the assemble guide we gave some notes on pinning the mount bodies and and just using blue tac to hold the heavy leg armor upgrade parts on the small legs, I'm copying it below.

      The 5 Mount A sprues allow you to make upto 5 Bashan/Kadesh bodies with weapons and 5 Aphek/Meggido bodies with weapons. The 5 Mount B sprues have the 4 legs and hips used by all the larger mounts plus the jumpjets for the Kadesk/Meggido models. Here is how we suggest you assemble the 5 legs sets to get the most out of your Caprice Army Box. Glue the 4 small legs to the hips part this makes the smaller legs used by the Bashan/Aphek models, then drill a small hole into the ball on top of the hip and glue a short metal pin in it (we used a bit of a paper clip in the photo below). Then drill the same size hole as the pin added to the hips into the underside ball sockets where the hips attach for all the bodies, this way you can hotswap the bodies on and off the 5 small leg sets. You can also use magnets to do the same thing by drilling larger holes and gluing small magnets inside them.

      For the larger version of the legs we suggest that you not glue the overlay parts to the smaller legs, unless you have purchased more than one Caprice Army Box. Instead we suggest you dry fit the large leg overlay parts over the lower and middle small leg segments and just use a small amount of blue tac between the parts to hold them in place (blue or white tac is stuff used to hold posters on walls). This way you can make all the larger Caprice Mounts and try all the possible Force options.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Snider on

      I've got mine, no missing things or problems as far as I can tell. Just one question - Can I order 20 extra Caprice leg sprues after all the work getting the Kickstarter out is done? Parts for 15 models, but only 5 sets of legs per pack feels like such a waste and I'd be happy to pay a reasonable cost to round that out once things have calmed down.

    10. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Lemon Russ. We are still working on wave 1, its taking longer than expected to pull and pack all the backer reward packages. We should be done wave 1 by the end of this coming week, then it will be on to wave 2. Also, US Customs requires us to make detailed invoices for our consolidated customs entry into the United States for all the US and International backer packages we are shipping using US Post. The pledge manager makes packing sheets, but not invoices, so it adds hours of work to each shipping to make the invoices for US Customs.

    11. William Janak on

      I made such noises when I got my order. I was surprised that the box was so small for what I got. Still everything seems to be in order and now I am trying to figure out how I am going to paint my UMF.

    12. Lemon Russ on

      Any updates on Wave 1 completion and Wave 2 starting up?

    13. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Chris. Thanks for catching that, its now fixed and an update ebook pdf file has been uploaded. Everyone that already downloaded the Assembly Guide from DriveThruRPG will receive an email about the updated file being available to download.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      Made a copy paste error on the link text to the Assembly Guide ebook that was posted in the update above. Here is the good link, or you can click on the Assembly Guide cover photo above and it will take you to the ebook page.…

    16. Gavin Jones on

      Click the picture for the actual link, or use Edward Carmack's link

    17. Stephen Gill on

      Isn't that a link to the previous update?

    18. Anthony Sadowski on

      The link to RPG drive-thru is broken I click on it and it keeps on sending me back to the comments page on the update